The Decadent & Affordable Food Offerings Of Vietnam

Holding a special place in both the hearts and minds of gourmands around the globe, the humble Vietnamese food encompasses the harmonious use of both fresh herbs and meats, along with masterful use of selected spices to arrive at that all-important “Viet flavour”.

Delicious And Cheap Vietnamese Food In Hanoi

Here are some of the more popular Vietnamese dishes:

  • Phở: Don’t underestimate a bowl of tangy, beefy goodness with a tinge of sourness (without the icky coriander) as the breakfast of choice among the local Vietnamese.
  • Vietnamese Coffee: Nothing starts the day off right after a hearty breakfast than with a good old cup of local Vietnamese egg coffee. Leaving an almost sickly-sweet aftertaste, a cup of warm egg coffee is smooth, robust, and steeped to absolute caffeinated perfection. Other varieties of Vietnamese coffee also includes the classic Vietnamese drip coffee and coconut coffee.

Bánh Mì: This humble baguette dish is an icon of Vietnamese cuisine filled with various savory ingredients (like pork and chicken), herbs, and vegetables to arrive at that distinctively Vietnamese taste.