Fill Yourself To The Brim In This Korean BBQ Joint

A romantic dinner doesn’t always have to involve a candlelight dinner and a selection of extravagant red wine. On the contrary, couples who find bliss in a hearty, heavy meal will find the humble Korean BBQ buffet more than satisfactory for date night. 

After all, the couple that grows fat together stays together, right? 

Myeong Dong Korean BBQ Buffet

Buffet lovers on a tight budget will absolutely fall in love with Myeong Dong Korean BBQ Buffet as it’s one of the cheapest in town. At less than RM30 per pax (which excludes drinks and other add-ons), this Korean BBQ buffet joint is a great value-for-money meal waiting to happen. And it’s an especially awesome place to bring your date to, especially if he or she is a heavy eater.

The popular establishment has all that you’d expect for a delightful Korean feast such as Kimchi, Bulgogi, and also other traditional Korean spreads like Tteokbokki and Jajangmyeon. And while beef isn’t on the menu, the Korean BBQ eatery instead has a wide selection of well-marinated pork and chicken — including some exotic flavours like green tea pork, which makes for a truly unique dining date experience.

Though you should be warned, the poor ventilation and rather small establishment mean things will heat up quickly especially when dinner rolls around. So you would do well to dress lightly for the occasion or alternatively, request for seating near the open windows for a more enjoyable experience.

The services offered is also quite minimal so you shouldn’t expect the staff to handle much of the grilling. But hey, grilling your own meats is part of the Korean BBQ charm, yeah?

Address: 58-01, Jalan Austin Height 8/7 Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru