An Iconic Beverage: Vietnamese Coffee

Peanut butter and jam. Spaghetti and meatballs. Vietnam and coffee lovers. Some things are better as a duo and Vietnamese coffee perfectly encapsulates this ideal.

Caffeinated Bliss In Vietnam

As a beverage, Vietnamese coffee comes in many different forms. You have the classic drip coffee, coconut coffee, egg coffee, and even the pre-packaged coffee options. 

Indeed, Vietnamese coffee is one of the best souvenirs to bring home, especially if you happen to know one or two coffee aficionados back home. Local Vietnamese coffee is particularly famous for its unique preparation and delicate taste. A cup of classic Viet coffee entails the perfect balance of sweetness from condensed milk melding harmoniously with the slight bitterness from the steeped Vietnamese coffee ground.

The best thing about Vietnamese coffee though, is the fact that you can find it anywhere in the country! From local coffee shops to mobile stalls to local markets to fancy cafés to shopping malls and even the airport, you can get a taste of the beloved beverage everywhere in Vietnam.

And if you want to bring this taste back home, a pack of instant Vietnamese coffee makes for a great office gift. Though, for real coffee lovers, an actual cup of the caffeinated beverage is always the best.

In this case, sampling and picking out the best coffee beans, then buying a few bags worth would undoubtedly make the day of any coffee lover back home.