A Festival for the Gastronomy Enthusiasts

From the acclaimed kimchi to the spicy yet savoury tteokbokki to the all-encompassing meal that is bibimbap, Korean cuisine has seeped into the hearts of gourmands and foodies alike all over the world.

And a visit to the Korean peninsular wouldn’t be nearly complete without sampling what the country has to offer. That said, South Korea is not without its fair share of food festivals that you may consider visiting come wintertime or spring.

The Nonsan Strawberry Festival comes to mind.

Nonsan Strawberry Festival

Once spring rolls around, Nonsan’s vast fields will be blanketed by the vibrant, scarlet hues of Korea’s strawberries. Fans of this particularly sweet fruit will definitely be enamoured by attending this festival and locale.

Nonsan city, located in the South Chungcheong Province, is a land which is blessed with an abundance of fertile land, crystal clear waters, and bright sunshine. It is exactly these conditions which create the perfect environment for growing the high-quality strawberries Nonsan has come to be known for.

Unsurprisingly, the Nonsan Strawberry Festival comes as a result of the yearly yield of succulent strawberries. The award-winning festival usually involves various strawberry-related activities for tourists and even locals to partake in. The activities include making strawberry rice cake, cooking events, strawberry arts and crafts, etc.

But most importantly, visitors will be able to sample a wide range of juicy strawberries Nonsan has to offer.

When To Visit: March to mid-April