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Killing of Christians

While our government and the main stream media would rather look the other way and even go so far as to deny that the killing and persecution of Christians is happening, the truth is still getting out. It is amazing to me that in this country that was established on the law of Moses, we have a leader who claims to be a Christian who supports a religion whose tenets promote the killing of those same Christians. But then again that should not surprise me really. While our President makes the claim to Christianity, there has been little evidence to support his claim. And yes, I am judging his actions, as follower of Christ it is our responsibility to point out when leaders who claim the mantle of Christianity, lead their followers down the path of unrighteousness. And that is exactly what Mr. Obama is doing. While Mr. Obama could not be in place without God’s approval, that does not mean that he himself is favored by God. God uses ungodly men as well as godly, you only have to look at your Bible to find many instances of this. Look at Nebuchadnezzar  for one.

The culling of the Christians in the Middle East is a forerunner to the destruction of the Jews and the attempted destruction of Israel. It is naive to think that if the killing of the Christians is successful in the Middle East it will stop there. Logic alone will tell us that the efforts will be increased in Europe. The violence is spreading rapidly there as well and Islamic organizations already have established strongholds in South and Central America, as well as in Canada, where it is becoming more and more illegal to even speak against them. And for those who would rather hide their heads in the sand and say that it could never happen here in the United States, let me ask you a question, Why is our Attorney General so quick to sue cities, states, school districts and etc. to make allowances for the practice of Islam, including prayer rooms in schools, and at the same time refusing to allow the same rights to Christians?  Why are Christian principles being disallowed in the military and our service men and women being told that if they state their beliefs, they can be tried for treason? These are just a few instances of change in this country since this administration has been in power. Is it really too extreme to see a time in the near future where Christians suffer the same level of persecution that they are suffering in the Middle East?

We know that for prophecy to be fulfilled, this time must  come and if we are true followers of Christ, we must be sure that we are doing as we are instructed. As Jesus himself told us, as wise man watches the sky to see the signs. So please my friends, do not take your eyes off of heaven. Be prepared, and follow instructions. They are all there written in the Book! Please do not hide your eyes and deny the reality of what is happening in the world.

The pictures below and the article that they are from are just a small example of what is happening, please take time to read the story and ask why it is not being covered. Also ask why our President is so insistent that the very people causing this destruction, be released from prison.

Obama, EU and Arab funded Muslim Brotherhood commit genocide of Christians in Egypt under fabricated ‘Coptic plot’ propaganda |.

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We Know They Are Killing Children—All of Us Know – Desiring God

We Know They Are Killing Children—All of Us Know – Desiring God.

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Desiring God 2010

Desiring God 2010 (Photo credit: ahhyeah)

George Washington on God

“It is impossible to account for the creation of the universe, without the agency of a Supreme Being. It is impossible to govern the universe without the aid of a Supreme Being. It is impossible to reason without arriving at a Supreme Being. Religion is as necessary to reason, as reason is to religion. The one cannot exist without the other. A reasoning being would lose his reason, in attempting to account for the great phenomena of nature, had he not a Supreme Being to refer to; and well has it been said, that if there had been no God, mankind would have been obliged to imagine one.”     Paulding, Life of Washington Vol. 2 p. 209

If I was your Boyfriend (spoof) via Grumpy Opinions

I have been staying away from politics pretty much lately, but I am sure most of you know my position. I am not a supporter of the Obama administration because of their stance on Life, as well as numerous other stance’s, too many to enumerate at this point. My friend Grumpy Elder has a post up that is well worth taking time for. It is honest, amusing, informing and relevant. Perhaps there will be some  who do not like it, but since there are so many things that are unappealing in the current administration that are being actively promoted. I seriously doubt that taking a humorous look at the administration is harmful in any way. Oh and please visit grumpy and watch the other videos, as well as read the rest of his daily newspaper, you will find a treasure trove of useful information. Entertaining and Educating you at Grumpy Opinion’s!!!!!

If I Was Your President (Boyfriend Spoof)

Private Business are Being Told What they Can Charge by Obama Administration

35 Shocking Statistics That Prove That Things Have Gotten Worse In America (via Before It’s News)

Most Americans know that things used to be much better in the United States, but they don’t have the facts and the figures to back that belief up. Well, after reading the shocking statistics in this article nobody should be left with any doubt that things have gotten worse in America.  There are less jobs, incomes are down, home values have plummeted, poverty is up, consumer debt is way up, dependence of the government has skyrocketed and government debt is totally out of control.  Sadly, it hasn’t really mattered which political party has had control over the White House.  Things have gotten worse under Obama, they got worse under Bush, and they got worse under Clinton.  We are in the midst of a horrific long-term economic decline and the American people desperately need to wake up.

The following are 35 shocking statistics that prove that things have gotten worse in America….

#1 Median household income in the United States is down 7.8 percent since December 2007 after adjusting for inflation.

#2 There are 5.6 million less jobs than there were when the last recession began back in late 2007.

#3 The U.S. government says that the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by 17.9 million between 2000 and 2011.  During the entire decade of the 1980s, the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by only 1.7 million.

#4 In 2007, the unemployment rate for the 20 to 29 age bracket was about 6.5 percent.  Today, the unemployment rate for that same age group is about 13 percent.

#5 In 2007, 73.2 percent of all young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 that were not enrolled in school had jobs.  Today, that number has declined to 65 percent.

#6 Back in the year 2000, more than 50 percent of all Americans teens had a job.  This past summer, only 29.6% of all American teens had a job.

#7 When Barack Obama entered the White House, the number of “long-term unemployed workers” in the United States was approximately 2.6 million.  Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.

#8 The average duration of unemployment in the United States is nearly three times as long as it was back in the year 2000.

#9 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs.  Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

#10 According to the Obama administration, about 20 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs back in the year 2000.  Today, about 5 percent of all jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

Read the next 25 at Before it’s News

Betrayer of Hope

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

Image via Wikipedia

When Barack Obama was elected to the office of the President of the United States of American in November 2008, it was with a sense of excitement, of hope, of promise that he was going to renew the faith of the American people. That politics were not going to be the same as they had been. That the world would be a safer place. That a new day was upon the world and the hope that Barack Obama was promising was truly inspirational to his followers.

Three years later, it is turning into ashes for those who have seen just the opposite from the man that is Barack Obama. The man that promised hope for renewal in our lives, has instead brought increased death and destruction across the world. The man that promised that with him as President, people across the world would like and respect us again. Instead the hatred is worse than at any other time in our history. And the respect has become almost non existent.

We have become more involved in violence that at any time since WWII and we seem to be on the verge of a new World War. Almost the whole of the middle east has become involve in civil wars of one kind or another. The same is happening in a good part of Africa. Unfortunately, much of this violence has been encouraged and assisted by Mr. Obama and his administration. Our enemies have came to power with the help of the man that is supposed to protect us.

Not only have they come to power, but Mr. Obama has been actively supporting and arming them. All on the promise of democracy and freedom. The democracy for the most part has not appeared, instead it is either a theocracy with Shariah rule, or just a new petty tyrant who wants nothing more than to control their people and threaten their neighbors.

In both instances, these people spew hatred toward us and have stated that they wish the total destruction of our one true ally, Israel. But here again, Mr. Obama does not seem to understand or care about the principles of the office that he obtained with the hope and promise of the American people. He insults and treats with disdain, the one friend that we have in the area.

While he brings the world to the brink of destruction, he puts both Israel and the United States at risk. He is rapidly destroying our ability to both defend ourselves and to help with the defense of our ally Israel.  He is also encouraging the enemies of both of us to the point that Israel may be forced to act alone.

American Thinker has a very good article on this. Please take the time to read the whole thing. It will open your eyes and you will wonder why Mr. Obama has brought us to this place. You will ask what his goal is, and I hope that you begin to ask those who support him, whose side that they, and he, are really on!

Here Comes Obama’s 3 AM Phone Call

By James Lewis

In the next 60 days Obama’s presidential career will finally meet that concrete wall of reality.  He will either fail or survive.  Trouble is, he might take many innocent people with him if he fails.

So far, the most hyped-up and unqualified president in US history has shown no capacity at all to act, in the face of a do-or-die challenge.  This is the ultimate test of character, the one that John F. Kennedy met well enough in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  This is the test that Jimmy Carter failed so miserably that Ronald Reagan beat him handily in the following election.  This is the same test of reality that every single Democratic Administration has tried to avoid; it’s the reason why Bill Clinton refused to do anything about Osama Bin Laden when he had four separate chances to take him out.

This time, abject apologies to ranting Pakistani mobs will not make a smidgen of difference.  Even Axelrod’s disinformation campaigns can’t save Obama now, because that 3 am phone call is almost sure to come by April Fool’s Day of 2012, when the real fool will stand revealed to the world.

On or about April 1 of 2012, that 3 AM phone call will reach the White House. We know what it will be — which is itself a sign of stunning incompetence in this White House.  None of this information should ever be public.  Ever.

But this administration has chosen its Secretary of Defense to publicly leak the most closely guarded secret of Israel’s back-against-the-wall defense against Iranian nuclear weapons.

Such public leaks amount to near treason in time of war.  Imagine if someone leaked General Eisenhower‘s plans for the D-Day invasion in June of 1944.  FDR would have fired them instantly, or if they were foreigners he would have felt justified to have them killed.  Hundreds of thousands of American and Allied lives were at stake on D Day.  In Israel today, hundreds of thousands of Jewish lives are at stake.  Don’t expect countries fighting for their national survival to act any differently.

Read more: American Thinker

Morning Bell: Obama Doctrine Failure


Barack Obamaby BOB UNRUH

A Georgia judge has refused a demand from Barack Obama to quash a subpoena to appear at a series of administration hearings Jan. 26 at which residents of the state are challenging, as allowed under a state law, his name on the 2012 presidential ballot.

WND reported this week when Obama outlined a defense strategy for a number of state-level challenges to his candidacy in 2012 which argue that states have nothing to do with the eligibility of presidential candidates.

Presidential electors and Congress, not the state of Georgia, hold the constitutional responsibility for determining the qualifications of presidential candidates,” Obama’s lawyer argued in a motion to quash a subpoena for him to appear at the hearings in Atlanta Jan. 26.

“The election of President Obama by the presidential electors, confirmed by Congress, makes the documents and testimony sought by plaintiff irrelevant,” the lawyer said.

Judge Michael M. Malihi, however, took a different view.

“Defendant argues that ‘if enforced, [the subpoena] requires him to interrupt duties as president of the United States’ to attend a hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. However, defendant fails to provide any legal authority to support his motion to quash the subpoena to attend,” he wrote in his order, released today.

Defendant’s motion suggests that no president should be compelled to attend a court hearing. This may be correct. But defendant has failed to enlighten the court with any legal authority,” the judge continued.

“Specifically, defendant has failed to cite to any legal authority evidencing why his attendance is ‘unreasonable or oppressive, or that the testimony … [is] irrelevant, immaterial, or cumulative and unnecessary to a party’s preparation or presentation at the hearing, or that basic fairness dictates that the subpoena should not be enforced.’”

Hearings have been scheduled for three separate complaints raised against Obama’s candidacy. They all are raised by Georgia residents who are challenging Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot for various reasons, which they are allowed to do under state law. Read the rest at WND


2 Brazilian Soldiers

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 2:  In this handout prov...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Dept of Defense briefed the president this morning. They told President Obama that 2 Brazilian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan.

To everyone’s surprise, all the color drained from Obama’s face. Then he collapsed onto his desk, head in his hands, visibly shaken, almost in tears.

Finally, he composed himself and asked,

‘Just how many is a brazilian?’

This is not surprising, since he obviously has no understanding of billion or trillion either.

“Thank you God! I can now depose Obama…” — Attorney Orly Taitz

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

Image via Wikipedia

Well, this is an interesting development on the day that voting in the Iowa Caucus begins.  Please take the time to read the article, for the first time, the courts are asking Mr. Obama to answer some questions. Perhaps he is not above the law after all!

“Thank you God! I can now depose Obama…” — Attorney Orly Taitz.

Our Humble Leader

But then, how much humility can you expect from some one who is so perfect? After all, he is the smartest man in the room, just ask him, he’ll tell you himself. That is if he sees you, which is really hard to do when your nose always seems to be stuck up in the air. Except for the times that it is almost touching the ground when he is in the presence of people who are really to be admired, like Hugo Chavez.

But don’t forget, he is supposed to heal the world and stop the sea’s from rising! That is what he told us would happen, isn’t it? Funny, it seems the seas are still rising and the world is sicker than ever. Mr. Obama has been feeding the fires of turmoil and stirring up revolution along with dividing people in America along class and race lines.

Amazing isn’t it, how much better things are than when he was elected. Oh wait, that isn’t quite right either. It seems that things have gotten worse instead of better. Everything costs more, things are harder to find, Doctors are disappearing, electricity is much higher. Didn’t I hear him right? He said he could solve these problems, in fact he said that he was the One! The only One who could!

This is simply unacceptable! People can’t say that they don’t know Obama anymore. The truth is in his actions. The bit of satire above may illustrate the lies that people believed about this man, but it isn’t funny. It is so sad that it is almost sickening. If we do not replace Obama with someone who will put an end to the nonsense that is the Obama administration and govern with leadership and honesty, we will never regain any of what we have lost as a country. Watch the video below and marvel at the arrogance that is this joke of a man that seems to believe his own rhetoric! If you can get through it, that is!

Herman Cain: Perception vs. Reality

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 21:  Republican presiden...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

My friends, this is getting to be ridiculous. Herman Cain‘s accuser’s perceived that what he did was sexual in nature. And the media goes around breathless as if there is some actual reality here, when in fact it is just the opposite. Perception is just that, it is not reality, it is whatever we perceive at the moment.

Have you ever seen someone slap another person and take a second look and see that what they were actually slapping was a spider and they were trying to keep it from biting the other person? Or a favorite trick with the movies, two people are facing each other in a dangerous situation, and one wields a weapon, at first you think they are going to strike the other person, then the camera moves and you see the danger behind the other person. This is perception vs. reality my friends.

What you see is often totally different from the reality of the situation, and yet here we have a media and people that do not like Herman Cain, and try to use perception to make you and me think that there is something there. What ever these women think was intended, has never been mentioned, it is just a weapon to bring someone down, without a shred of truth, just innuendo and rumor.

There was a time when we held the media to a higher standard, they held themselves to a higher standard. Since when do we judge others by how someone perceives them? If there is something there the media should bring it to our attention or shut up. Instead they are so determined to make our decisions for us, that they are underestimating our intelligence and assuming that we are willing to believe whatever silliness that they are trying to make us perceive.

I don’t know who I will vote for at this time, so don’t assume that I am writing this as a supporter of Herman Cain. What I am doing is reminding people how the media is playing the same game and trying to make perception into reality. They were quick to say that the perception of Barack Obama as a different type of person was a reality and we see how that worked out, don’t we? It is time for those who think that they have a right to change our perceptions and make us judge somebody on what they want us to think, it is time to relegate them to the back of the crowd and let the rest of us judge Mr. Cain on reality, not perceptions.

If a person perceives sexual innuendos where none is intended, that says a lot more about them than it does in the person that they perceive to be making it. If a person that knows nothing of the kind of behavior that is exhibited by many of the people in my church and community, they might be excused for perceiving something that is not true. I was at a funeral recently and a long time friend, who also happens to be the local sheriff was also there. I hugged him and told him that I had missed seeing him. Perhaps someone who did not know either of us, could have construed that there was something sexual there. But if they did it would not be the truth. This is the trouble with perceptions, my friends. They are only valid to the people who are perceiving a situation in whatever way, and they are often based on nothing more that what life has dealt them.

Never should we make decisions based on someone else’s perceptions, they may have little or nothing to do with reality. And if we make the mistake and fall into this trap, the only thing we are doing is assuring that the media will be the ones who decide who our candidate will be. They are the very ones that gave us Barack Obama people, and it is not in our interest to listen to these losers again!

The Worst President Since Before The Civil War …

When Barack Obama was asked in a recent interview if he thought Ameicans are better off now than they were at the time he took over the presidency he said:
“Well, you know, I think we are better off now than we would have been if I hadn’t taken all the steps that we took. I don’t think the country is stronger yet then it was when the economy was still booming and we didn’t have Wall Street crisis, and we didn’t have the housing bubble burst. But, we’ve made steady progress, we just need to make more.”
John Boehner seems to disagree:
“Are you kidding me?! Why don’t you go ask the 14 million Americans who are out of work whether they’re better off today than they were four years ago?”

We have all heard Obama and his minions claiming for the past three years that Obama inherited the worst economic situation since the Great Depression, etc. and without his policies things would have been worse. Basically he claims that he saved us and that he should be given at least four more years to complete his mission, as he’s only half way there … Yeah, I bet you are Mr. Obama.
It’s become well known that Obama has taken the top spot from Jimmy Carter for being the absolute worst president in U.S. history. Instead of bickering back and forth I think we should let the “numbers” speak for them selves as to how good or bad Obama has done.
Steven McCann at The American Thinker has written an excellent piece highlighting and comparing Obama’s performance with those of Franklin Roosevelt’s and Ronald Reagan’s. They both “inherited” economic situations much worse than his.
Click right HERE to see in black and white how lousy this guy has done and how dangerous he is to America.

Obama, the king of Africa (via Mb50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog)

Obama, the king of Africa

by mb50

By Pepe Escobar If United States President Barack Obama really wanted to get rid of the new bogeyman du jour, Uganda‘s Joseph Kony – a former altar boy turned mystical Christian prophet/politico, sporting at least 60 wives – he would order US Attorney General Eric “The Fast and the Furious” Holder to concoct a plot [...]

Read more of this post

The Gunwalker Scandal May Have Taken A Very Interesting Turn (via The Camp of the Saints)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Image via Wikipedia

by thecampofthesaints

Over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein quotes from a report by Anthony Martin:

An ATF source has provided reporters a copy of a letter sent on June 1, 2010 which indicates that the monumental scandal known as ‘Project Gunwalker,’ or ‘Operation Fast and Furious,’ was never a sting operation as previously reported. If such an allegation is true, then the official Obama Administration explanation for the operation is entirely false.

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest of it.

If this is true, it is as Jeff says:….http://thecampofthesaints.org/2011/09/26/the-gunwalker-scandal-may-have-taken-a-very-interesting-turn/

Republican Presidential Debate

America Cannot Afford nor Survive Four More Years of the Barack Obama Agenda! (via Voting American)

America Cannot Afford nor Survive Four More Years of the Barack Obama Agenda! We have had enough of President Obama’s Blatant Lies and Misrepresentations of the Facts. It is time for our Elected Officials and Media to call this President out on the carpet and expose his True Agenda for what it really is, Socialism! The American People are not stupid Mr. President and we proved that on November 2nd 2010.  Do you really think we are going to allow this to continue unchecked? Your brand of Liberalism and Socialism is all but … Read More

via Voting American

The Exodus of Obama Supporters has begun! (via Voting American)

The Exodus of Obama Supporters has begun! Who Da' Thunk Joe Biden would have been right? We have had enough of President Obama’s blatant lies and misrepresentations of the facts. It is time for our Elected Officials and Media to call this President out on the carpet and expose his true Agenda for what it really is, Socialism! The American People are not stupid Mr. President and we proved that on November 2nd 2010.  Do you really think we are going to allow this to continue unchecked? You … Read More

via Voting American

Get Over It – 9/11 is Now NATIONAL GRANDPARENTS DAY – So DECREES Obama(via The Last Refuge)

From the man that is doing everything he can to erase our history and destroy this country comes another outrage.  As a grandparent, I find this insulting to say the least, but as an American I find it truly disturbing that the President of the United States would stoop so low to change the memories of people. It is obvious that he does not appreciate the feelings that most of this country share, but it is also obvious that he could care less! Read the story from The Last Refuge!

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

September 09, 2011

Presidential Proclamation — National Grandparents Day



(h/t iOTW) No, I’m not kidding. I’m sure grandparents from Burbank to Myrtle Beach are proud to be commemorated on the most horrible day in U.S. history.  Obama is a detached maniac, that much he has made clear. Read the full story at The Last Refuge:


We are all Americans Mr. President! (via Village of the Banned)

We are all Americans Mr. President! Although you have turned your back on those of us who have opposed your Ideology and Agenda for America we are still the same Americans you Swore an Oath to Serve and Protect.  How is it then that you can remain Silent and not Denounce the open Attacks on us by your Supporters? What about your Vice President Joe Biden?  Will you remain Silent also on his Hateful Incitement of Violence and  Rhetoric? What are you going to do Mr. President? Preside … Read More

via Village of the Banned

Daily Benefactor News – Newest EPA Scheme Would Shut Down 8% Of All U.S. Power Generation (via The Daley Gator)

Daily Benefactor News - Newest EPA Scheme Would Shut Down 8% Of All U.S. Power Generation …………… —————————————— CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE DAILY BENEFACTOR ——————————————– —————————————————————————– TOP STORY —————————————————————————— Newest EPA Scheme Would Shut Down 8% Of All U.S. Power Generation – Wall Street Journal The EPA is currently pushing an unprecedented rewr … Read More

via The Daley Gator

When Was Ron Paul Ever Part of the Libertarian-Conservative Coalition? (via The Tree of Mamre)

Ron Paul at the 2007 National Right to Life Co...

Image via Wikipedia

I like Ron Paul but I don’t agree with him totally. Especially on foreign policy, but I could vote for him as President without any hesitation. I don’t believe that his policies would put this country at risk the way that Barack Obama and George W. Bush have done. I am not sure that being an isolationist would be that bad a thing for a few years. It would not hurt us the way the economic policies of the former two Presidents has, it might even help us a great deal. It would be nice for this country to be the place people strive to be like instead of the place they strive to destroy/
Too many people attempt to put people like Ron Paul and most other politicians in a box with a nice label as if the label itself will tell you all you need to know. It kind of makes people lazy and makes them think that they don’t have to bother to do their homework because it tells them all they want to know. If our country truly ever wants to become the place that we can be we will need to ignore the labels and look at the character.
In a way that is how we got Barack Obama. Too many democrats looked at the label and didn’t go beyond that to look at the character.

On another website there is discussion about Ron Paul which I am afraid I did my part to–as always–cloud up. A few of the statements there need to be replied to. However, since the blog in question was not wanting to start a cat fight, I think it is better to reply here rather than make things worse over there. One point in particular was about having a libertarian-conservative coalition to defeat Obama. This is essentially the fusionist idea a … Read More

via The Tree of Mamre

December 2026: A Nightmare (via Mb50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog)

December 2026: A Nightmare By Jerry Della Femina July 27th, 2011 Grandpa, I’m so so cold. So am I. Let’s burn some more copies of the Press with my old columns about The Supreme Leader, Barack Obama. Those columns weren’t much good anyway. But Grandpa, why is it so cold?It’s cold because we have no oil. There isn’t a drop of oil anywhere in this country. Why, Grandpa? Because drilling for oil in Alaska was bad for the caribou. And drilling for oil offshore sometimes caused … Read More

via Mb50’s “Liquid Mud” Blog

Any Questions? (via Voting American)

Any Questions? It should now be very clear to all Americans that President Obama and Department of Justice Chief Eric Holder had full knowledge of and ordered this scandalous program to change course from former President Bush’s original intent.  The denial by this Administration to the findings of this hearing is nothing short of Treasonous and should be acted upon accordingly [yo … Read More

via Voting American


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