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Heart Prepped and Ready…

By Kerry Mauldin
Just 3 days left in the villages and much has been accomplished by Gods grace.
It is truly amazing what all can be done when God gives favor and wisdom and we choose to walk in it.
One lesson really jumped out at me today:
We went to Lakkavaram Village and people were sitting on a tarp on thefoundation 20×40 of where they want a church.  We are went to houses and streets and compelled people to come and hear the story…
70 adults go to the church and 50 kids.  They have been meeting under the trees and want a nice church.
We sang and Jim shared, I taught on giving and they began to give 224,000 rs and we matched 100,000 to build the church.
These people were just concluding a 40 day fasting prayer for the church and their hearts were ready and we also blessed with what they need to get church built!
Their hearts were so prepared!!
Went to dedicate church in Kothagudem.”New Village”–the church was painted a pretty.  Pastor had come last Feb and cried out for help.  We taught him and put rupees in his hand as a test that he would teach his people.  We drove far today and only 3 of his 40 members were there, besides a lot of kids and others we compelled to come.
Pastor shared he had borrowed 60,000rs to complete the church at 24% interest and the people had given nothing… He wanted us to help him.
I had to correct and rebuke him.  He failed the test in that he did not teach the people, but made excuses for them and then borrowed the money.  Also, with us coming, only 3 show up…
We told him we would come again in Feb. if he would get his people there and teach them.
What a difference preparation in a village makes!
Last, in Mellacherlu “Many Lakes Village”–35 met in small 12×15 room.
They have land and want a 20×40 Prayer Shed and need 60,000rs.
We ate lunch and taught them.  Meeting here 5 years, they have their goal low.
They want shed with no walls and will add walls later.
We matched 1 rupee for each 2 they gave, but if they raised more and stepped out, I felt impressed to help more.
They raised 41,000 and we added 20,000 so they can build exactly what they expressed.
I hoped their faith would step up, but they did not over extend themselves.  “This is first church we have built and are not sure how to go about it”, they shared!!
Lord that we set our vision high enough, prepare our hearts and walk in Your wisdom and guidance!!
Your prayers have been so greatly appreciated and have born fruit!!  Thanks so so much!!
Melody, Kerry, Jim and Joshua!!
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Rooftop Lesson

In Feb. we climbed on a rooftop to dedicate a church in village called Kodada, CC ReddyColony, pastor Simon.
given by Faith Bible Chapel in Page AZ.  I was at first not so impressed…
When we first went, there were 25 people with good hearts so we gave and they built a nice church on the slab roof.  Today that church has grown to 60 and is so alive and growing.  They took us to neighboring village some 10 miles where we joined with them to build a first church in Naryanagudem, built by Roundup Cowboy Church.
Today we went to X Road-Kodada, Few miles from CC Reddy Colony.  We helped them build a nice church on a rooftop similar to CC Reddy Church.  However as we dedicated, we encouraged them also to give a missions offering of thanksgiving to help another church get started.  We prayed and only 3 people gave.  Two were visitors and one was pastors daughter of about 15 years old.  When she gave, he was standing near here and some on our team saw him reach out with his foot and kick her.  Only 1500 rs were given $12….  This pastors wife stood and said, “If they give to this, they won’t give to help us…”
My heart hurt for them.  They have a beautiful church all 100% complete, painted and so nice, but with hearts like that, challenges are ahead.
When we entered Naryana Village as the last of the day to dedicate the mission church alongside pastor Simon–built by Cowboy Church,
They met us with drums pounding.  Roads were ankle deep mud from all rains and I was struggling to walk after falling earlier and my knee was going out…
Two guys grabbed hold and walked me thru the village to the beautiful church and so so many gathered.  All stood in church yard as drums pounded giving shouts of praise.  Joshua and Jim were right in the middle dancing a victory dance with all the men with women all gathered around shouting praise to God!
We cut the ribbon and all went in!  Church holds about 150 seated crosslegged on the floor, and it was packed with people looking in the windows.
All got on their knees to sing and the drums pounded out incredible rythym and all sang with everything in them.  Made tears come to my eyes and keep swallowing the lump in my throat as hands and drums pounded out the staccato rythym…  These people are in unity and about 100 have taken baptism and many filled with Holy Spirit.  We shared message of salvation with up to 50 that came as unbelievers….they all prayed a strong loud prayer of salvation.
We began to pray and prayer totally filled the air and when quiet came, we began to sing universal song…Allelujah…
Two separate women shared of visions and word from God,
“There will soon be a great shout and Jesus is telling us He is coming soon”
these village women, who were hindu before, related!
Many have been having visions and God speaking to them in the congregation that was all hindu previous, but has come to experience Gods presence and power…led by young Simon in early 30′s.
What a difference in two roof top experiences…Like Peter, I want the vision on rooftop to be life changing for Gods glory, and not selfish.
By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Dedicate Gudibanda,(temple stone village)  given by Tula Rosa CC in NM.  Good nice church building with Life!  Also a Church given by Okema AG
and gave for 3 more churches…
Good things happening and so many hearing Gospel and churches growing!!
Have 6 more villages today….
Keep praying!!  Such peace when know you are covered in prayer!
With so much thanks,
Kerry, Melody, Jim and Joshua
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What Good can come from simple Shed?

 From Pastor Kerry Mauldin
We came to Ganugubanda (wine press ) Village, and pulled up to loud speaker blaring from under a long heap of banana leaf thatch hut.  It was an old hut used some 4 years with a simple dirt floor and set of drums at the front.  70 people could squeeze under the pile of leaves with people out front.  These are spirit filled people who love the Lord!!  We got rice tarps in front and people came.
We taught on giving…
They have a piece of land bought on main road and want to build a church to seat 200, with a slab, concrete roof.  We taught and together all of us committed almost 7000 $ for the church.  We gave offering from Mt. Sherman AG who sold knives to build a church in India…  This will be a great church!!
All the people walked from the hut to new land and stood in circle holding hands and we gave shouts of praise and prayer for what God is going to do!!
We gave dedication for small, but nice concrete church given by Miami Apostolic Church.  The 20 people truly love the Lord and have very humble good pastors who husband and wife literally built the church after coming here with nothing 6 years ago after God healed pastor from death and he committed to serve the Lord. Had to speak into their lives and encourage them…
Ykuntapuram (heaven) village, we came to dedicate a simple $500 shed.
Only church in the village of these Banjara gypsy people!
When we saw it, I was so disappointed.  It looked like a cattle stall.  Had a good roof and metal, concrete poles and one side was old, stone plastered fence as back wall.  It had dirt floor  and a rice tarp over the dirt.
Pastor Prasanth was beaming.  “7 years I have prayed for a meeting place for these Banjaras and now you have helped us and 35 come Sunday at 11 for prayers!”  He and his wife and others sang with all their heart and as we split in teams to go to houses, hindu people listened so intently and committed lives while pledging to come to the “church”.  Sincerity was strong in their faces and hearts as they stepped forward.
Prasanth said, “in 2-3 months we will put a stone floor down as new people come and we will fix this nice.”  He asked nothing except for a bicycle to go the 7 km (4.2 miles) to the other village he is the only pastor in.  Joy we gave…
When you see such thanks and joy, it is huge blessing to step beside…
We spoke straight into the heart of Ganugubanda village pastor and strongly, clearly warned and encouraged him to keep his heart and hands pure as they begin to build and go from banana leaf church to a nice church.
He seemed to hear with his heart!!
Thinking of Jesus who came from a “shed” and many would be ashamed by His simple beginnings.  But He changed a world!!!
Lord help us not to look down on the simple beginnings, but see things the way You would see them!!
Thank you all so so much for standing with us and praying!!
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Wells of Salvation

By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Awesome fruitful day in many villages!!
Went to Tripurarum to dedicate the well given in honor of Rose and Harold Hull’s 50th anniversary.  They have walked nations with us in the past and Harold has gone to be with the Lord.  The well is right in front of the church we built in 2010.  It has grown from 15 to 70 adults and growing and learning!!
we went to hindu homes around the church.  These homes have been greatly blessed by the well.  Mannamma and Siadalu live right by the well and she had been making 15, 20 minute trips daily to carry water.  Now she had 20′ to carry and their hearts were wide open to hear the Gospel.  Both accepted Christ and agree to come first time to church and pull the gods…
The 2nd well dedication was at Hamu Thanda, Banjara (gypsy) village in memory of my Grandma and Grandpa CF and Ollie Mauldin who pastored many years till Grandpa died in 1962.  What a joy to have the heritage they passed down…
These tribals are so humble and giving.  Live in simple houses, but the church given by Verdigris AG is now beautiful!!  Painted and marble floor in simple village.  We visit hindu homes and 15 adults set as we share bracelets of salvation.  They began to talk strong, asking questions and not wanting to pray like a parrot and repeat some words.  Much explaining and English to Telegu to Banjara translations finally won them over.
Pastor and his wife gave their best hospitality and so want us to promise to come back.  700 families and 10 are Christian so far and rest all worship idols…
Now the people will all be coming to the church for water and hearts will open to breaking the curse of sin, sickness and poverty thru the blood of Jesus.
Went to Dokallabavi Thanda–”Stomach well” village- Pastor was not at the small unfinished church so we went to crossroads shops and set to have chili’s and chai.  We gave bracelets and quickly 50 people were standing around us in circle as we did “street meeting”.  They listen quiet and some want to follow Christ.  One young man, a bus driver, was first to speak up.  If a pastor was in this village, we would follow.  This man never preaches, he gets a pension and is only in his house.  We promised follow-up…
Later encouraged, but spoke straight to the pastor, rebuking in a building up way…
So many tools are available to reach a world for Christ!
Thank you all for strengthening our hands…
Dedicate Venganagudem church–nice church that Oolagah AG gave to build!!
Dedicate Haliya Colony Church, built in memory of pastor Notchie Twist in Shulter, OK.  Churchhas grown to 50 adults from 30 just this year since church is built.  We set among the plastic thatch tents many live in and share Christ and enjoy the limes they gave from over our heads…
Fruit is so good!!  6 more villages today!!  Long good days!!
With so much thanks,
Jim, Joshua, Melody and Kerry
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Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Thank you letter no:1 ; from Pastor. V.Mark – translated by Jovita Elizabeth….

Kerry Mauldin

We leave 2 weeks from today, Oct 7-Nov 13 for India and the villages, UAE for ministry and Jordan and Israel.
All is coming together very well!!
By God’s grace I today got my passport and visa back after 6 weeks challenge…
Please hold us in prayer as we go.  This world is in such turmoil–read today of 85 Christians killed in Pakistan the same day 68 Christians killed in shopping mall in Kenya.
I have total peace about going, but have such an urgency in my heart to touch as many lives for God’s glory-thru the blood of Christ-as quickly as possible!
We must stir the zeal and be diligent!!
Thank you for holding us in prayer!  If you do not want to receive these updates and walk thru the villages with us and commit to pray, Please let me know now and I will take you off the reception list.  Once overseas, it is challenging to make adjustments.
When I read the brief translated note below, it brings me such joy!!  Lives touched and God gets the glory…but it is your investments and prayers that make it all possible.
We have many villages to inspect 45-60, for possible churches that are applied for.
9 Villages at least have asked for wells… Widows and handicapped and pastors to help…
Many of you have invested in these things and God knows what is needed.
If anyone has used glasses, reading glasses, hard candy, a few beanie baby size toys, matchbox cars, tooth brushes or have made salvation bracelets–it will be a great blessing in the villages!!
Thank you so much for walking beside us and encouraging and praying!!
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries (501c3)
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014
To Rev. Kerry Sir & Team ,
                    Sir I am Pastor. V.Mark extend our warm greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
Sir , firstly on behalf of our Church , Punarudhana ( means Resurrection ) Prayer House members , I thank you for helping our Church by granting financial support to purchase Iron sheets required for Shed construction of the Prayer House…
Secondly thank you for sanctioning Talent request in terms of Rs.3,000/- (Three thousand Rupees) towards purchasing a goat , given to an orphan , whose one of the members of our Church – his name is Shekhar - Shekhar conveys his thanks to you for remembering and helping him in his need…
We also Thank Pastor.J.Emmanuel for bringing our Church condition and requirements to your notice and helping us in time of need  …
Sir, we are Praying for you and your Ministry , may God utilize your Ministry for His many purposes – please remember us in your Prayers…
Yours in Christ,
Pastor. V.Mark,
Punarudhana Prayer House
 Passunuru village..
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Poured Out For The Nations via John McTernan’s Insights

Poured Out For The Nations

by JohnMcTernan

                       Verse of the Day

“Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all.”  Philippians 2:17

Pastor Don Schwarz has a tremendous ministry in Africa. I have been helping him with this ministry for many years. Once a month, Pastor Don is going update his ministry.

It is so exciting and refreshing to see how hungry the Africans are for the word of God. It is not like in America, as the Africans are hungering and thirsting for the word of God.

I have also helped Pastor Don by supplying King James Bibles for His pastor contacts. The Africans love the KJB, and this is the only Bible they want!

They need the power of God’s word to deal with Muslims and pagans, so they have tested the KJB and found it to be the authentic word of God.


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Bicycle Missions

I posted the other day about Pastor Stephen McKay and put up a page to give you an idea of what he does and who he is. I would like to take the time today to tell you a little something about one of the things that he is raising money for. It is not for his own ministry, he has support for that, it is to help others in their ministry. He is doing that with bicycles.

Why bicycles? Pastor McKay explained it this way, last year when  was in Tanzania he discovered that the local Pastors were having to walk 20 miles and more at times to spread the gospel. Either that or if they were blessed with a bicycle, travel that way. He decided that it would be his mission in part to provide them bicycles in order to spread the gospel easier and to be able to be a blessing to these Pastors. God has worked wonderfully. Pastor McKay was back in Tanzania a couple of weeks ago and  reported this:

“We arrived at Assedi’s apartment where we will be staying, and fellowshipped for a while.We then headed to downtown mwanza to exchange money into Tanzanian shillings for the week stay we will be here, and also to purchase bicycles for the pastors here.

A few months before I left I began raising money to purchase bicycles for evangelists who travel and preach the Gospel. I was able to raise $1500 and with that we were able to purchase 17 bicycles in total for them. The brothers here told me that buying a pastor or an evangelist a bicycle is the equivalent of purchasing him a Cadillac. They value them greater than we can imagine, and use them to spread the Gospel far and wide. We walked into a small bike shop and negotiated with the owner on the price. She finally came to a final price of $81.00 each. Here’s a picture of a few partly assembled.

Because we ordered 17 of them, they will have to assemble them over the next day or so and then we will have them delivered on the last day of the conference. It’s going to be a great day!

Would you be interested in contributing to the spreading of the gospel through raising money for bicycles? If you would please contact Vessel Of Honor Ministries here: VOHM

This is a contact page and Pastor McKay will get back to you when he can, but I can assure you that it is a worthy ministry and you will be helping to spread the gospel in a part of the world that greatly needs it. God bless you!

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Building for Christ:Churches, Bore wells, Cycles and Talents

Just a note in case anyone would like to hear Pastor Mauldin and is in the Coal Hill, Ar. area on this coming Sunday, Feb. 10th, he will be giving us an update  in person. God bless you!

Kerry Mauldin

February 19-March 19, Melody, and I will be in the villages in AP India.  Jeff Oakes from Stigler will join us the first 2 weeks.  We have so much anticipation as we have seen God‘s blessing poured out these 17 years in increasing measure!  The people truly have open hearts and so so many are coming to Christ and following in baptism!!
This will be a packed month!  We have 45 churches and 7 wells to dedicate and the following list is the first of 2 lists of churches and bore wells and talents applied for by pastors in the villages!  Most of these are the first and only church in a village.  Pastors have graduated Bible training schools, go to a village and get a land and start building a group of believers….our joy is to come and see the hearts of these new believers, teach them and stand beside them and strengthen their hands with tools to bless and serve the Lord like a well or church.  We also want to bless the widows with a “Talent” like in Matthew 25–to make a living…
Please help us pray for wisdom as we go and “Inspect and not just expect”.
1) Pray that we miss nothing we are supposed to accomplish or give.
2) Pray many souls come to know Christ and have the Eternal Hope!
3) Pray we walk in health, strength and safety and have God’s favor…
4) Pray incredible doors will open to accomplish more than we imagine.
5) Pray we will have everything we need to accomplish what God puts before us.
6) Pray signs and wonders will follow us as we believe and people will be healed, delivered and eternally changed!
Thank you all so so much for giving and holding us in prayer!
With so much thanks and love,
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Wild Goose Chase ends on “Sea of Gallilee” by Pastor Kerry Mauldin

We had a long drive this AM in a packed car with anticipation of great things…8 in a 7 passenger jeep…
Went to Devarakonda (god of the hills) town and surrounding…
Our vision is to go to villages that have no church and need a boost after a few years of a pastor working hard and needs a roof or walls on a church.
Ananiya is a young man that has been helped with a bore well and a church in 2 villages he works.  He was going to guide us as our faithful Emmanuel, had a wedding to perform in his village.
Ananiya began by taking us to the town, and despite clear instruction and 4 places listed where we were supposed to visit…he guided!!  Lord help us!!
He guided us to 3 places that were all established and good churches, wells, compound walls but had a need…
For instance, one place has 80 families, a big nice church built in 2004, bore well and a nice wall around the place with many cocionut and trees and looks so good!
The pastor and his son were there.  We began to get to know them and find their need.  The pastors house roof was metal, but a big house and it was needing replaced.  They had no money saved to do it.
Out of 80 families, only 2 pay tithe.  I’m not sure where they got money for the nice place, but these requestss trouble me deeply.  He wants money from me and for 12 years he has not taught his people to give, or saved and wants someone else to provide!
God blesses us when we are faithful learning to begin with small things.
We went to hindu home nearby and shared Christ and several accept and 2 want baptism.  We gave!!
I offered pastor money for 120 chickens and shred teaching on Malachi 3 and for him to teach the tithing…
He turned his back on me.  “Why should I put chickens in their hands?  If they don’t take care of them, I will be to blame.”  He would not take the 2000rs from my hand.  We went away  If he pass the test and send a good report, we may help him….
That was the  way the morning went!!  So challenging being taken to places that don’t meet our purpose or vision…
We went late afternoon to area near Nagar Juna Sager.  This is large lake and looks like a sea.  we drove on roads along lake and it is so so beautiful with huge fields along shore and big hills with rocky outcrops surrounding the whole area.
After a long long drive, we could see in the distance on the hillside a large nice beige church–looked great!!  Green Forrest AG gave for this and it is so impressive at the head of that Sea village on the sid e of the big hill!
These people have round fishing boats by most every house and are people totally dependant on fishing. We had to climb up the big hill, like all the goats that were feeding the hill around the church.  Fresh dirst and stones from construction and that steep climb was a challenge on my 4 legs…Ha!!
At first no one came but 3 women and a few kids  But they put the big loud speaker at the door of the church which is over the village.  As the drums pounded and tamborines rang and people wailed–sang,,  Here they came!!  About half the village is now Christian and excited with about 100 families!!
We celebrated with them and gave for a well as there is none in whole village and used lake water!
When we come again, we will try to go early, spend the day in the homes of villagers and maybe learn fishing with a net!  It so makes me think of exactly what it would be like for the disciples and kind of like Capernaum–reminds me…
They promise us a fish dinner and then they waved as long as we could see them as we drove away….
We gave 2 prayer sheds, one big church roof in Kimballapalli–”Felt Cloth” village–which is so remote but 1200 families and first church in village will be awesome!!!
So many frustrations led to a blessing.  We had long drive, flat tire and our guide was very questionable.  We were to be at a meeting in MiryalaGudem at 7pm for service where Debbie Dewan was going to speak.  With all the challenge, flat etc.  we got there at 1030pm.  The church was still packed WAITING with 200-300 people sitting since before 7pm.  INCREDIBLE hunger for the Word and Gods presence!!
Lord help us stir that hunger!!
Love and so appreciate each!  We are so thankful that so many read these and pray…
Kerry, Melody and Debbie

Update from Pastor Mauldin

The Yellow Cross by Kerry Mauldin

We visited 5 villages, talked to many pastors and came to a new conclusion…
Many pastors are coming from villages and we must test them before we put something big in their hand.  We decided to put test of 3 chickens in the hand for them to multiply and teach the people to tithe.  If they are not teaching tithing, but just asking someone else for money, it is hard to want to give…  we share with 5 pastors that request prayer sheds.  The pastors caught the focus and will give reports on progress of people learning to pay tithes.  Then we will help along side.  This will bless the pastors so much more in the long run as the people learn to be givers!!
    We began to share in Billianiakgudem to many people who sacrificed goats to their goddess so as to have good luck and hope they got eternal life.
As we began, a man led his daughter up.  She was crying and acting very peculiar and all immediate recognize the demonic.  This girl, Uma, had a huge YELLOW CROSS around her neck.  She knelt down 2 feet in front of me and for 30 minutes knelt there with tears and hands lifted as I shared the salvation bracelets with the many people of neighboring homes sitted on mats on the ground.  The people were perplexed, but listen.  As I shared, the voice out of Uma would say, “No I’ll not pray” etc….  She stayed on the knees…  Finally, the people understood that only one way to eternal life comes thru Christ.  They all prayed and Uma clearly prayed also…
Her whole countenance changed!!
Her father shared that 1130 in the night last night she had awakened him and mother.  She had told them to “pray”.  She felt satan wanted her to follow him, but this Jesus was speaking to her to follow Him.  She and folks stayed up late in the night praying.
Now today we4 come sharing this Story…
Uma, father and all prayed to accept Christ in this village where there is no church!!!  We gave for Prayer shed to be built!
In Utlapalli village, Pastor Steven has gathered 40 believers in village of 2500 people.  Only church id Roman Catholic but only opens doors every 6 months.  Someone tried to open a church 2 years ago, but fanatic hindus came and “forced all to put red stickers on the forehead and worship Mysamma, “My Mother goddess“.
People were frightenened.
Today, on newly purchased land, 25 met and heard and 3 took baptism in 55 gallon barrel.  The people took a huge cloth and help up so all the people on the road would not cause a disturbance.  On one hand, you want all the world to know, and on other hand, not cause a riot.  This is rare place…
We taught the people and shared on the Word!!  These are a determined few people inb this village.
Pastor Stevennwas trained in a church of david Raj that we helped the past 7 years starting with a prayer shed!!!  By7 God’s grace and strong covering of prayer, they will make it here…
In Bakkamanthulagudem Village–they gather 9pm around the well, directly in front of the church.  The church shed, built of jute 5 years ago ghas collapsed.  Now 35 believers and no savings.  We taught the people on giving, saving and serving.  All, standing in the night darkness, after working in the fields all day, listened closely and raised their hands with understanding as we taught–they will begin to tithe…  We will match what they give and raise so that the church can be built.  They have to report first…
Got to the village room we are staying at about 1130, we walked in and 100,000′s od ants covered all the concrete walls.  They came with newspaper, burning and watched the ants fall.  Spraed the deet spray around door and windows…  We can do all things thru Christ….!!!!
With so much thanks and prayers…love and appreciate you all!!!
Kerry and Melody

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Fruitful day every stop today!
We left early and went to Guttapalli Village for first time in 4 years.  Yaddamma home helps children and young adults with various challenges.
For instance, Leah, as beautiful 5 year old girl was found on the side of the road, abandonede by her parents when she cwas 3 days old.  These years she has grown at yaddamma House.  When we first went, they had 5 acres, no water and 1 building!   Fayetteville Northside Rotary drilled a well and it is great water!!
We gave a buffalo and sheep.  They have 4 buffalo, 7 sheep and 2 rams along with Emu, turkey, all kinds of fowls and oxen etc…  They had a big crop of millet!
we were fed breakfast setting around the open fire.  Two wanted baptism.
It was a joy to see the progress!  They are selling livestock as the “talents” double!!  One Emu egg, huge things, bring over $100 when hatched!!
About 30 come to the church.  One, Paddma weaves silk sarees on simple wooden loom.  It takes 4-5 days to weave a 6 meter saree and she makes 600 rupees ($12)
Great spirit…  India village people do not complain.   It is a blessing to be with such warm hearted people!!
Dedicate 3 churches and give for another!
At Miryalagudem we dedicate church given by Pawhuska AG.  It is built on roof of a home as second floor.  Not finished, but 3 and half walls and roof are done!  They were all so thankful to have a place to worship, but dry!!
At Penchakilladinna, we dedicate church given by Westville AG.  Yesaratnaum pastor, lost toes to diabetes, but did great job on this church.
We shared on using tool of salvation bracelet to share Christ.  They were truly excited and 10 stood promising to share with at least 5 people the Gospel.  One lady Sujatha,Wearing a bright green saree, had the most alive face and eyes as she prayed with tears over the souls that would come!!!  We gave her 10 more bracelets!!
  About 70 attend and were wanting floor…  They meet in church, but need stones!  Challenged the people on learning to tithe and break the curse of poverty.  8 women were widows with no income.  We gave chickens as tool to pay tithes and use to buy stones.  10 work and said the would faithfully pay tithes.  We are all in agreement that these caught the message and are excited!!
Appannapeta Village, a church built by West Memphis, Ar AG, we dedicated a nice small church!!  Pastor Zacharias was hit by a lorry, truck and has broken foot and hurt back.  We gave him a buffalo to provide income…
This small church built with concrete blocks, looks good and has a good roof.  50 people packed inside.  We were to dedicate in Janruary, but had no time…
It is now full and need bigger church!  The people were in unity and when they began to sing, the power of God filled the place.  Tears and annointing flowed!!
We taught the people, challenged their hearts and then gave candy and tooth brushes!!
It was a joy to see all 3 dedication churches with strong believers, excitement and hearts open to the Word!!
Last, in the night we went to SC Colony and pastor Peter has a small church of 40 and a roof that leaks much thru thatch roof.  We committed for roof to this pastor who graduated from YWAM and now pastors this village church!!
We have so so much the next few days with long drive tomorrow–160 km to one church…
Thanks so much for praying,
Kerry and Melody

Subject: Breakdown to Breakthrough

By Missionary and Pastor Kerry Mauldin
We left this AM fo5r 3 remote villages in the mountains, and on the way broke down with electrical problems in the jeep.  Got an muslim electric man from Panyam village to help.  As we were beside the road, a herd of camels came by, driven–herded by 3 young men.  They were from Gujeratt State on herding thesecamels 7 months from town to town where they sacrifice a camel and sell the meat for muslim Bakridh holiday of camel feast.  The diligence of these men and tradition that has to be met to accomplish eternal life…???
We got on the way and went to Sugalli (bracelet village).  Pastor Bala Swami has pastored 4 years and face many persecutions and being beaten and driven out after people began to come to Christ.  He has stayed and about 50 members plus many children are in the church.  About 80-100 met on porch today and we share Christ.
8 took baptism in water and asKJonathon and Tammy gave baptisms, Melody and I visited hindu homes…
We met Sanjiamma “never dies”.  She has a small shop and nice clean home.  She shared that she went to a big town and while there, a chuirch offered her food.  “This is a Christian thing, she thought, so she rejected the food.  She later regretted and began to talk to this “God“.  She shared this and shared she is now ready to accept this God.  She prayed the prayer of salvation!!   “I will share this with 10 more people” she exclaimed so excited!
Several women were gathered on her porch, and began to share.
Our village never prospered, but 10 years ago one man accepted this Jesus and now many are accepting.  “But you can see our village is building and prospering…”PTL!!!
These were truly excited and they talked, sang, and shared!!
At Icheruvu Village “Leg”village–Pastor came 5 years ago and began in this place that polishes stones.
We share in a home where husband and wife both work together to polish these big stones –flooring.  The quota is 80 stones per 8 hour day and if not met, they get no pay.
This is hard, backbreaking, tedious and potentially injurious work.  Ranga Swami 39 and wife 32 both eagerly accept Christ.
The church has grown to 60 baptised believers with 10 taking today.  Also, 10 are baptised with Holy Spirit!!
These villages are so thankful we came, welcoming and hospitable.
The last village–Rudravaram–we were not supposed to go.  No pastor and no church except a 7th Day church that, “No one ever comes to open the door”–church built and all grown up in weeds…
“We worship other gods, but they don’t hear our prayers”.  They all wanted Eternal Life and up to 75 gathered in the night on the street to listen as we sang and shared.  “They did not run when Melody and I sang…”
Jonathon shared the bracelets and ALL in unity, quickly said they want thsi eternal ligfe!
In this village, a man dressed in costume that reminded of satan, was going around.  No church and hungry people!  One pastor with us agreed to come Sunday evenings and minister.  There is so much to share and such hungry hearts.  A incredibly strong potential church is birthed tonight!!!  People all gathered around and such excitement and enthusiasm…
We gave 18 baptisms, gave two prayer sheds and many many accepted Christ even in village that we were not planned to be in…
Lord help us have the excitement and zeal in our hearts with hunger so apparent…
I sit now 932pm on outside, surrounded by mosquitos and sharing this update.   Connection is such a challenge, but everything is truly a joy when you meet so so many that have not heard and truly have a hunger to hear…
With so much love, thanks, prayers and a thankful heart,
Kerry, Melody, Jonathon and Tammy (who both dis awesome job sharing salvation bracelets and baptisms today!!)

What God Honors In All People (via DISCIPLEGIDEON)

One of the most discussed questions among Christians and those who are not Christian, but wish to know about God, is the question of free will and choice. DISCIPLEGIDEON has an extremely enlightening post about this subject. I posted part of it below, but please read the rest at DISCIPLEGIDEON!

What God Honors In All People

Satan before the Lord

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I was listening to a Christian broadcast radio show this evening and it was one of those call-in shows, something like “Ask the Pastor”, where they took live phone calls and answered questions.  I was privy to an excellent Q&A started by a 10-year old boy.  The question went something like this:  Do angels have free will like men do?  And if God created angels to do his work, why did Satan turn away from God?

The pastor explained how angels and men have their own wills and can make choices on their own.  That Satan chose to try to elevate his glory to that of God’s.  And that God above all, honors choice.  The pastor referred back to scripture and explained that when Satan rebelled, that he took one-third of the angels in heaven.  Thus showing that angels indeed do have a choice…just like man has a choice.

This got me thinking.  Everything in creation is under the law of God.  His majesty is magnified in His creation.  The laws of physics, the laws of the universe, the laws of light and energy, the laws of life and all of its processes.  The only thing not under the law of God is choice.  And if you think about it, it is what makes choice valuable…to God!  The choice to love God is precious in His sight; if God had made us without the choice and we “automatically” loved God…then there is no intrinsic value in it for Him!  So our choice to love God, brings Him glory and is the supreme desire of His heart.  Do you believe that? Read the rest at DISCIPLEGIDEON

Cajun Sign–When Reality Sucks Add Humor

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. – John F. Kennedy
Reverend Boudreaux was the part-time pastor of the local Cajun Baptist Church, and Pastor Thibodaux was the minister of the Covenant Church across the road.   They were both standing by the road, pounding a sign into the ground that read:Da End is Near
Turn Yo Sef ‘Roun Now
Afore It Be Too Late!As a car sped past them, the driver leaned out his window and yelled, “You religious nuts!”

From the curve they heard screeching tires, and a big splash…

Boudreaux turns to Thib and asks, “Do ya tink maybe da sign should jussay………Bridge Out?”

Father Tortures Teenage Daughter for Leaving Islam. (via Rivers of Hope)

Father Tortures Teenage Daughter for Leaving Islam. A 14-year-old girl in western Uganda is still unable to walk 10 months after her father tortured her for leaving Islam and putting her faith in Christ, according to area Christians. Susan Ithungu of Isango village, Kasese district, has been hospitalized at Kagando Hospital since October 2010 after neighbors with police help rescued her from her father, Beya Baluku. He was arrested shortly afterward but quickly released, sources said. Susan and he … Read More

via Rivers of Hope

Pastor’s New Baby

A pastor’s wife was expecting a baby, so he stood before the
                         Congregation and asked for a raise. After much discussion, they passed
                         a rule that whenever the preacher’s family expanded, so would his
                            After 6 children, this started to get expensive and the congregation
                         decided to hold another meeting to discuss the preacher’s expanding
                         salary. A great deal of yelling and inner bickering ensued, as to how
                         much the clergyman’s additional children were costing the church, and
                         how much more it could potentially cost.
                            After listening to them for about an hour, the pastor rose from his
chair and spoke, ‘Children are a gift from God, and we will take as many
gifts as He gives us. Silence fell on the congregation.
In the back pew, a little old lady struggled to stand, and finally
said in her frail voice, ‘Rain is also a gift from God, but when we get too
much of it, we wear rubbers.’
The entire congregation said, ‘Amen.

Update on Pastor Terry Jones

DEARBORN, MI - APRIL 21: An interfaith group r...

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Dearborn seems to feel that they are no longer bound by the Constitution and so even without trying Pastor Jones has proven his point. He has shown that Sharia law is what stands in this town, no matter how much they deny it. Where will it go from here?

Gates of Vienna
Friday, April 22, 2011

Update: Terry Jones Goes to Jail

You have to admire this man’s grit. He and his co-pastor refused on pinciple to pay a $1 bond, so they’ve been thrown in the slammer:

A judge late today sent two Florida pastors to jail for refusing to post a $1 bond.

The stunning development came after a Dearborn jury sided with prosecutors, ruling that Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp would breach the peace if they rallied at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn.

Read more at gatesofvienna.blogspot.com

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