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Noorjahan–Light of the World– Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

 Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin
 We start to walk into the village…”It is a long walk” they said.  Next thing,  4 men pounding drums in unison make a line in front of us and we begin to follow these 4 bare footed leaders who announce our coming.  People begin to crowd around us from the simple houses.  They are touching us and shaking hands and welcoming…
We walk all thru town to where chairs are set under a tarp.  About 140 people gather and we share the HOPE that we have.
This reminds me of the donkey that came into the barn at the end of the day and shares with all the animals.  “You wont believe the day I had…  I picked up a hitch hiker on the road, he related.  As I walked along, people began to come and put palm branches down and even their clothes so I would not soil my hooves.
They began to welcome me and Greet me in the name of the Lord.
Amazing, you won’t believe, but they even said, “Lets make him our king!!!”
Best day I have ever had!!!
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Update on Posting

Until I can get I can get another site set up I will be posting at The Christian Gazette and A Needed Word along with posts at Grumpy’s Opinions. I hope all my loyal followers will read these, as I intend to keep my other sites up regardless of what happens with Loopyloo’s. If you haven’t checked out the other sites, please do and God bless you all! The Christian Gazette and A Needed Word are both wordpress blogs so you can just click follow and read them along with your other follows. Updates from Pastor Kerry Mauldin will be at the Christian Gazette, and is currently in India and I have a new post up for him today! Joy Among the Gypsies is his newest letter. A Needed word is simply a short daily (mostly daily) needed word. Grumpy’s Opinions is a daily news magazine and opinion digest that has many wonderful authors and is well worth your time if you have never read it. Please do check it out.

Lessons in Small Bird Village–Pittalagudem

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kerry Mauldin

We sat on front porch that is painted nice and 35 people pack the
porch of this, the only church in this village of 300 families.  15
families now follow Christ with the first coming 12 years ago.  Prabu
Das pastors, but his sister was the first believer…
12 years ago, she was in hospital and Rehelamma, a lady pastor from
Ellareddygudem, met her in the hospital and led her to Christ.  I
remember so clearly Rehelamma…3 years ago we helped her build a nice
church and when we dedicated, it was packed with people and so
beautiful.  We set in the church and nice cloth covered back
wall…however, we found there was no back wall.  She did not have
enough money for wall.  But she responded, “No problem, the church is
already full so we will just extend 25 more feet, then put a wall on.”
I love that spirit!!  Her husband Moses, had passed away, but she had
a CAN DO spirit.  Then 2 years ago, Rehelamma went to be with the

But she led 1 woman to the Lord and now the church is with 35 faces
and tears flowing and arms raised in prayer to the Lord.  Even the
small 3 yr old children on the knees in sincere prayer!!  Today, 6
climbed down the ladder into the cistern, where Jeff baptized these
who committed hearts to Christ.

They want a church and have land a some stones.  We began to prepare
hearts to give… “None of us are thieves, they responded when
asked… But after reading Mal. 3:8-9 they said most were thieves.
Then began to give.  One woman gave her gold 8000rs, another a load of
sand, another use of her tractor… they gave 35,000rs, we matched it
and they had some money and a great church is being built!!  (In honor
of Bro. Guthrie at Stigler First AG).  81,500 rs given, even more than
needed in estimate–may get ceiling fan!!!
It is an incredible joy to stand beside these and strengthen their
hands and together build the first church in village and know these
are sincere pure hearted people who are here because one God fearing
woman led one sick lady to the Lord in hospital, 12 years ago.  Both
those ladies are now with the Lord, but the brother, Prabu Das pastors
here and reaching 3 more villages…

Lord help us have the zeal, drive and strong overcoming determination!!

Gave for good churches at Indlur Village from (Souls Harbour in Jay,
Ok), and Gorenkapalli from (Abundant Life Church).  and checked on
Kasurajapalli where the church is being built and looking
good…plaque is from Grandview Tabernacle in Muscogee–will dedicate
in October.  PTL!!

Gave talents to widows, and many heard Gospel that have not heard before!!

I am so thankful for privilege God gives to share and observe His love
to people never hearing before…

We sit outside under a light in Ishkababivigudem Village at 845pm,
swat bugs, dodge the bats and write because of blessing of a thumb
drive that connects to internet…

Thank you so much for praying!!

Kerry, Melody and Jeff

House of the Stone Breakers

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kerry Mauldin

First day in the villages!!
We went to Ramnagar to see construction on church by Fairlland
Assembly of God.  Church is coming up well, and plaque looks nice, but
in Oct. when we shared and gave for church, a villager gave double the
land and so instead of a small church, this is coming up much
bigger–seat 150-200.  Pray they have enough to complete it.  A joy
was the woman, Elishamma that came to Christ and we were there when
she held hands with her husband and he also accepted Christ.
Both are in church and growing stronger!

Cherlagoraram Village- We sit in front of simple home of people who
break stones for 4 rs each and the whole village is stone breakers.
The first believer in the village is Inkula, now 60 and has 6
children.  They have all come to Christ and are now about 30 believers
of 1000 in village, but growing and good spirit!!
They spoke up quickly that 1 of 10 stones broken belong to God.  All
children have come and “Naga Raju”, “snake King, now called Daniel, 25
was the last to come 2 years ago.
It was blessing to hear and see a large family sitting on the mat in
front of the house sharing how God has changed their life since coming
to know Him.  The debts and misery are gone since they have learned to
tithe and give…  Daily, the whole family sits and reads the Word of
God together.  The younger ones whoa can read, read to all.
We look where they have been building a stone church the past 5 years,
but have no more money.  Publicly we stood and committed among
themselves, one by one to give 24,000Rupees, then we matched it and a
nice church will be complete.

The joy is this pastor, Paul, who came 9 years ago was only 20, but
has led them and 3 other villages to Christ.  These are the only
churches in the villages.
Paul, we helped with his first village church in RA Nagar in 2011.
Dr. Mast and I pulled up early AM in Feb 2011 and no one met us and
small concrete stone church.  Today, we visit and the church regularly
has 80 members that totally overflow the church and is growing so so

6 took baptism today.  One woman who was Laxmmama and is now “Saramma”
stepped in for baptism.  She is about 26 and the power of God hit her
and she shook and cried as she went under.  Then she shared how 1
month ago, she worshipped hannamun, the monkey.  She got a tumor and
had no hope, but a brilliant light filled the room she was in and a
man stood there that she came to know was Jesus.  She said “all I
could do was shout HALLALEUJAH and shake”.  Jesus healed her last
month and now she follows in baptism.
She stood with her 2 small 2 year old boys, tears streaming down her
face and thanking the Lord for all He is doing in her life!!  We named
her Sarramma.

Christ is revealing himself to many in this way.  Miracles are
happening and so many are coming to Christ!
Another man, Ramalu, 28, rode motorcycle, wanted baptism.  After he
took baptism, his name is now Phillip.  He shared this one year since
accepting Christ, everything he does is prospering, even as Phillip
kept being blessed and prospering everywhere he went…

We had an easier day today.  JUst 4 villages after the drive from
Hyderabad.!!  Our team of Jeff Oaks, Melody, “superwoman” Mauldin and
myself!!  We are blessed and so so thankful for your prayers!!

With so much thanks, prayers and joy to serve the Lord,

Kerry, Melody and Jeff

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin


prayer.. (Photo credit: aronki)

Re: Tuesday to villages–54 applications for churches

Please hold Melody, Jeff Oaks and myself in prayer as we go 7AM Tuesday for India.
We just got this additional list of 14 villages who have no church and pastors are requesting for first churches in the village!
Prayer makes things happen!!  We have 45 churches to dedicate and now 54 villages requesting churches.  This will be a packed 30 days in 
the villages.  Please pray we have wisdom and strength to accomplish all the Lord puts before us!!
We so appreciate the prayers, encouragement and what has been given to get these built and wells drilled!!
God bless you each so much!!
Kerry and Melody
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, 74014
Dear Kerry sir
These are the prayer shed requests from nandyal side
Pastors Name
Particulars / Amount
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000
Ratna Paul
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Cement Nagar
Bala Swamy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Prayer Shed  19,000
Govind Reddy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000
Sunder Rao
Prayer Shed  19,000
Ratna Paul
Prayer Shed  19,000
Govind Reddy
Prayer Shed  19,000
Naga Raju
Prayer Shed  19,000

With Much of prayers and Regards
God is great all the time


Building for Christ:Churches, Bore wells, Cycles and Talents

Just a note in case anyone would like to hear Pastor Mauldin and is in the Coal Hill, Ar. area on this coming Sunday, Feb. 10th, he will be giving us an update  in person. God bless you!

Kerry Mauldin

February 19-March 19, Melody, and I will be in the villages in AP India.  Jeff Oakes from Stigler will join us the first 2 weeks.  We have so much anticipation as we have seen God‘s blessing poured out these 17 years in increasing measure!  The people truly have open hearts and so so many are coming to Christ and following in baptism!!
This will be a packed month!  We have 45 churches and 7 wells to dedicate and the following list is the first of 2 lists of churches and bore wells and talents applied for by pastors in the villages!  Most of these are the first and only church in a village.  Pastors have graduated Bible training schools, go to a village and get a land and start building a group of believers….our joy is to come and see the hearts of these new believers, teach them and stand beside them and strengthen their hands with tools to bless and serve the Lord like a well or church.  We also want to bless the widows with a “Talent” like in Matthew 25–to make a living…
Please help us pray for wisdom as we go and “Inspect and not just expect”.
1) Pray that we miss nothing we are supposed to accomplish or give.
2) Pray many souls come to know Christ and have the Eternal Hope!
3) Pray we walk in health, strength and safety and have God’s favor…
4) Pray incredible doors will open to accomplish more than we imagine.
5) Pray we will have everything we need to accomplish what God puts before us.
6) Pray signs and wonders will follow us as we believe and people will be healed, delivered and eternally changed!
Thank you all so so much for giving and holding us in prayer!
With so much thanks and love,
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Sounds of a village

by Kerry Mauldin

Its early morning here in the village of Ishkababavgudem.  Roiosters are sounding the morning call and village is beginning to stir.  It is cool and had good night rest!!!!
Yesterday we had 5 villages, 5 Prayer sheds given for and 5 baptisms!!  A really enjoyable day!!
Early, we sat in village of Bottlapaleru and over 100 people sitting under big canopy of trees in front of us!  No church in this village, but beside us was a ruined heap of an old house that is given for a church.  Pastor is blind, but here 3 years and working hard and teaching!!  People’s hearts are open and all eagerly want a salvation bracelet and run to get other friends to come!!
We share and all listen and almost all sincerely pray the Salvation prayer!  All are in agreement to begin to give to God‘s house and this week all will begin work on the ruined heap–to build a Prayer Shed.  We gave to help!
As we are sharing, at the back of the large group, 2 houses down, 2 neighbors begin to shout and scream about their field.  Several people got involved as this man and next door neighbor woman fought…  Finally, we began to sing and clap and the shouts of praise drowned out the fight and people got focused on the Lord!  It was joy!!  5 people stepped up for baptism and the church has grown much here today!!  They took baptism in a concrete water trough that they could sit in and bend over forward for submersion…  PTL powerful witness to many!!
Went to Pallekedu to dedicate a small church by pastor Samuel.  When we arrived, the small church is built, but has a garden around it, cook fire in front and clothes on the line.  The pastorsfamily had moved in the church to live.  This hurt so much and is one of most disappointing encounters in many years!!  Pastor was not there and his wife was in confusion…
Next to the church was a mission field.  At least 20 families living in cardboard, plastic huts live for over a year.  We crutched over and sat in front of a smasll hut where Laxmi let me sit on her cot.  Children and chickens around, sun shining down, many people gatherted around this hut where Laxmi makes a living selling plastic containers–all in a mesh bag.
We share Christ and many people with joy and so in need of hope, respond!!
It was such a joy and relief to find something so good even in the disappointment …  I’m trying to imagine Samuels challenge.   Forced out of hindu rented house and moves into the church and now is not a church…what would I do?  Lord give wisdom!!
At Ellapuram Village, we go to dedicate a simple prayer shed that has turned out awesome.  The people are being taught and are giving.  All 30 members carried
blocks and built the church.  As we got there, they were plastering the outside and inside was done!!  ALL PAY TITHE AND GIVE!!  It was joy to give more for steps and paint.  Rare to give more after they are already in the church, but these are givers and suych a blessing to step up beside them!
As we are preparing for dedication, the drums and musical instruments begin to sound all in the village.  This is festival to Mysamma, “My Mother” goddess.  hindus all bring huge flowers and women all wearing best saree get in big circle and dance and sing love songs to “My Mother” goddess.  Men all stand back and watch…
As Melody and I start across village road, the dance is going on a hundred yards up the road.  Suddenly,sound of pounding hooves fill the air.  Some buffalo have broken loose near the dance, frightened by something–demon spirit…  They are pounding right toward us.  People lung toward us and Melody runs one way and I crutch the other and those wide eyed buffalo’s go tearing by!!!
To see so many villages and all the parades after dark as people walk by candle light–many many people–with huge mounds of flowers on the head….to throw in village water supply as a gift for fertility and blessing….
Today, many will be drunk as we go to the villages…God guide us!!
The sounds of a village…but the greatest is the praise that goes to the Living God as they know they have Eternal Life and have joy in the heart!!
Thanks so much for praying and the encouragement!  Sorry we have so limited reception and email is tough…
Kerry and Melody


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