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Update on My Son


Thank you all for your prayers, Todd is doing better and they are moving him to a private room. He is an epileptic, his high fever triggered the severe seizures. The diagnosis is influenza. God bless you all and prayer does work!!!!!

Noel Bairey Merz: The single biggest health threat women face

I would like to add a comment to this video and point out that in each new area of research there is more and more proof of the difference between women and men. And I would like to point out for all the feminists out there, that your insistence on having women treated the same as men, puts their health at risk and your attitude encourages that risk. Grow up and accept that men and women are separate entities not equal, but different. God knew what He was doing and trying to change that into equality, simply obstructs every real part of research into the problems that we all face..

I would like to also point out that for those who think that Democrats care more about women, that this was started under a Republican administration and that Democrats are the ones that are currently adding taxes to medical devices and research. They are also doing away with or changing the ability for women to get the tests needed.

Abortion is Not Just a Medical Procedure

This is in response to a commenter on The Tree of Mamre who said

“In the secular world the abortion is considered a medical procedure and should not be invaded by the church house as it belongs only in the state house.”

This person was making the comment on the post of Santorum not running for pastor in chief. He also made the statement that Jesus didn’t try to change the laws, as if they made the laws okay, the following is my response.

“No, He didn’t go to the Roman Senate to get laws changed, that was not the reason that He came to earth, He came to die for our sins that we might be forgiven by God for them.
By your reasoning, if the secular world says that it is okay for your neighbor to come and chop off your head and take your possessions, that is fine. Personally, I think that leads to anarchy. Our country is based on the laws of Moses, if you don’t believe it, do the research yourself, it is pretty easy to find the ten commandments online. As far as abortion, even the medical profession should be constrained by moral laws, if they are not, what is to stop them from cloning individuals and farming out their body parts. By your reasoning, these would just be simple medical procedures. What, in your mind, is the difference from a baby and a fetus? Medically, the only difference is that one is in the womb and the other not, what then of abortionist who deliver live babies during the abortion process? Should they be allowed to kill them as Mr. Obama has advocated for? They are medically considered babies! Or how about abortionist that do kill those live babies by clipping their spinal cords or sticking scissors in the backs of their necks? When is the murder of babies a crime? If it is just in the womb, why? Dead is dead, whether it is in the womb or out. It amazes me that the same people that throw hissy fits at people killing animals for food, think that the killing of a baby is okay. Do you know the reason? It is because if they can kill a baby, they can evade the responsibility for that baby, if they can prevent someone else from killing an animal, they have power. Jesus didn’t come to end the laws, He came to fulfill them, until He comes back at judgement, we will be responsible for our actions, murder of the defenseless is a terrible thing that those who do it will have to answer for. Giving government that right, takes the responsibility away from the person and that is not a good thing for society or humanity.”

I want to re-emphasize what I started with, “Abortion is not just a medical procedure.”  It is in point of fact, a willful and deliberate ending of a life. This is simple truth and undeniable. No matter whether you agree that it is human or not, it is life. For all those who believe that the taking of life bears responsibility, those that choose this are responsible for their actions.

Joy In The Lord (via Christian Blessings)

Posted on October 4, 2011 by loopyloo305

How sad would life be if it were the same everyday. So many people wish for that sameness without ever stopping to appreciate the glory that God has given them. This morning as I was going through my daily reading and prayer it seemed that I was receiving a message that out of adversity comes joy. I have noticed that when He wishes to send me a message that this is often the path that He takes. It would be easy to say that it is just coincidence but this happens so often, only an blind man would not be able to see God’s hand here.

A few years ago I had total blockage in my femoral arteries. I was able to contact our localemergency service and get help. By the time that they arrived I was unable to move and in such pain that it required a lot of morphine to relieve the pain. I was tranported to ahospital about sixty miles from my home, where I was told that I would have to have atriple bypass to open my femoral arteries as well as my aorta. They put me on medication, stabilized me and kept me in the hospital for about a week before they did the surgery. At the time they told me that I had only been minutes away from losing both my legs. I had been in pain for years but had not had a Doctor that had done an ultrasound. I am not saying that this was negligence on anyone’s part since I suffer from a auto-immune diseasecalled psoratic arthritis. Everyone, including me assumed that the pain in my hips came from this. Read the rest at



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