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Prayer Request

This is a prayer request for myself friends! As some of you know I have a disease called psoriatic arthritis! It is similar to rheumatoid arthritis in that it is inflamatory and attacks your joints. I have been having a bad few days and my hands are swelling and painful to the point that they are splitting and bleeding. Please include me in your prayers! Thank you all and God bless you!

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Update on My Son Todd

Todd was diagnosed with renal failure yesterday at the Doctors. The Doctor does not think that it is permanent, but related to dehydration from which he is also suffering. This they believe is the reason that he is having a breakout of seizures. He goes back to the Doctor is morning and if he is still dehydrated and/or his kidneys are not working, he will hospitalize him again. Please continue your prayers for him and I will let you know more when I do. Thank you all so much, it is so greatly appreciated. God bless!

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A Letter from Annie Nowlin

For those of you who don’t know Annie, she is a great friend who also has a blog called Lupus Chronicles and has Lupus herself. She is a former RN who had to leave the job she loved because of the disabling condition of the disease. She is also someone who I was fortunate enough to have as a contributor to this blog. There was quite a while that she was unable to do very much blogging at all but as you can read from her letter below, she is finding that God has a plan for her and her husband and is leading her to a place where she can find some help for some of her physical problems. This is a great testimony both on how God works and how He leads people to those that can share a seed.  While we still suffer adversity, it is often adversity that is a sign that He is working in our lives. Please include Annie in your prayers and if you would like to learn more about her, her blog Lupus Chronicles is an excellent place to learn her story. I don’t want to violate WordPress’ terms of service so I am not including a link to her online store here, but if you are interested in visiting you can leave a comment here or on her blog and we will send you the link via email. Thanks and God bless!

Letter from Annie:

 “I think you may have gathered this from my recent blog posts, but I do believe that the Lord had a plan. About 1/2 year ago, a gal was visiting the Yahoo forum about osteonecrosis that I co-moderate. She found out that I had problems with my ankles, told me of her doctor at Yale in CT and suggested that I contact him (few MDs  are innovative when it comes to treatment of ankle osteonecrosis.) I sent him my films, he said he’d be able to do something, but that Colorado and CT were MILES apart. He suggested instead that I see a colleague of his in Vail, CO. Rey and I went to see the guy in Vail who I thought was very great and I’d trust with my life. Intelligent, personable and EVERYTHING. He felt that he could help, but with my other medical problems, he wasn’t so comfortable with his ”small 35 bed orthopedic hospital.” So he referred me to a fellow who has quite a reputation as a foot/ankle surgeon in Chicago.
Long story (and this has already been long!) short, Rey and I just got back from Chicago and Dr. Haddad can replace my ankle. Unless he has a cancellation, I won”t have surgery until January but, I’ve waited this long. I’ve searched and searched. Dear Lord, guide Dr. Haddad’s hands.  It’s a 4 hour surgery and then, there is NO WEIGHT BEARING FOR SIX WEEKS!! I’ll need to stay in rehab in Chicago for that time, so that means sooo long away from home, but the ability to move around WITHOUT pain is worth it.
I also thought of you as Rey and I took our first step into the study of religion. A good friend’s church had a series of really small Bible studies discussing the book of Mark and I’ve got to say i found it quite enjoyable, Rey much more so. I think you, Rachel, Marianne and others have been placed in my life to teach me that there is another way, a way other than MY WAY. I now feel signs, that I was certain that didn’t exist.
Anywhoo. The past 1 1/2 year, I’ve been taking an internet class which fostered a desire to learn about the web and how to build websites and I’ve learned a lot about WP and a lot me-things I didn’t think would EVER IN A MILLION YEARS interest me.  I’ve opened up my own internet store, YourHomeGoods.com  “Your Store for Home Decor”, I sort of need to make a go of my store; this is not just a luxury for the housewife who has nothing better to do. Rey hasn’t worked for nearly 3 years (in December) so we live of my Social Security Income (and you know how ‘generous’ that is, so we’ve pretty much depleted our savings and ‘bankruptcy’ has entered our talks. This is one thing for me to give to the Lord, Loopy, but I also want to ‘share’ it with you. This scares me, but I can’t let it petrify me into inaction. If you can, I’d love for you to say a prayer”

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Update on My Son


Thank you all for your prayers, Todd is doing better and they are moving him to a private room. He is an epileptic, his high fever triggered the severe seizures. The diagnosis is influenza. God bless you all and prayer does work!!!!!

Prayer Request for My Son

Please add my middle son, Todd, into your prayers. He became really sick yesterday, with a high fever and seizures. He has tested positive for the influenza virus, and has been hospitalized in the MSICU unit on a ventilator. They are doing a spinal tap this morning in order to see if he has meningitis and are going to try to take him off the ventilator today. Please include him in your prayers. He is mentally disabled and an epileptic but otherwise has been very healthy and this is the first time he has had seizures in many years, his temp. was 104.4 at the time of his admission. If you know anyone with the flu, please do not take it lightly. And thank you and God bless you all!

Intermittent fasting may hold the key to longevity via Natural News

English: Cartoon representation of the molecul...

English: Cartoon representation of the molecular structure of protein registered with 1bqt code. Deutsch: Grafik des Molekularstruktur von jenem Protein, das mit 1bqt code registriert ist. Plattdüütsch: Grafik, de de Molekularstruktur von dat Protein wiest, dat mit’n Kood 1bqt registreert is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it amazing how the instructions given to us by God are proved by science, even though so many times those very scientists don’t want to believe in Him!!!!

Intermittent fasting may hold the key to longevity
(NaturalNews) In a culture that feasts 21 times a week, fasting is almost a heretical idea. Yet amidst escalating rates of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer, emerging research on animals and humans suggests that planned, regular fasting may decide whether your twilight years are long and healthy or cut short. The crux of the issue is surprisingly simple: insulin-like growth factor, or IGF-1, levels of which largely determine the rate at which the body ages.

IGF-1 and age-related disease

Insulin-like growth factor is produced in the liver and released according to activity of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), produced in the pituitary gland. Levels of both naturally decline with age, which is desirable: high levels of IGF-1 encourage the body to focus on producing new cells rather than existing repairing ones. As cellular and DNA damage continues to go unchecked, aging and disease take hold. What’s more, cancerous cells usually mutate to take advantage of both insulin and IGF-1, using them as fuel. The reverse is also true: in mice genetically engineered to have low levels of IGF-1, lifespan increases to the human equivalent of 120 years, and among the few hundred people worldwide with low IGF-1, cancer and diabetes are virtually unknown.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037474_intermittent_fasting_longevity_IGF-1.html#ixzz28nxt9Si0

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037474_intermittent_fasting_longevity_IGF-1.html#ixzz28nxMIbsl

Beware of your Pediatrician & School Counselors, Americans! (via Short Little Rebel)

My friend and fellow followers of Christ, for years we have had those that don’t share our values trying to tell our children that we are the ones that are wrong, they are going about it in an even more insidious way and we need to be aware of it so that we can stop it. Please read and pass this around so that we can prevent more children and parents from experiencing what Susan has. And so that we know what is being told to our children and done to them behind our backs. God bless!

Beware of your Pediatrician & School Counselors, Americans!

Sounds crazy, right?  But it’s not.  Many pediatricians have become Progressive activists.  How many of you are being groomed by these political agents?  Let me describe the grooming process:  when your child is about 8 or nine, the pediatrician starts introducing the idea that at some time in the near future, they will want to spend time alone with your child- to get them ready for the time when they first go to a doctor on their own, without their parents.  Sounds cozy, huh?  A pediatrician that cares so much about your kid that they want to help ease them into their first, adult solo physical checkup.

Then, at around 11 years old, the pediatrician will actually ask the parent to step out of the room ‘for a few minutes’.  Then at around 12, the pediatrician will tell you that you must leave the room when the kid is 13 years old.  MY pediatrician just blatantly LIED to me and told me that Washington State Law demands that I leave the room.

Now, Parents, I can tell you that I always told my pediatricians, “No.  That will not happen with my daughter.  I will be here to ensure that she is ok. “  They always were annoyed, but left it be.  I have a new pediatrician who just told me that I MUST leave the room when my daughter turns 13- which will happen in August.  I was enraged.  I told her that this would never happen.  Further, I asked her why she & other pediatricians kept demanding this. Please read the rest of Short Little Rebels post and experience with this at her site: Short Little Rebel

Not Legalism but Christ

the first of the Epistles to the Colossians

the first of the Epistles to the Colossians (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colossians 2:11-23

In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision without hands, by putting off the body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ,

buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.

And you being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven all trespasses,

having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross.

Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

So let no one judge you in food or drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths,

which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ.

Le no one cheat you of your reward, taking delight in false humility and worship of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,

and not holding fast to the Head, from whom all the body, nourished and knit together by joints and ligaments, grows with the increase that is from God.

Therefore, if you died with Christ from the basic principles of the world, why, as though living in the world, do you subject yourselves to regulations—

“Do not touch, do not taste, do not handle,”

which all concern things which perish with the using—- according to the commandments and doctrines of men?

These things indeed have an appearance of wisdom in self-imposed religion, false humility, and neglect of the body, but are of no value against the indulgence of the flesh.

Noel Bairey Merz: The single biggest health threat women face

I would like to add a comment to this video and point out that in each new area of research there is more and more proof of the difference between women and men. And I would like to point out for all the feminists out there, that your insistence on having women treated the same as men, puts their health at risk and your attitude encourages that risk. Grow up and accept that men and women are separate entities not equal, but different. God knew what He was doing and trying to change that into equality, simply obstructs every real part of research into the problems that we all face..

I would like to also point out that for those who think that Democrats care more about women, that this was started under a Republican administration and that Democrats are the ones that are currently adding taxes to medical devices and research. They are also doing away with or changing the ability for women to get the tests needed.

Myshkin Ingawale: A blood test without bleeding

I am not a Doctor and so not an expert by any means, but there is one statement that is made in this video that I must correct. Post partum hemorrhage  is not only caused by anemia, it also occurs sometimes when the placenta comes apart and stays with in the womb. I know this because it happened to me and I nearly died. Any type of post partum hemorrhage can kill within a matter of minutes, the blood loss is that fast.

This is also a great example of a need being solved by someone who sees it, and decides to do something about it. He did not wait for some government agency to tell him this might be needed. He was also able to work with his peers to pursue and develop this lifesaving product.

My Name is America by Todd Allen Herendeen- The Official Patriotic Anthem-Super!

h/t to Annie at Lupus and Chronic Illness

Update on Gabriel from Gabriel’s Precious Journey

Gabriel’s Recovery

Well, we are just past week one of Gabe’s recovery. It’s not been easy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much easier for some time. Although, if you watched Gabriel, it’d look pretty amazing. He’s got energy he never had and is smiling even more and bigger smiles! However, the ventricular septal defect did not get completely closed, so there is still a hole. Also, it’s been brought to my attention that his mitral valve has a deformity or “missing piece” called a cleft. In addition, the valve is leaking blood back into the chamber. This is called regurgitation, although, at this time it’s small. There are also two other valves in his heart that are leaking or regurgitating, too. He will probably be undergoing another surgery, just not sure if soon or if his body will compensate for a period of time before we have to do it again.

On top of these revelations, my son was very near coding in the CICU due to so many sedatives and narcotics being given. He was on the ventilator so they had to get his pain and agitation under control. He dropped to 5 respirations a minute. Found out later that this also may have been due to the pneumothorax he developed from having the ventilator (best of my understanding) putting such pressure on his lungs. This is where a hole manifests through the wall of the lungs, thereby leaking air into the chest cavity. This can squeeze the lungs and cause collapse. There was some collapse of the upper lobe of the right lung. So we did CPTs (by a respiratory therapist) and kept him on low flow oxygen to compensate and encourage the tissue to close and reinflate that area of the lung.

Due to three rounds of antibiotics and a 48 hour heavy dose of post surgical antibiotics, he developed the opportunistic disease thrush. It’s a fungal infection of the mouth and possibly the throat that is painful. That, in turn, causes the child not to want to eat or drink. So we battled that. During his last day there, the respiratory therapist stated they heard stridor below the vocal cords which (to the layperson out there) pretty much means croupe.  Read the rest at   

Feds eye control of vitamins, supplements – even water! (via) PARTNERING WITH EAGLES

Logo of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ...

Image via Wikipedia

How have we come to this point, that an unelected agency can, without even the approval of Congress, decide what we can consume and what we can use to help improve our condition in life? Is this what was intended with the establishment of this agency? How do we stop them? When we get to the point where we willing allow our freedom to be decided by a few people, many of them that are just political hacks with no real knowledge of the things that they are overseeing, we are no longer free in even the least sense of the word. We have become slaves with every aspect of our lives decided on by a few elite nannies who have little regard for reality, but only for the profit that it will ultimately make for them. Read the post

Feds eye control of vitamins, supplements – even water!


WND Exclusive

FDA looks to regulate natural substances as drugs, with prescriptions from doctors

FDA Commissioner Andrew von Echenbach

The Food and Drug Administration says vitamins, supplements, herbs and other natural substances, including water when it is used to “treat” dehydration, should be classified as drugs, and opponents have only until April 30 to express their concern about the proposals under Docket No. 2006D-0480.

The government agency under the direction of Andrew C. von Eschenbach, who became commissioner in 2006, also has put its “Complementary and Alternative Medicine Products and Their Regulation by the Food and Drug Administration” on a fast track for implementation.

But parents’ groups, natural remedy interests, food and herb businesses and others are horrified. A group called Gentle Christian Mothers alerted its constituency in no uncertain terms.

“Please Read!!! The FDA is trying to regulate all things that are considered by them to be treatment for disease. They want to regulate vitamins, herbs, alternative therapies (things like hot stone therapy), even down to juices and holy water,” the warning said. “It might mean having to go to a doctor or medical professional for vitamins.” Read the rest


Joy In The Lord (via Christian Blessings)

Posted on October 4, 2011 by loopyloo305

How sad would life be if it were the same everyday. So many people wish for that sameness without ever stopping to appreciate the glory that God has given them. This morning as I was going through my daily reading and prayer it seemed that I was receiving a message that out of adversity comes joy. I have noticed that when He wishes to send me a message that this is often the path that He takes. It would be easy to say that it is just coincidence but this happens so often, only an blind man would not be able to see God’s hand here.

A few years ago I had total blockage in my femoral arteries. I was able to contact our localemergency service and get help. By the time that they arrived I was unable to move and in such pain that it required a lot of morphine to relieve the pain. I was tranported to ahospital about sixty miles from my home, where I was told that I would have to have atriple bypass to open my femoral arteries as well as my aorta. They put me on medication, stabilized me and kept me in the hospital for about a week before they did the surgery. At the time they told me that I had only been minutes away from losing both my legs. I had been in pain for years but had not had a Doctor that had done an ultrasound. I am not saying that this was negligence on anyone’s part since I suffer from a auto-immune diseasecalled psoratic arthritis. Everyone, including me assumed that the pain in my hips came from this. Read the rest at


Gabriel’s Precious Journey His Unbelievable Life

This is an important story about a young man named Gabriel who is in the fight of his life. Please keep him in your prayers and pass this story along via twitter, FB and everywhere else. If you would like to repost I would consider it a blessing, but most important is to pray for this young man and his family. When I asked if I could repost this, Rebecca responded “Loopy, Thank you. Yes, that would be good of you. Gabriel fights daily to be well and to do the things he does. He’s a brilliant little one with a heart of gold already. We worry about the many issues he has, to include CHD (congenital heart disease) and CHF (congestive heart failure). He also has already had chest surgery to remove a precancerous mass from behind his heart. So now, to top all off, we are on very high alert for Leukemia. If we were ever denied help because of his medical history (IE Down Syndrome), I don’t know what I’d do. I’d probably turn into the equivalent of the father on the movie in which his child needed a heart transplant?, he no longer had money, and the insurance was gone, as well. He held up the hospital staff (John Q with Denzel Washington)…and forced them to operate. Noone can ever say what they would feel in their heart when their child is facing a life threatening situation. You are great for offering up the chance for more prayers. His last surgery, I had five churches and their congregations praying when he had the previous chest surgery in late May. It would be a blessing to him and myself. Thank you. I happily accept whatever help can be given, prayers being the most meaningful and beneficial of any help out there. Blessings, Rebecca”

Here is a part of Gabriel’s story:Although I’m 15 months late starting this, it seems a most critical time to begin journaling about you. At this moment, doctors are deciding when you will have your heart surgery, Gabriel. They say you need to have it done before RSV season hits. Your heart is enlarging and the “shunt” to your lungs is increasing so that means pressure in your lungs is increasing. That isn’t how it’s supposed to go so the doctors want to fix the holes in your heart. You have two. One that is in the lower part of your heart called a VSD and the other is in the upper part of your heart that is called a PFO.  They are also planning your immunization against RSV. It’s a monthly shot you will get to keep you from getting this respiratory virus. See, the reason you need it is because of those two holes in your heart. They make you susceptible to severe illness should you get this virus. And we don’t want that! Anything mommy can do to help you get well and stay well, you can count on me to do it. Yes, your surgery is a big deal but it’s a much bigger deal if you don’t do it. You are such a valuable addition to the world. They don’t know how lucky they are to have you in it. It’s my job to give you every opportunity to grow, learn, laugh and play. It’s also my responsibility to protect you and teach you. This surgery will give us years and years longer to accomplish our love crusade. So, surgery will be within the next several weeks to two months. It’s a waiting game for us now. Please read the rest at

His Unbelievable Life

An Eagle kissed by God – Amazing Story

This is the kind of story you need when it seems like the world is spiraling out of control….
Not many people get a picture of this proud bird snuggled up next to them Freedom and JeffFreedom and I have been together 11 years this summer. She came in as a baby in 1998 with two broken wings. Her left wing doesn’t open all the way even after surgery, it was broken in 4 places.  She’s my baby.When Freedom came in she could not stand and both wings were broken. She was emaciated and covered in lice. We made the decision to give her a chance at life, so I took her to the vets office.  From then on, I was always around her. We had her in a huge dog carrier with the top off,  and it was loaded up with shredded newspaper for her to lay in.  I used to sit and talk to her, urging her to live, to fight; and she would lay there looking at me with those big brown eyes. We also had to tube feed her for weeks.This went on for 4-6 weeks, and by then she still couldn’t stand. It got to the point where the decision was made to euthanize her if she couldn’t stand in a week. You know you don’t want to cross that line between torture and rehab, and it looked like death was winning.  She was going to be put down that Friday, and I was supposed to come in on that Thursday afternoon. I didn’t want to go to the center that Thursday, because I couldn’t bear the thought of her being euthanized; but I went anyway, and when I walked in everyone was grinning from ear to ear. I went immediately back to her cage; and there she was, standing on her own, a big beautiful eagle.  She was ready to live.  I was just about in tears by then.  That was a very good day. We knew she could never fly,  so the director asked me to glove train her. I got her used to the glove, and then to jesses,  and we started doing education programs for schools in western Washington .. We wound up in the newspapers, radio (believe it or not) and some TV.   Miracle Pets even did a show about us.In the spring of 2000, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I had stage 3, which is not good (one major organ plus everywhere), so I wound up doing 8 months of chemo.  Lost the hair – the whole bit.  I missed a lot of work. When I felt good enough, I would go to Sarvey and take Freedom out for walks. Freedom would also come to me in my dreams and help me fight the cancer. This happened time and time again.Fast forward to November 2000, the day after Thanksgiving.  I went in for my last checkup. I was told that if the cancer was not all gone after 8 rounds of chemo, then my last option was a stem cell transplant. Anyway, they did the tests; and I had to come back Monday for the results.  I went in Monday, and I was told that all the cancer was gone. So the first thing I did was get up to Sarvey and take the big girl out for a walk. It was misty and cold. I went to her flight and jessed her up, and we went out front to the top of the hill.  I hadn’t said a word to Freedom, but somehow she knew. She looked at me and wrapped both her wings around me to where I could feel them pressing in on my back (I was engulfed in eagle wings), and she touched my nose with her beak and stared into my eyes, and we just stood there like that for I don’t know how long …  That was a magic moment.  We have been soul mates ever since she came in.  This is a very special bird.On a side note:  I have had people who were sick come up to us when we are out, and Freedom has some kind of hold on them.  I once had a guy who was terminal come up to us and I let him hold her.  His knees just about buckled and he swore he could feel her power course through his body. I have so many stories like that..I never forget the honor I have of being so close to such a magnificent spirit as Freedom.Hope you  enjoy this!
May God Bless You All.
“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”Isaiah 40:31

FDA Says You Have No Fundamental Right to Grow or Eat Healthy Food, It’s a Privilege (via Before It’s News)

Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net

Source: Truth OfferingTruth Contributor

Here’s a quick follow-up article to the one posted a few days ago about the Rawesome Food Club raid. Feast your eyes on the following statements released by the Food and Drug Administration regarding the raid.

Note: Below, ‘Plaintiffs’ refers to James Stewart, Rawesome’s founder, Sharon Palmer, owner of Healthy Family Farms, and Victoria Bloch. The trio were charged with the production and sale of unpasteurized goat milk, goat cheese, and other products; and with “mislabeling cheese.” They were also charged with four counts of conspiracy to commit a crime.

According to the FDA…

“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a new ‘fundamental right’ to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law.

“There is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds.”

“Plaintiffs’ assertion of a ‘fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families,’ is similarly unavailing because plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to obtain any food they wish.”

I’m gonna say something real crazy here: if the above statements released by the FDA don’t freak you out, you’re clueless and a big part of the problem. The fact that they can state that all Americans don’t have a “fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, which includes what foods they do and do not choose to consume for themselves and their families” is downright dictatorial. If the Constitution doesn’t protect us with respect to what we choose to eat or not eat, it’s a useless document…

…useless because it seems those who rule over us have no reason to abide by it. Why have a Constitution if government agencies risk nothing by ignoring it? Instead, the FDA should be punished. Every agent involved, from the FDA down to the clueless LAPD drones who blindly accepted their orders, should be jailed. After all, they are the ones who committed a crime on that day; not James Stewart, Sharon Palmer and Victoria Bloch.

And this is why my hope is dwindling for our future. Things like this occur and no one cares. Not a blip on the radar for most. They just continue on with their daily routines, not the slightest bit aware that every day, another theft of liberty occurs, trickling away the rights our forefathers fought and died to obtain. Doesn’t that disgust you!? Doesn’t that make you sick!?

I’ve grown more and more contemptuous toward those who are ignorant and content in that ignorance. These are the true enemy of the free. These are the people who represent the ultimate problem; not the ruling elite. Because if everyone woke up, the ruling elite would no longer be rulers.

Those around you are the problem. Wake them up…or we’re doomed to serfdom…or worse.

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Growing Up Too Fast?! (via ChristianBlessings)

Growing Up Too Fast?! "1st Corinthians 13:11 When I was an infant at my mothers breast, I gurgled and cooed  like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good. How did you spend your childhood? Lots of friends in the neighborhood? Sandlot football? Shooting hoops against the garage backboard? Family reunions? Fishing? Camping? Swimming?  What are your simple memorie … Read More

via ChristianBlessings

Buried (via YOU DECIDE)

Buried Buried An old man and woman were married for many years, even though they hated each other. Whenever there was a confrontation, yelling could be heard deep into the night. The old man would shout, 'When I die, I will dig my way up and out of the grave and come back and haunt you for the rest of your life!' Neighbors feared him.. They believed he practiced magi … Read More


Pain (via ChristianBlessings)

Pain    Like potatoes in a pressure cooker, we twenty-first-century creatures understand the meaning of stress. A week doesn’t pass without a few skirmishes that beat up on our fragile frames. They may be as mild as making lunches for our kids before 7:30 in the morning (mild?) or as severe as a collision with another car… or another person. Makes no difference. The … Read More

via ChristianBlessings

Testicle Therapy

Two women were playing golf. One teed off and watched in horror as
her ball headed directly toward a foursome of men playing the next hole.
The ball hit one of the men.

He immediately clasped his hands together at his groin, fell to the ground and proceeded to roll around in agony.

The woman rushed down to the man, and immediately went to apologize. ‘Please allow me to help. I’m a Physical Therapist and I know I could relieve your pain if you’d allow me, she told him.

‘Oh, no, I’ll be all right. I’ll be fine in a few minutes,’ the man replied. He was in obvious agony, lying in the fetal position, still  clasping his hands there at his groin.
At her persistence, however, he finally allowed her to help. She gently
took his hands away and laid them to the side, loosened his pants and put her hands inside.
She administered tender and artful massage for several long moments and
asked, ‘How does that feel’?

He replied:” It feels great, but I still think my thumb’s broken.”

Abortionist admits: babies sometimes born alive and left ‘wiggling around in the toilet’(via Life Science News)

Abortionist admits: babies sometimes born alive and left ‘wiggling around in the toilet

Prendergaft associate Randall Whitney reportedly testified that babies are born alive all the time after failed abortions and are then left to die.

ORLANDO, Florida, July 26, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – In disturbing testimony during court proceedings against a well-known Florida abortionist, a fellow abortionist reportedly admitted that some aborted children are delivered alive and left “wiggling around in the toilet,” where they are allowed to die.

The testimony occurred during proceedings against abortionist James Pendergraft, who was forced to pay over $36 million last week for a botched procedure that left its intended target alive, but severely disabled.

Pendergraft, who was convicted of felony extortion in 2001, was told by an Orlando County jury to pay $18 million in the civil suit itself and another $18 million in punitive damages, totaling over $36 million.

Michele Herzog of Pro-Life Action Ministries, a witness in the courtroom, said that jurors listened as abortionist Randall Whitney, one of Pendergrast’s accomplices, “cavalierly stated that yes, babies are delivered in the toilet all the time and many times are still alive, wiggling around in the toilet.”

“I would say it was eye-opening, but we all know what really goes on in these abortion mills.  But to hear the abortionist so coldly explain how they kill the children is so hard to hear and so unbelievable to think that it is allowed in our great nation,” Herzog said.

The civil suit was launched by Pendergrast’s former patient, Carol Howard, whose infant barely survived a 2004 medical abortion at his facility. The girl, now ten years old, suffers from a host of disabilities in connection with the attempted killing, including cerebral palsy, loss of function on the left side of her body, strokes, mental disability, chronic lung disease, and seizures. Read the rest at Life Science News.com


Just Stupid! (via YOU DECIDE)

Just Stupid! ONLY A MAN WOULD ATTEMPT THIS Just try reading this without laughing till you cry!!! Pocket Tazer Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. A guy who purchased his lovely wife a pocket Tazer for their anniversary submitted this: Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was loo … Read More


Overcoming Spiritual Depression (via Samuel at Gilgal)

Of the many books authored by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, his book on Spiritual Depression is one of my favorites. Recently, Granted Ministries has created a video to promote the publication of a new edition of this book. It is also a great introduction to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. I hope you will watch the following video: The 2011 edition of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ classic … Read More

via Samuel at Gilgal


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