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Thursday Blog 24.01.13 « Earth in black and white

This is a story that needs to be spread across this country and through the whole of the world. We have it fairly easy here in the U.S. and seldom are faced with the reality that women in other countries face. Sharmishtha Basu is the author of this story and if you have never visited her blog, please do take the time to check it out. If you truly want an insight into a part of the world that many of us here in the U.S. never see or even hear of, she will educate you. God bless!

Thursday Blog 24.01.13 « Earth in black and white.

It seems India has learned another method of exploiting its women, surrogate pregnancy.

There is an entire town in Gujarat, Anand that thrives on this trade, they hire wombs, negotiate the deal, take care of the deal and earn huge amount of money from that deal.

I wonder how these women feel, when they have to give away their own child after nurturing it with their blood for so many months! I can’t imagine doing that! If someone would have asked me that I would have handed that person over a list of orphanages in the area.

I have read some interviews of women who think that it is a good way of earning some money, a nice amount of cash, I was reading the interview of a woman in Delhi who has rented her womb for four times, handed over the kids to foreigners and has upgraded her status from starving to lower middle class.

I have read about a young girl rescued by west Bengal police, an orphan, she was kept in confinement by her stepmother and her brother (step uncle) – she was forced to give birth every year and the babies were sold. She was barely twenty one or twenty two when police rescued her. It’s a real news item; don’t even think that it’s hearsay. If it was not five or six years old I would have given you the date, I know the name of the paper, The Statesman, Bengali edition, it once was very good at fighting criminal activities in West Bengal then the communist government destroyed it, by attacking its journalists, vendors in open (well, we can assume what they did in stealth)! Read the rest of this story by clicking on the link above.

Thursday Blog 24.01.13 « Earth in black and white


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