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Update on Gabriel from Gabriel’s Precious Journey

Gabriel’s Recovery

Well, we are just past week one of Gabe’s recovery. It’s not been easy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much easier for some time. Although, if you watched Gabriel, it’d look pretty amazing. He’s got energy he never had and is smiling even more and bigger smiles! However, the ventricular septal defect did not get completely closed, so there is still a hole. Also, it’s been brought to my attention that his mitral valve has a deformity or “missing piece” called a cleft. In addition, the valve is leaking blood back into the chamber. This is called regurgitation, although, at this time it’s small. There are also two other valves in his heart that are leaking or regurgitating, too. He will probably be undergoing another surgery, just not sure if soon or if his body will compensate for a period of time before we have to do it again.

On top of these revelations, my son was very near coding in the CICU due to so many sedatives and narcotics being given. He was on the ventilator so they had to get his pain and agitation under control. He dropped to 5 respirations a minute. Found out later that this also may have been due to the pneumothorax he developed from having the ventilator (best of my understanding) putting such pressure on his lungs. This is where a hole manifests through the wall of the lungs, thereby leaking air into the chest cavity. This can squeeze the lungs and cause collapse. There was some collapse of the upper lobe of the right lung. So we did CPTs (by a respiratory therapist) and kept him on low flow oxygen to compensate and encourage the tissue to close and reinflate that area of the lung.

Due to three rounds of antibiotics and a 48 hour heavy dose of post surgical antibiotics, he developed the opportunistic disease thrush. It’s a fungal infection of the mouth and possibly the throat that is painful. That, in turn, causes the child not to want to eat or drink. So we battled that. During his last day there, the respiratory therapist stated they heard stridor below the vocal cords which (to the layperson out there) pretty much means croupe.  Read the rest at   


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