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The Scroll and the Seven Seals

From the opening of the scroll to the list of calamities that will come to the earth, I have always found this portion of Revelation to be particularly unsettling. (Revelation 5-9) However, today, something new seemed to stand out to me. In the midst of a series of devastating displays, those who were sent to destroy, stopped, and made sure to mark those who belonged to God, so that we would be left alone by those who would later come to torture and destroy.

“Wait! Don’t do anything yet – hurt neither earth nor sea nor trees – until we have placed the seal of God upon the foreheads of His servants.” – (Revelation 7:3, Living Bible)

In a list of darkness and destruction that is to come, this is our ray of light. Our reminder of hope and help – that we are known, marked and set aside for something far greater than the here and now. Though the series of seals being broken and the events that are to unfold are nothing to look forward to, I am comforted in knowing that as His daughter, I shall somehow bear His seal upon my forehead, and be known. (As is true for all who call on His Name and place their trust in Him) I still hope to have lived out my life and already be in heaven when what was foretold comes to pass; but if I am not, there is much comfort in knowing that I am His. And, the best part that has not yet been covered in this portion of scripture, is how it all ends. Christ wins! Death and destruction will all pass away, and His peace and presence will reign forever. For that, I look forward with eager anticipation!

A sealed scroll,The Scroll and the Seven Seals

that none can open;

yet there is One,

the Lamb, who’s Chosen.

With every seal,

comes horse and rider;

sent to destroy,

human dividers.

Plagues and disease,

death from brutal wars;

much of the earth,

lost both near and far.

Such loss and pain,

who’d even survive?

Those with His mark,

kept safe for a time.

Yet even those,

in destruction lost;

if in the Lord,

paid is final cost.

For in the end,

His kingdom shall reign;

all found in Him,

will live free from pain.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are faithful to show us more of Yourself as we earnestly seek You. Thank You that though we naturally fear what we do not know or understand, that You reveal to us that You are with us, and will remain with us in all things and at all times. Thank You that You are the same yesterday, today and forever, and that Your faithfulness has no end. Forgive us for our fearfulness of that which we do not know, and grant us wisdom and insight into that which You would have us to know. For the things we are not yet meant to grasp, give us faith to trust You more. May our hearts hold fast to You in faith, regardless of the world around us. Help us to love as You love us, and may many come into a saving relationship with You, so they too, may bear the seal upon their forehead… Be glorified in all that we say and do. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.

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Thought for the Day

“We are all idealists. We picture to ourselves a life on earth completely free from every hindrance, a kind of spiritual Utopia where we can always control events, where we can move about as favorites of heaven, adjusting circumstances to suit ourselves. This we feel would be quite compatible with the life of faith and in keeping with the privileged place we hold as children of God.

In thinking thus we simply misplace ourselves; we mistake earth for heaven and expect conditions here below which can never be realized till we reach the better world above. While we live we may expect troubles, and plenty of them. We are never promised a life without problems as long as we remain among fallen men….

What then are we to do about our problems? We must learn to live with them until such time as God delivers us from them. If we cannot remove them, then we must pray for grace to endure them without murmuring. Problems patiently endured will work for our spiritual perfecting. They harm us only when we resist them or endure them unwillingly.” A.W. Tozer Of God and Men, pp. 121-122

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Give Thanks to the Lord

1 Chronicles 16

King James Version (KJV)

7 Then on that day David delivered first this psalm to thank the Lord into the hand of Asaph and his brethren.

8 Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the people.

9 Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him, talk ye of all his wondrous works.

10 Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord.

11 Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually.

12 Remember his marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;

13 O ye seed of Israel his servant, ye children of Jacob, his chosen ones.

14 He is the Lord our God; his judgments are in all the earth.

15 Be ye mindful always of his covenant; the word which he commanded to a thousand generations;

16 Even of the covenant which he made with Abraham, and of his oath unto Isaac;

17 And hath confirmed the same to Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant,

18 Saying, Unto thee will I give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance;

19 When ye were but few, even a few, and strangers in it.

20 And when they went from nation to nation, and from one kingdom to another people;

21 He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes,

22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

23 Sing unto the Lord, all the earth; shew forth from day to day his salvation.

24 Declare his glory among the heathen; his marvellous works among all nations.

25 For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised: he also is to be feared above all gods.

26 For all the gods of the people are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.

27 Glory and honour are in his presence; strength and gladness are in his place.

28 Give unto the Lord, ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and strength.

29 Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

30 Fear before him, all the earth: the world also shall be stable, that it be not moved.

31 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice: and let men say among the nations, The Lord reigneth.

32 Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof: let the fields rejoice, and all that is therein.

33 Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord, because he cometh to judge the earth.

34 O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.

35 And say ye, Save us, O God of our salvation, and gather us together, and deliver us from the heathen, that we may give thanks to thy holy name, and glory in thy praise.

36 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel for ever and ever. And all the people said, Amen, and praised the Lord.

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Did Columbus think the World was Flat?

By Bill FedererColumbus was looking for a SEA route to India and China because 40 years earlier Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453 cutting off the LAND routes.

         A biography of Columbus was written by Washington Irving in 1828, filled imaginative dialogue, such as Europeans arguing that the Earth was flat.

Washington Irving was known for imaginative stories such as “Rip Van Winkle,” “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow,” Dutch tales of visits from St. Nick, and coining New York City’s nickname “Gotham.”

Europeans knew the Earth was round from as far back as Aristotle in the 4th century BC.

In the 3rd century BC, Eratosthenes computed the circumference of the Earth with geometry and measurements of shadows cast by tall objects in Alexandria and Aswan.

In the 1st century BC, Posidonius used stellar observations at Alexandria and Rhodes to confirm Eratosthenese’s measurements.

In the 2nd century AD, astronomer Ptolemy had written a Guide to Geography, in which he described a spherical earth with one oceanconnecting Europe and Asia.

Around the year 723 AD, Saint Bede the Venerable wrote in his work “Reckoning of Time” that the Earth was spherical.

Columbus knew the Earth was round, but the question  was, how far around.

The confusion was over the length of a mile.

Columbus read Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly’s “Imago Mundi,” which gave Alfraganus’ estimate that a degree of latitude (at the equator) was around 56.7 miles.

What Columbus did not realize was that this was expressed in longer Arabic miles rather than in shorter Roman miles.

Therefore Columbus incorrectly estimated the Earth to be smaller in circumference, about 19,000 miles, rather than the actual nearly 25,000 miles.

Columbus  knew there was land to the west, as he had heard stories of Irish monk St. Brendan sailing in 530 AD to “The Land of the Promised Saints which God will give us on the last day.”

He knew of the Christian Viking Leif Erickson’s voyage in the year 1000 to Vinland.

Columbus read of Marco Polo’s travels to China and India in 1271.

He studied Pliny’s “Natural History,” Sir JohnMandeville, and Pope Pius II’s “Historia Rerum Ubique Gestarum.”

Columbus corresponded with Florentine physician Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, who suggested China was just 5,000 miles west of Portugal.

Columbus may have possibly seen maps, rumored to have been in Portugal’s royal archives, from China’s treasure fleets which were sent out in 1421 by Ming Emperor Zhu Di.

Based on this, Columbus estimated that Japan, or as Marco Polo called it “Cipangu,” was only 3,000 Roman miles west of the Canary Islands, rather than the actual 12,200 miles.

Since no ship at that time could carry enough food and water for such a long voyage, Columbus would have never set sail if he had known the actual distance.


As a young man, Columbus began sailing on a trip to a Genoese colony in the Aegean Sea named Chios.

In 1476, he sailed on an armed convoy from Genoa to northern Europe, docking in Bristol, England, and Galway, Ireland, and even possibly Iceland in 1477.
When Muslim Turks conquered Constantinople in 1453 and hindered land trade routes from Europe to India and China, Portugal, which had been freed fromMuslim domination for two centuries, began to search for alternative sea routes.

Portugal, under Prince Henry the Navigator, led the world in the science of navigation and cartography (map-making), and developed a light ship that could travel fast and far, the “caravel.”

During Portugal’s Golden Age of Discovery under King John II, Columbus sailed along the west coast of Africa between 1482-1485, reaching the Portuguese trading port of Elmina on the coast of Guinea.

In 1498, Portuguese  sailor Vasco de Gama did make it around South Africa to India.

But six year before that, in 1492, the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella finished driving the Muslims out of Spain and wanted to join the quest for a sea trade route to the India.

They backed Columbus’ plan.

Though Columbus was wrong about the miles and degrees of longitude, he did understand trade winds across the Atlantic.

On August 3, 1492, Columbus set sail on the longest voyage to that date out of the sight of land.

Trade winds called “easterlies” pushed Columbus’ ships for five weeks to the Bahamas.

On OCTOBER 12, 1492, Columbus sighted what he thought was India.

He imagined Haiti was Japan and Cuba was the tip of China.
Naming the first island “San Salvador” for the Holy Savior, Columbus wrote of the inhabitants:

“So that they might be well-disposed towards us, for I knew that they were a people to be converted to our Holy Faith rather by love than by force, I gave to some red caps and to others glass beads…

They became so entirely our friends that…I believe that they would easily be made Christians.”

American Minute is a registered trademark. Permission is granted to forward. reprint or duplicate with acknowledgement tovwww.AmericanMinute.com
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CEH: Rare Moments of Glory: Planetary Scientists Admit Seeing “Lucky” Circumstances

CEH: Rare Moments of Glory: Planetary Scientists Admit Seeing “Lucky” Circumstances.

Why are we seeing young phenomena in the planets if they are billions of years old?  Some scientists are abandoning uniformitarian assumptions and admitting we are lucky to be witnessing them in “rare moments of glory.”

In Nature this week, Maggie McKee interviewed scientists who are struggling with short-lived phenomena in the solar system.  The subtitle of her article, “Caught in the Act,” states, “We may be seeing some of the Solar System’s most striking objects during rare moments of glory.”  Her first two paragraphs elaborate why this is unsettling for some:

Ever since Copernicus evicted Earth from its privileged spot at the centre of the Solar System, researchers have embraced the idea that there is nothing special about our time and place in the Universe.What observers see now, they presume, has been going on for billions of years — and will continue for eons to come.

But observations of the distant reaches of the Solar System made in the past few years are challenging that concept. The most active bodies out there — Jupiter’s moon Io and Saturn’s moons Enceladus and Titan — may be putting on limited-run shows that humans are lucky to witness. Saturn’s brilliant rings, too, might have appeared relatively recently, and could grow dingy over time. Some such proposals make planetary researchers uncomfortable, because it is statistically unlikely that humans would catch any one object engaged in unusualactivity — let alone several.

It seems a bitter pill for some planetary scientists to “go against the grain of one of geology’s founding principles: uniformitarianism, which states that planets are shaped by gradual, ongoing processes,” she wrote.  Then she quoted Jeff More (NASA-Ames) who explained that “Geologists like things to be the same as they ever were” because it’s “philosophically comforting because you don’t have to assume you’re living in special times.”  Why that should be “comforting” was not explained.  Read the rest: CEH: Rare Moments of Glory: Planetary Scientists Admit Seeing “Lucky” Circumstances.

English: Planetary nebulae NGC 6072

English: Planetary nebulae NGC 6072 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Draconid Meteor Shower via Space Weather

English: A fireball Geminids falling earthward...

English: A fireball Geminids falling earthwards. The Draconid meteor shower is expected on October 8, 2011, and may feature up to 1000 meteors falling her hour, according to some astronomers. Almost all meteors burn up and disintegrate long before reaching the surface of the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SpaceWeather.com swlist@spaceweather.com via www.spaceweather2.com
9:04 PM (9 hours ago)

to SpaceWeather.c.
Space Weather News for Oct. 7, 2012
http://spaceweather.comDRACONID METEOR WATCH: Earth is about to pass through a stream of debris from comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, source of the annual Draconid meteor shower.  Last year, Europeans witnessed a faint but furious outburst of 600 meteors per hour when the shower peaked.  No such display is expected this year, but the Draconids are notoriously unpredictable.  Northern-hemisphere sky watchers should be alert for slow-moving meteors emerging from the head of the constellation Draco the Dragon (not far from the North Star) on Sunday night, Oct 7th, through Monday morning Oct. 8th. Checkhttp://spaceweather.com for more information and updates.

INCOMING CME:  A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading for Earth.  The incoming cloud is expected to deliver a glancing blow to our planet’s magnetosphere on October 8th, possibly sparking auroras at high latitudes.  Would you like a phone call when the CME arrives?  Geomagnetic storm alerts are available from http://spaceweathertext.com (text) and http://spaceweatherphone.com (voice).

Don’t just watch meteors, wear them.  Authentic meteorite jewelry is available in the Space Weather Store:  http://www.shopspaceweather.com

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of Spaceweather.com.

New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at  http://spaceweather.com/services/ .

God’s Glory and Man’s Dominion Psalm 8

O LORD, our Lord,

How excellent is Your name in all the earth,

You who set Your glory above the heavens!

Out of the mouth of babes and infants

You have ordained strength,

Because of Your enemies,

That You may silence the enemy and

the avenger.

When I consider Your heavens, the

work of Your fingers,

The moon and the stars, which You

have ordained,

What is man that You are mindful of


And the son of man that You visit


For You have made him a little lower

than the angels,

And You have crowned him with glory

and honor.

You have made him to have dominion

over the works of Your hands;

You have put all things under his feet,

All sheep and oxen—-

Even the beasts of the field,

The birds of the air,

And the fish of the sea

That pass through the paths of the seas.

O LORD, our Lord,

How excellent is Your name in all the earth!

God’s Power in Judgment Nahum 1:3-8

The LORD is slow to anger and great in power,

And will not acquit the wicked.

The LORD has His way 

In the whirlwind and in the storm,

And the clouds are the dust of His feet.

He rebukes the sea and makes it dry,

And dries up all the rivers.

Bashan and Carmel wither,

And the flower of Lebanon wilts.

The mountains quake before Him,

The hills melt,

And the earth heaves at His presence,

Yes, the world and all who dwell in it.

Who can stand before His indignation? 

And who can endure the fierceness of 

     His anger?

His fury is poured out like fire,

And the rocks are thrown down by


The LORD is good,

A stronghold in the day of trouble;

And He knows those who trust in Him.

But with an overflowing flood

He will make an utter end of its place,

And darkness will pursue His enemies.

God Is Our Keeper

I will lift up my eyes to the hills—-

From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the Lord,

Who made the heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to be moved;

He who keeps you will not slumber.

Behold, He who keeps Israel

Shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;

The Lord is your shade at your right hand.

The sun shall not strike you by  day, nor the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil;

He shall preserve your soul.

The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in

From this time forth, and even forevermore.

American Minute Crosswalk@crosswalkmail.com

Deutsch: Johannes Kepler war ein deutscher Mat...

Image via Wikipedia

An attack of smallpox when he was four-years-old left him with crippled hands and poor eyesight. Overcoming those handicaps, he studied Copernicus’ works and at age 23 became a professor of astronomy. His name was Johannes Kepler, born DECEMBER 27, 1571. His laws of planetary motion, known as Kepler’s Laws, helped Newton formulate the theory of gravity. In his work, “The Harmonies of the World,” book five, Kepler stated: “O, Almighty God, I am thinking Thy thoughts after Thee!…The book is written, to be read either now or by posterity, I care not which. It may be well to wait a century for a reader, as God has waited six thousand years for an observer.” In comparing celestial orbits of the planets with polyphonic harmonies in music, Kepler wrote: “Holy Father, keep us safe in the concord of our love for one another, that we may be one just as Thou art with Thy Son, Our Lord, and with the Holy Ghost, and just as through the sweetest bonds of harmonies Thou hast made all Thy works one,” Kepler continued: “and that from the bringing of Thy people into concord, the body of Thy Church may be built up in the Earth, as Thou didst erect the heavens themselves out of harmonies.”

Obama’s Black Buses painted with ‘Green Hypocrisy’ (via YourDaddy’s Politics)

Obama's Black Buses painted with 'Green Hypocrisy' Obama's Energy TSAR Dr. Stephen Chu June 2009 "If that building is air-conditioned, it's going to be a lot cooler, it can use 10 or 15 per cent less electricity," he said. "You also do something in that you change the albedo of the Earth – you make it more reflective. So the sunlight comes down and it actually goes back up – there is no greenhouse effect," Dr Chu said. When sunlight is reflecte … Read More

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Sudden and Unusual Geomagnetic Storm In Effect (via Earth Changes Media)

Sudden and Unusual Geomagnetic Storm In Effect A blast of charged particles has just hit the Earth's magnetic field setting off a geomagnetic storm. What is unusual is the short time of notice and absence of sunspot solar activity. There are currently several sunspot regions with 1255 and 1257 being the most likely to produce M-class activity. However, it was a coronal hole which produced today's storm. Equation: Sunspots => Solar Flares (charged particles) => Magnetic Field Shift => … Read More

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Politics And Heaven On Earth (via Samuel at Gilgal)

Politics And Heaven On Earth Quoting Sen. Barry Goldwater (1909-1998):   "Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, and let me remind you they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny."   … Read More

via Samuel at Gilgal

ATTENTION all Korean and Vietnam War Veterans! (via Voting American)

The arrogance of the Obama administration and the Democrats is leading to the destruction of this country. They are spending their time and our precious resources to aid our enemies, betray our allies, lower our defenses, and bankrupt our country. We have had enough! The last few years have been enough time for the ignorant of leaders to understand that the people of the country that he purports to lead, do not like the direction that he is going. Most, who cared about the country would be wise enough to change the direction. Barack Obama is neither wise, nor cares about this country. He seems determined to destroy it. Therefore, we the people of this wonderful country, reserve the right to use any means within the Constitution of this Republic, to restore the freedoms and laws that are our rights, not from government, but from God!

ATTENTION all Korean and Vietnam War Veterans! AMERICA‘S  GOT  TROUBLE You fought bravely and sacrificed much to stop the expansion of Communism in South East Asia. How can it be that we find ourselves fighting it once more and this time, In Our Own Country! How is it that we missed all the warning signs and ignored those who tried to warn us of what was happening in Our America? From Paul Revere to President Ronald Reagan there have always been Great Patriots who stood tall to warn us. [yout … Read More

via Voting American

ATTENTION all Korean and Vietnam War Veterans! (via Voting American)

The arrogance of the Obama administration and the Democrats is leading to the destruction of this country. They are spending their time and our precious resources to aid our enemies, betray our allies, lower our defenses, and bankrupt our country. We have had enough! The last few years have been enough time for the ignorant of leaders to understand that the people of the country that he purports to lead, do not like the direction that he is going. Most, who cared about the country would be wise enough to change the direction. Barack Obama is neither wise, nor cares about this country. He seems determined to destroy it. Therefore, we the people of this wonderful country, reserve the right to use any means within the Constitution of this Republic, to restore the freedoms and laws that are our rights, not from government, but from God!

ATTENTION all Korean and Vietnam War Veterans! AMERICA'S  GOT  TROUBLE You fought bravely and sacrificed much to stop the expansion of Communism in South East Asia. How can it be that we find ourselves fighting it once more and this time, In Our Own Country! How is it that we missed all the warning signs and ignored those who tried to warn us of what was happening in Our America? From Paul Revere to President Ronald Reagan there have always been Great Patriots who stood tall to warn us. [yout … Read More

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Insight on the Book of Revelation…the Seals, the Trumpets, and the Woes (via ChristianBlessings)

Detail - Glory of the New Born Christ in prese...

Image via Wikipedia

The setting of this Blog takes place, “After the Rapture of Church”. God calls the Church , “Up”. Chaos begins on Earth. No more mercy as we know it today in the body of Christ. The Hinderer of God’s Wrath (The Holy Spirit) is pulled out and resides in Heaven. The love of God and the mercy of God have retreated to Heaven. Earth stands in evil and wickedness. The dead in Christ and those alive in Christ are in Heaven with Christ and the Holy Spiri … Read More

via ChristianBlessings

On The Road To Ruin: The New American Future

An M9.1 flare (see the GOES X-ray plot) went o...

Image via Wikipedia

Do you ever get up in the morning and just ask, “Where are we headed?” Two articles caught my eye in my morning reads and I just had to ask myself that question. We know that the economy is rapidly going down a hole, we also know that we are quickly losing our advantage as a world power, we know that for the first time in our history, we have a President that seems to hate this country and would be perfectly happy with a lowering of our standard of living. But what I read this morning just put a lid on the whole pot. Let me elaborate.

First there is this story from Anthony Watts at Watt’s Up With That:


Power grid cut worries flaring over solar flares

This is quite alarming, but as Dr. Leif Svalgaard explained in his email tip to me, “…in this case, probably justified”.

Here’s the story from the Independent:

Officials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth. In an interview with The Independent, Thomas Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, said that controlled power “outages” will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken.

The aim of the joint US-UK collaboration is to improve solar weather forecasting to a point where it is possible to warn power companies of an imminent storm. There is a feeling that if a “category 5″ solar storm – the biggest of the five categories – were to be predicted, then taking the grid off-line before it is due to hit Earth and letting the storm pass would be better than trying to keep things running, he said.

Read the full story at the Independent here, they say they Met Office will be involved.

Of course, so far, the sun has been a bit of a limp noodle, but even a weak head-on CME aimed at Earth can wreak havoc with the dainty micro-electronics we use these days. Even though the overall solar activity has been low, we have witnessed impressive flares, such as this one on June 7th and this one on Feb 14th: Sunspot group 1158 produces an X class solar flare.


This is the part that really caught my eye:

“The most vulnerable parts of the grid are the hundreds of transformers connected to power lines many miles long that can experience sudden current surges during a geomagnetic solar storm, Dr Bogdan said. “It points to a potential scenario where large parts of either North America or northern Europe may be without power from between days or weeks, to perhaps months and, in extreme cases, there are estimates that it could last years,” Dr Bogdan said.” Read more at both the Independent.co.uk and at Watt’s Up With That:



Read that again: parts of the UK  and the US could be without power for weeks and possibly months at a time to prevent a solar storm from taking out the whole system. You have to ask then, what is the point of the smart grid in the first place if it is this vulnerable? Wouldn’t the the system be better off if it wasn’t linked the way it will be when the smart grid is totally activated? Then we have this from:

Newsessentials Blog

“Certainly if the federal government tells you to do something, your backs bristle. I understand that,” Energy Secretary Stephen Chu said at a White House event Monday. “So here’s the good news: we have no authority. But we can facilitate solutions.”

The White House plan breaks down into four areas. One is helping to make states and energy companies make smart investments in smart grid technology. It calls for the Energy Department to develop studies of electric consumer behavior gleaned from smart grid demonstration projects that the government funded through the Recovery Act so that they can deploy technologies that have been proven to work.

Second, the National Institute of Standards and Technology will oversee new, open standards for industry to use in developing smart grid distribution systems as well as future technologies that that will plug into the grid. NIST already is playing a role in developing cybersecurity standards for smart grid systems.

John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, said that will create national markets for smart energy devices.

“It will promote plug-and-play operability for devices like appliances that can use energy when it’s the lowest cost,” Holdren said.

He said the plan also presses state and federal regulators to make sure utilities make available to consumers all the information the new grid technology is capable of generating.

“We want to give consumers access to their own energy use information in consumer and computer-friendly formats, so they can take advantage of new tools and services to manage that use,” he said. “With proper privacy safeguards and consumer protections, a smarter electricity system can benefit everyone.”

Fourth, Holdren said, the administration wants to make sure the future technology-enabled grid is secure from cyber threats.

“We’re going to secure the grid by making sure grid operators have access to actionable threat information, by supporting research and development for improved cybersecurity measures, and by working with private sector stakeholders to establish accountability for meeting cybersecurity standards,” he said.

Chu said cybersecurity needs to be on the front burner throughout the deployment of smart grid technologies, and the administration intends to help make sure it’s a high priority. He said integrating more technology into the electric grid introduces new vulnerabilities if it’s not done right.

“As you go to even more automatic controls, there could be some really serious consequences if this is not designed and put in a secure place,” Chu said. “We know of examples of some countries mucking with another country’s grid because of some dispute over a bill, for example. This is something very serious.” Read the rest of it at News Essentials Blog:


So here we have a federal government by way of the Obama administration and the Bush administration before them that are moving forward putting into place a so-called smart grid that is more vulnerable that the type of system that has been in place up until now. And yet they know it is vulnerable, and even warn that they may have to go offline for weeks and possibly months at a time in case of high solar flare activity. And we are just at the point of what the scientists are predicting as a period of major solar flare activity. According to Nasa there is going to be increased solar flare activity for the next several years, peaking around 2022!

Long Range Solar Forecast – NASA Science

 Apr 6, 2011 Long Range Solar Forecast. Solar Cycle 25 peaking around 2022 could Who’s Afraid of a Solar Flare? — (Science@NASA) Solar activity can

science1.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at…/10may_longrange/ -


You really have to wonder at the reasoning behind a smart grid system that is so vulnerable that it may have to be taken offline for weeks or possibly months at a time. You also have to wonder what the effects of such actions would be on the people of this country if they were to lose power for such extended periods of time. Think about the problems New Orleans had after Katrina and magnify them times ten or twenty or even more. What would that do to our civilization? We wouldn’t just be back in the early 1920′s or 30′s, we would be back before there was electricity, running water, modern grocery stores, modern medical care. Is this what was intended with the activation of the smart grid? Or is this just the possibility of unintended consequences? Shouldn’t people be made aware of these possibilities before they are implemented?

And then there is the question of what Energy Sec. Chu is doing? From the P/O Patriot we have this story:

Under the Radar: Energy Secretary Chu Signs Agreement with Russia on Smart Grid and Nuclear Non-Proliferation

I don’t know about you, but so far Mr. Chu hasn’t done anything to impress me with his concern for the safety and security of this country and I would like to know what he is giving away. He has made it clear that he would like to see our energy prices go up. As has Barack Obama!

Perhaps we should all just stick our heads under our pillows and go back to sleep while the powers that be continue to dismantle our country and take us back to the dark ages. I don’t know about you but I kind of like having electricity, running water, and an ability to use the internet. I like knowing that if there is an emergency that there is a fire department that can respond with water to put the fire out, or if I have a heart attack that there is a hospital nearby that has life saving equipment and the electricity that it takes to use it. I don’t want to return to the dark ages and it makes me angry that the people that are pushing this and making agreements with other countries, knowing what the risks are, but haven’t bothered to warn the American people, nor have they given us the opportunity to say no!

Solar Threat: We’ll Have Minutes to Respond; Government Plans Controlled Blackouts; Elite Contingency Plans


U.S And United Kingdom To Cut Power In Preparation of Massive Solar Storm


Create Jobs, Cut The EPA

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Think of all the money that business would have to reinvest back into their businesses if the EPA ceased to exist. Instead of spending money on expensive renovations and equipment, they could actually hire more people. Instead of paying fines, they could lower the prices they have to charge to pay for all the fines and expensive refitting. That would not even count the money we could save from not having to pay all those eager beavers who are so hot on catching the evil industries in trying to harm all of us innocent Americans. They never seem to realize that being without work and food is more harmful than some chemical that may or may not cause us harm when we are 99 years old.
Take CO2 for instance. The EPA has decided that it is a harmful pollutant and that they must make sure that they can decrease and control the amount the is produced in industry and farming. The thing that they don’t say is that it is one of the most important gases to the whole existance of the earth as we know it. Every plant on this Earth feeds on CO2. The more CO2 there is, the more plants there are. The more plants there are, the more oxygen there is, because that is the waste product that the plants put out. So they balance each other out. If there is too much CO2 there are more plants, if there is too much Oxygen some plants die off. They don’t need us mortals to decide how much they need. We just need to get out of the way. The arrogance of this administration is that they think they are the only ones who can decide when enough is enough. They aren’t smart enough to realize that the Earth is bigger than they are and it will be around a lot longer than they are. When they are dust flying in the wind, it will be the wind that the Earth decides where to go.

I wanted to update this post with a defination of CO2 so that people who don’t understand what it is may understand. This is from Wikipedia for anyone who would like to research it for themselves:

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Earth’s atmosphere in this state. CO2 is a trace gas comprising 0.039% of the atmosphere.

As part of the carbon cycle known as photosynthesis, plants, algae, and cyanobacteria absorb carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to produce carbohydrate energy for themselves and oxygen as a waste product. By contrast, during respiration they emit carbon dioxide, as do all other living things that depend either directly or indirectly on plants for food. Carbon dioxide is also generated as a by-product of combustion; emitted from volcanoes, hot springs, and geysers; and freed from carbonate rocks by dissolution.

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As Congress looks for ways to trim the budget, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) represents an opportunity for up to $9 billion in savings. This outfit has become little more than an advocacy group for trendy leftist causes operating on the public’s dime. Many liberal policies being promoted are so unpopular that congressional Democrats can’t muster the votes to get them through the proper legislative process. So they go to the EPA instead.

That’s why the EPA announced Tuesday that it had revised the deadlines imposed on certain companies for reporting so-called “greenhouse gas” production. A facility that manufactures paper, for example, would have to determine whether it “emits 25,000 metric tons of carbon-dioxide equivalent (CO2e)” per year. The agency guesses that this covers about 10,000 businesses which would then be forced to measure their carbon-dioxide output, maintain detailed records and submit reports to EPA busybodies.

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