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One Body in Christ

The congregation of the church works as separate members but all too often forget that they exist as one body and need each other. The Pastor often is the heart of the church, although sometimes there is another who functions in that place. If the heart is damaged or diseased it affects the whole of the body. If it is healthy it circulates well and the gospel and intent of the church are usually healthy as well. But when there is disease in part of the body and it is not treated, eventually in spreads to the whole and can easily kill it. We know that when we have a diseased limb and it can’t be saved, it must be removed, but do we consider the church the same way? Or do we just accept the diseased portion because it adds to the whole?

1 Corinthians 12

King James Version (KJV)

12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.

13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

14 For the body is not one member, but many.

15 If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?

16 And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?

17 If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling?

18 But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.

19 And if they were all one member, where were the body?

20 But now are they many members, yet but one body.

21 And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.

22 Nay, much more those members of the body, which seem to be more feeble, are necessary:

23 And those members of the body, which we think to be less honourable, upon these we bestow more abundant honour; and our uncomely parts have more abundant comeliness.

24 For our comely parts have no need: but God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant honour to that part which lacked.

25 That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another.

26 And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.

27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular.

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Sharing Ourselves

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” – (Hebrews 13:16)

Community is critical, and I am so thankful that both my school and church community are heavily invested and committed doing good and sharing with others, as these two arenas are the areas where both my boys and I spend the majority of most of our days. Teaching kids the importance of looking outside of themselves to see that there are needs right here in our own community, and empowering them to rise up and take action, is a common occurrence throughout the year, as my school holds a food drive prior to Thanksgiving, and then sponsors families in need prior to the Christmas break, so that children will have gifts to open and families will have meals to share. Similarly, our church creates Thanksgiving baskets for families in need in the community, and then holds an incredible evening event where many businesses and the police department partner with our church to turn the sanctuary into a space where parents are able to come in and select several gifts for each of their children, and then have them wrapped and tagged, while their kiddos are being cared for in another area, unaware of the surprises that will soon be theirs to open.

The good and sharing that we do with others, goes beyond big events. Our time, our resources, and ourselves – these are what He is asking us to share with others, so that they too, may come to call Him King this Christmas. For the time that you have invested in others, even when it was not convenient, know that He is pleased. As you chose to give, even when it meant you did not get something that you may have wanted, He is pleased. Each time you truly listened and heard the heart of another, He has seen you, and with you, He is well pleased.

This is but a fraction of the parent shop... :)

This is but a fraction of the parent shop… :)

Forget not to do good,

and give yourself away;

as we extend our hearts,

that’s the choice to obey.

Giving that which we have,

of our talent and time;

God sees and He honors,

each kindness to mankind.

May we go forth and give,

as we have been given;

may His Name be made known,

on earth as in heaven.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You have done the ultimate good for us, as You shared Your Son so that we might have the hope of eternal life. Thank You that this is a season, more than any other, that people are receptive to receive the good and sharing that others extend. Forgive us for not making the most of the opportunities You provide, and help us to have open hearts, so that we will hear and obey whatever You ask of us. Teach us to trust You completely, knowing that You are good, and that You are pleased each time we choose to do as You ask of us. Just as a parent is proud of their child when they share and are kind to others, help us to remember that You too, see us through the eyes of a loving Father. May we share with others and do good, not only in this sacred season, but throughout the year – as an offering unto You. May many come to know You as their Savior, as we seek to serve You with our lives. Be exalted, O God. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.

The Meaning of Christmas — A. W. Tozer

�Phillips Brooks.
That there were in the world multiplied millions who had never heard of Christmas did not matter to our poet for the purpose of his poem. He was expressing an emotional fact, not a statistical one.
Throughout the Western world we tend to follow the poet and approach Christmas emotionally instead of factually. It is the romance of Christmas that gives it its extraordinary appeal to that relatively small number of persons of the earth�s population who regularly celebrate it.

So completely are we carried away by the excitement of this midwinter festival that we are apt to forget that its romantic appeal is the least significant thing about it. The theology of Christmas too easily gets lost under the gay wrappings, yet apart from its theological meaning it really has none at all. A half dozen doctrinally sound carols serve to keep alive the great deep truth of the Incarnation, but aside from these, popular Christmas music is void of any real lasting truth. The English mouse that was not even stirring, the German Tannenbaum so fair and lovely and the American red-nosed reindeer that has nothing to recommend it have pretty well taken over in Christmas poetry and song. These along with merry old St. Nicholas have about displaced Christian theology.

We must not forget that the Church is the custodian of a truth so grave and urgent that its importance can not be overemphasized, and so vast and incomprehensible that even an apostle did not try to explain it; rather it burst forth from him as an astonished exclamation:
Beyond all question, the mystery of godliness is great:
He appeared in a body,
was vindicated by the Spirit,
was seen by angels,
was preached among the nations;
was believed on in the world,
(1 Timothy 3:16)
This is what the Church is trying to say to mankind but her voice these days is thin and weak and scarcely heard amid the commercialized clangor of �Silent Night.�

It does seem strange that so many persons become excited about Christmas and so few stop to inquire into its meaning; but I suppose this odd phenomenon is quite in harmony with our unfortunate human habit of magnifying trivialities and ignoring matters of greatest import. The same man who will check his tires and consult his road map with utmost care before starting on a journey may travel for a lifetime on the way that knows no return and never once pause to ask whether or not he is headed in the right direction.

The Christmas message, when stripped of its pagan overtones, is relatively simple: God is come to earth in the form of man. Around this one dogma the whole question of meaning revolves. God did come or He did not; He is come or He is not, and the vast accumulation of sentimental notions and romantic practices that go to make up our modern Christmas cannot give evidence on one side or the other.

Certain religious teachers in apostolic times refused to believe that Jesus was actually God come in the flesh. They were willing to exhaust the language of unctuous flattery to describe His glorious manhood, but they would have none of His deity. Their basic philosophy forbade them to believe that there could ever be a union of God and human flesh.Matter, they said, is essentially evil. God who is impeccably holy could never allow Himself contact with evil. Human flesh is matter, therefore God is not come in the flesh.

Certainly it would not be difficult to refute this negative teaching. One would only need to demonstrate the error of the major premise, the essential sinfulness of matter, and the whole thing would collapse. But that would be to match reason against reason and take the mystery of godliness out of the realm of faith and make of it merely another religious philosophy. Then we would have rationalism with a thin Christian veneer. How long before the veneer wore off and we had only rationalism?

While faith contains an element of reason, it is essentially moral rather than intellectual. In the New Testament unbelief is a sin, and this could not be so if belief were no more than a verdict based upon evidence. There is nothing unreasonable about the Christian message, but its appeal is not primarily to reason. At a specific time in a certain place God became flesh, but the transcendence of Christ over the human conscience is not historic; it is intimate, direct and personal.

Christ�s coming to Bethlehem�s manger was in harmony with the primary fact of His secret presence in the world in preincarnate times as the Light that lighteth every man. The sum of the New Testament teaching about this is that Christ�s claims are self-validating and will be rejected only by those who love evil. Whenever Christ is preached in the power of the Spirit, a judgment seat is erected and each hearer stands to be judged by his response to the message. His moral responsibility is not to a lesson in religious history but to the divine Person who now confronts him.
�Everywhere, everywhere, Christmas tonight.� But Christmas either means more than is popularly supposed or it means nothing.
We had better decide.

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Alganoor Church

Kerry Mauldin
Thank you all for standing with us and help bless 96 villages with churches this year and 15 water wells and many goats, buffalo or chickens to widows or handicapped, but the greatest joy is the many many villages where the churches are growing, learning to tithe and many are coming to Christ and following in baptism and being filled with Holy Ghost!!
Jaya just sent this note this AM about Alaganoor Village and we see Gods miraculous power at work and fruit coming!!
We go back Feb 10, by Gods grace and have so much anticipation!!
Please pray for Dr. Bill Mast–he travelled 11 years with me to India and we walked a multitude of villages and miles….He could not travel the past 2 years and is just diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig disease, muscular dystrophy–please pray!!
With Thanks and much prayers,
Kerry and Melody
PO BOX 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014    918-346-1656
Dear Brother Kerry
I did not get any message from you after 16th.
The beleivers in Alganoor are very very happy that they will be laying thier church’s  roof  tomarrow the 25th Monday. If you get this message before sunday you can share with beleivers of The Chrch w ho had supported Alganoor village beleivers for the roof,  for their prayers.
These beleivers who are presently 35 in number ( 15 baptised and 20 new ) with Mark as their Pastor are sending their greetings and request for prayers. They are experiencing God’s hand on them. They reported with joy that a person who had severe stomuch pain was healed in response to theor fparyers and petition to God , during their worship service. Yet in another incident a typhoid patient got healed. They are thanking and praising God for these healings.
This is  an independent penticostal church . beleivers offer to God about 250 Rupees every . week.
The church is about 30ft  X 20ft.   The land is owend by the beleivers.
with lots of our love and prayers
Jaya Prabhaker
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Dubai City Church and Abu Dhabi City Church

By Kerry Mauldin
By God’s grace and blessing, we are back from the villages and have made it thru torrential rains, many flooded rivers and thankfully have missed no assignments.
We are wrapping up the balance sheets today.  We gave all the churches and had money for 1 well that we did not give but will see the fruitfulness of Dojjalabai Thanda village and prayerfully be able to give in Feb.  They have water a 5 minute walk from the church and want a well on church land, but only a few believers and it needs to bless the whole village…we must wait.
We gave all the other 7 wells…
Today, many people will come requesting things and many prayers to be given…
Tomorrow we fly to Dubai and speak at Dubai City Church Thursday night, Fujeirah on Friday and Abu Dhabi City Church Sunday night…
Good things ahead and so so thankful for you all holding us in prayer!
We gave right at 40 churches and 7 wells this trip and dedicated more than that!!
With love, thanks and prayers,
Kerry, Melody, Jim and Joshua
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Signs and Wonders

 By Kerry Mauldin
Wonderful day with no rain and many dedications!!
At Uttlapalli Village, we dedicate church given by Vinita AG.  Here last year we baptized in 55 gallon drum behind a tarp because hindus were upset.  We gave to start church and it now runs over 50 adults and 40 children and growing weekly.
One crippled girl from birth, 4 weeks ago can now walk.
We prayed for infilling of Holy Spirit and heaven was so real and a couple got their heavenly language.  Gave matching gift to put stone floor and extend the church–no more room…
Srinivas Nagar–we dedicate well, Melody gave in memory of her late husband who passed 7 years ago.  It has sweet water and 40 church members and all neighbors were so thankful.  One pump of handle and water comes!!
Narsapuram–so truly blessed me!!  This church built by Tula Rosa NM and well by the Haymes family, has grown from 50 to 70 with added 50 children.  This is an alive church.
last year we prayed for a boy Krishnan, 18, who was born deaf-mute.
I had forgotten, but his father Hamu Niak, a stone polisher, brought him up and both were so so excited.  They shared how after the prayer last year—now Krishnan can hear and speak.  He had such a huge smile as he told his name, what village he is from, his fathers name …  PRAISE THE LORD!
Last year, his father pledged to do marble floors stones in the church and it is beautiful job as a stone polisher…
In the churches where God is showing signs and wonders–which are so many churches, they are growing much.
In Keshavapuram, we dedicated a church and plaque given in memory of Judy Henry of Muscogee-a friend who so encouraged and prayed and is now with the Lord!
Nice church that we gave today for flooring etc.
One woman was one of many who stood and told of God’s grace and love.
She was some 55 and a widow since age 26.  She shared she was widowed and both of her daughters husbands also had passed and they were widows…
She shared how now she has no debt and God is taking care in spite of all the challenges…she set down.
I asked:  “sister, is your name Naomi?”  All said, “YES, that is her name.”
I am so thankful for God’s goodness and grace.  He does do miracles and so so many are testified about in everyday here:TB, leprosy, deaf-mute, babies given etc…
He sees us thru daily and keeps us covered in blessing and protection!!
Just crossing many rivers the past week with so many low water “bridges”? has been so challenging with so many bridges washed out and bumper deep waters… having to throw stones in holes on bridges to make it across…  HE PROTECTS and does “Signs and Wonders”!!
Thanks for your prayers!!  2 more days in villages…
Kerry, Melody, Jim and Joshua
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Heart Prepped and Ready…

By Kerry Mauldin
Just 3 days left in the villages and much has been accomplished by Gods grace.
It is truly amazing what all can be done when God gives favor and wisdom and we choose to walk in it.
One lesson really jumped out at me today:
We went to Lakkavaram Village and people were sitting on a tarp on thefoundation 20×40 of where they want a church.  We are went to houses and streets and compelled people to come and hear the story…
70 adults go to the church and 50 kids.  They have been meeting under the trees and want a nice church.
We sang and Jim shared, I taught on giving and they began to give 224,000 rs and we matched 100,000 to build the church.
These people were just concluding a 40 day fasting prayer for the church and their hearts were ready and we also blessed with what they need to get church built!
Their hearts were so prepared!!
Went to dedicate church in Kothagudem.”New Village”–the church was painted a pretty.  Pastor had come last Feb and cried out for help.  We taught him and put rupees in his hand as a test that he would teach his people.  We drove far today and only 3 of his 40 members were there, besides a lot of kids and others we compelled to come.
Pastor shared he had borrowed 60,000rs to complete the church at 24% interest and the people had given nothing… He wanted us to help him.
I had to correct and rebuke him.  He failed the test in that he did not teach the people, but made excuses for them and then borrowed the money.  Also, with us coming, only 3 show up…
We told him we would come again in Feb. if he would get his people there and teach them.
What a difference preparation in a village makes!
Last, in Mellacherlu “Many Lakes Village”–35 met in small 12×15 room.
They have land and want a 20×40 Prayer Shed and need 60,000rs.
We ate lunch and taught them.  Meeting here 5 years, they have their goal low.
They want shed with no walls and will add walls later.
We matched 1 rupee for each 2 they gave, but if they raised more and stepped out, I felt impressed to help more.
They raised 41,000 and we added 20,000 so they can build exactly what they expressed.
I hoped their faith would step up, but they did not over extend themselves.  “This is first church we have built and are not sure how to go about it”, they shared!!
Lord that we set our vision high enough, prepare our hearts and walk in Your wisdom and guidance!!
Your prayers have been so greatly appreciated and have born fruit!!  Thanks so so much!!
Melody, Kerry, Jim and Joshua!!
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“He is at the Gate, Don’t Disturb me”…

 By Kerry Mauldin
Today was more torrential rain, roads washed out and challenges, but awesome..
MarriKunta (Big Tree) village, right on banks of canal.  We went first time last Oct. and shared Christ with the many who lived in thatch sheds on canal bank.  Today, several stood in church under construction and shared specifically how one year ago they heard the “bracelet story” about Jesus and accepted and took baptism and now one year have joy and no regrets.
The church has grown by 20 to 50 adults and many miracles are taking place, getting much attention in village!!
Dedicate well in Adivemla, drilled by Webbers Falls AG.  Good sweet water about 5 feet from church and no other wells around.  All others were dry holes!!
Church is now being built by the well…
Arvallapally–Dedicate church by Red Oak AG–last year was thatch church and though not finished, they meet inside and we helped give to finish…
Pastor Joshua and Pramila (sweet savor) had no children in Feb, so we prayed.  Today, he so excited shared that 25 days ago they had twins.  Born after 8 months, the tiny boy passed after 1 week, but little Huldah Grace is now 25 days.
No prenatal in villages for premies…  This couple gives us joy…so thankful!!
Alfa Nagar–dedicate wellby Mountain Home AG.  On banks of lake and church built by Haskell AG… Good humble Pastor…
The village that so touched me today is PillaMari–”Childs Tree” Village–
We walk into small house where 30 people meet for church.  They want a prayer shed outside that 100 can sit under.  We have never been here and go to inspect…
Upon entering, first I see Peter.  He is 21and sitting in wheelchair and instantly I figured he has Muscular Dystrophy which I so understand.  He has a gentle smile, but can no longer lift his arms to shake hands.  You have to reach out and grab his hands…
After all the questions and details to figure building the church and all of us giving to build and having prayer, I turned to Peter.
They said he was a good singer…
He began to sing in his chair, “You are glorious, greatest light, King of Kings…”
beautiful voice in this challenged body…
But we sensed something…
Others spoke up…”Till 5 days ago, 21 year old Peter sang with his 19 year old brother Andrew, and they sang so beautiful together.
Andrew also had MD until 5 days ago.”  They related,
Andrew was on the cot and it was his time and his last words for this 19 year old boy:
” Jesus is coming for me, He is even now at the gate, don’t disturb me…” (they have gate to the house) and Andrew was with the Lord.
This was so fresh in their hearts and even as they shared, all I could do was choke on tears.
Now Peter was singing without Andrew, but still a gentle smile as he faces the same thing.
I can’t wait to come in Feb to dedicate Prayer Shed and walk these village streets with Peter and share Christ when its not raining…
Such a reminder, “HE IS AT THE GATE”
Love and appreciate you all so much and so thankful for encouragements…
Melody, Jim, Joshua and Kerry
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Oxcart to Victory

Rain, Rain and more Rain…
It has been definite monsoon time, early, but trying to not let us slow us.
Went to first village Jaganath Thanda and pastor was leading us in along canal bank–only way into village.  Came to place the bank washed out and a 3 wheeled auto fell into the torrent of water…  We will have to come in February!
All along the roads, low water places are covered and is quite an adventure…
Midtanpalli–Came to dedicate a good church given by Canyon DEl Oro AG in Tuscon, AZ.  One young woman “Rupika” stood to share with huge smile.  Since coming to Christ 9 months ago at age 22 life has been so blessed!!  She took us to homes!!
I asked her what Rupika meant?  “It is the name you only gave me 9 months ago when you baptized me!!”
We named her Rebecca!!  Ha!!  Translation…
We went to her house…  Rebecca married at age 13, her husband died when she was 16, and now 22 has found Christ and no more fear or sickness that plagued her.  Many had seen the difference in her and today, her mother, aunt and several others made firm commitments to follow Christ and pull the deities-gods out of their houses!!
Kotapahad “Kings house Destroyed” village–Mud and water everywhere.
They harnessed a team of oxen to oxcart and we all climbed on and walked 1/3 of mile thru muck and mire with all the Christians following in a long line to the place a nice church is being built.  Incredible memory as we watch those 10 year old oxen dip their horns to get under the yoke and such strength to pull…
As the Christians all got a brick to sit on, on the foundation of a beginning of a church under stormy clouds, we taught and prepared hearts.  Every person joyfully gave for the church 111,250 rs and we match to build!!
Oxcart man in his dirty, simple lungi, gave 40,000.  What an awesome memory with laughter and joyful people to build Gods house and 7-10 hindus were among the gathered that accepted Christ and also gave.  Whole village is less than 10 years old in Christ!!
Sublade Village–”Sharp Blade” village–All are 8 years or less in Christ and together we taught and challenged and they gave 175,000rs and we matched to build a strong first church in the village!  These are spirit filled people who know how to come into the presence of God!!
By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
On 21/2 hour drive back to our cots (55 miles) We had an exhibition.  We came to place where torrents of water were crossing the road and in dark, holes were washed and people were trying to stand in knee deep water and direct motorcycles across with their loads.
We set in jeep watching and learning.  No one got hurt, but watching made you  want to laugh, but was not funny…Lord help us….
We made it back and it has poured all night!  I think of so many multitudes we see everyday who live under little plastic tarps over thatch with dirt floor.  Several sleep in the church beside us when they as travelers are stranded…
So thankful for your prayers and standing with us!!
Melody, Jim, Joshua and Kerry
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Rooftop Lesson

In Feb. we climbed on a rooftop to dedicate a church in village called Kodada, CC ReddyColony, pastor Simon.
given by Faith Bible Chapel in Page AZ.  I was at first not so impressed…
When we first went, there were 25 people with good hearts so we gave and they built a nice church on the slab roof.  Today that church has grown to 60 and is so alive and growing.  They took us to neighboring village some 10 miles where we joined with them to build a first church in Naryanagudem, built by Roundup Cowboy Church.
Today we went to X Road-Kodada, Few miles from CC Reddy Colony.  We helped them build a nice church on a rooftop similar to CC Reddy Church.  However as we dedicated, we encouraged them also to give a missions offering of thanksgiving to help another church get started.  We prayed and only 3 people gave.  Two were visitors and one was pastors daughter of about 15 years old.  When she gave, he was standing near here and some on our team saw him reach out with his foot and kick her.  Only 1500 rs were given $12….  This pastors wife stood and said, “If they give to this, they won’t give to help us…”
My heart hurt for them.  They have a beautiful church all 100% complete, painted and so nice, but with hearts like that, challenges are ahead.
When we entered Naryana Village as the last of the day to dedicate the mission church alongside pastor Simon–built by Cowboy Church,
They met us with drums pounding.  Roads were ankle deep mud from all rains and I was struggling to walk after falling earlier and my knee was going out…
Two guys grabbed hold and walked me thru the village to the beautiful church and so so many gathered.  All stood in church yard as drums pounded giving shouts of praise.  Joshua and Jim were right in the middle dancing a victory dance with all the men with women all gathered around shouting praise to God!
We cut the ribbon and all went in!  Church holds about 150 seated crosslegged on the floor, and it was packed with people looking in the windows.
All got on their knees to sing and the drums pounded out incredible rythym and all sang with everything in them.  Made tears come to my eyes and keep swallowing the lump in my throat as hands and drums pounded out the staccato rythym…  These people are in unity and about 100 have taken baptism and many filled with Holy Spirit.  We shared message of salvation with up to 50 that came as unbelievers….they all prayed a strong loud prayer of salvation.
We began to pray and prayer totally filled the air and when quiet came, we began to sing universal song…Allelujah…
Two separate women shared of visions and word from God,
“There will soon be a great shout and Jesus is telling us He is coming soon”
these village women, who were hindu before, related!
Many have been having visions and God speaking to them in the congregation that was all hindu previous, but has come to experience Gods presence and power…led by young Simon in early 30′s.
What a difference in two roof top experiences…Like Peter, I want the vision on rooftop to be life changing for Gods glory, and not selfish.
By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Dedicate Gudibanda,(temple stone village)  given by Tula Rosa CC in NM.  Good nice church building with Life!  Also a Church given by Okema AG
and gave for 3 more churches…
Good things happening and so many hearing Gospel and churches growing!!
Have 6 more villages today….
Keep praying!!  Such peace when know you are covered in prayer!
With so much thanks,
Kerry, Melody, Jim and Joshua
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What Good can come from simple Shed?

 From Pastor Kerry Mauldin
We came to Ganugubanda (wine press ) Village, and pulled up to loud speaker blaring from under a long heap of banana leaf thatch hut.  It was an old hut used some 4 years with a simple dirt floor and set of drums at the front.  70 people could squeeze under the pile of leaves with people out front.  These are spirit filled people who love the Lord!!  We got rice tarps in front and people came.
We taught on giving…
They have a piece of land bought on main road and want to build a church to seat 200, with a slab, concrete roof.  We taught and together all of us committed almost 7000 $ for the church.  We gave offering from Mt. Sherman AG who sold knives to build a church in India…  This will be a great church!!
All the people walked from the hut to new land and stood in circle holding hands and we gave shouts of praise and prayer for what God is going to do!!
We gave dedication for small, but nice concrete church given by Miami Apostolic Church.  The 20 people truly love the Lord and have very humble good pastors who husband and wife literally built the church after coming here with nothing 6 years ago after God healed pastor from death and he committed to serve the Lord. Had to speak into their lives and encourage them…
Ykuntapuram (heaven) village, we came to dedicate a simple $500 shed.
Only church in the village of these Banjara gypsy people!
When we saw it, I was so disappointed.  It looked like a cattle stall.  Had a good roof and metal, concrete poles and one side was old, stone plastered fence as back wall.  It had dirt floor  and a rice tarp over the dirt.
Pastor Prasanth was beaming.  “7 years I have prayed for a meeting place for these Banjaras and now you have helped us and 35 come Sunday at 11 for prayers!”  He and his wife and others sang with all their heart and as we split in teams to go to houses, hindu people listened so intently and committed lives while pledging to come to the “church”.  Sincerity was strong in their faces and hearts as they stepped forward.
Prasanth said, “in 2-3 months we will put a stone floor down as new people come and we will fix this nice.”  He asked nothing except for a bicycle to go the 7 km (4.2 miles) to the other village he is the only pastor in.  Joy we gave…
When you see such thanks and joy, it is huge blessing to step beside…
We spoke straight into the heart of Ganugubanda village pastor and strongly, clearly warned and encouraged him to keep his heart and hands pure as they begin to build and go from banana leaf church to a nice church.
He seemed to hear with his heart!!
Thinking of Jesus who came from a “shed” and many would be ashamed by His simple beginnings.  But He changed a world!!!
Lord help us not to look down on the simple beginnings, but see things the way You would see them!!
Thank you all so so much for standing with us and praying!!
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Branch is Tied into the Vine

 By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Rain came hard this AM as we went to the villages!!
at Gorenkapalli in pouring rain we dedicate a church given by Abundant Life!!
Pastors were so thankful and blessed!!
We were there last Oct and gave for the church.  Johan and Rageny, pastors had just lost a baby girl in death and we prayed God would restore with a baby.
we named and dedicated Samuel who is now 3 months old!  Named him Samuel as a fulfillment of a promise from God and he is dedicated to serve the Lord!
The church has grown from 15 to 30 adults this year!!
At Thatikula Village–Toddy Tree Village–We dedicate a prayer shed where Satyam (truth), came to the Lord 8 years ago, but none of his family.  Last year, we shared with his family and when we set with them, the look on their faces was terrorizing to us—(get out of here and don’t bother us) but they listened and several accepted Christ.  Satyam and his brother poured anointing oil all around a shiva temple and the family vowed to build a house for the Living God.
We dedicate that church today.  It is right beside a river and about 30 were there as we prayed, celebrated, cut cake and shared Christ with several who had not accepted!
God has so poured out His blessing on this family.  Their Chili pepper shop is doing well and blessed in every way as they are the first in the village to step out for Christ!!!
Korlapahad (Branch Village)–We had a late lunch early supper and saw where church is needed.  No other church in whole village.  We walk to visit in hindu homes and at center of village we gave bracelets and some 200-300 people totally surrounded us and we began to share.  Eventually they quieted down and listened very well as we clearly shouted the message.  A loud unison of voices prayed the prayer of salvation and we spoke into many hearts that were unbelieving.
Jim got up and taught the 100 or so kids down front a song with motions and all enjoyed!!
Joshua is a magnet to not only all the teen boys, but multitude of teen girls who all wanted a picture with him…
In the dark some 50-60 gathered at the church place and we taught them and joined with them to build a church (given by Huntsville Evangel).
The day ended on a great high as it is so much joy to have so so many gathered to accept and then press press press in for prayer…
I know God heard the many cries that these people have as they call out to Him and we joined with them!!
The Branch is was getting tied into the Vine!!
With love, thanks and prayers,
Melody, Kerry, Jim and Joshua
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Wells of Salvation

By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Awesome fruitful day in many villages!!
Went to Tripurarum to dedicate the well given in honor of Rose and Harold Hull’s 50th anniversary.  They have walked nations with us in the past and Harold has gone to be with the Lord.  The well is right in front of the church we built in 2010.  It has grown from 15 to 70 adults and growing and learning!!
we went to hindu homes around the church.  These homes have been greatly blessed by the well.  Mannamma and Siadalu live right by the well and she had been making 15, 20 minute trips daily to carry water.  Now she had 20′ to carry and their hearts were wide open to hear the Gospel.  Both accepted Christ and agree to come first time to church and pull the gods…
The 2nd well dedication was at Hamu Thanda, Banjara (gypsy) village in memory of my Grandma and Grandpa CF and Ollie Mauldin who pastored many years till Grandpa died in 1962.  What a joy to have the heritage they passed down…
These tribals are so humble and giving.  Live in simple houses, but the church given by Verdigris AG is now beautiful!!  Painted and marble floor in simple village.  We visit hindu homes and 15 adults set as we share bracelets of salvation.  They began to talk strong, asking questions and not wanting to pray like a parrot and repeat some words.  Much explaining and English to Telegu to Banjara translations finally won them over.
Pastor and his wife gave their best hospitality and so want us to promise to come back.  700 families and 10 are Christian so far and rest all worship idols…
Now the people will all be coming to the church for water and hearts will open to breaking the curse of sin, sickness and poverty thru the blood of Jesus.
Went to Dokallabavi Thanda–”Stomach well” village- Pastor was not at the small unfinished church so we went to crossroads shops and set to have chili’s and chai.  We gave bracelets and quickly 50 people were standing around us in circle as we did “street meeting”.  They listen quiet and some want to follow Christ.  One young man, a bus driver, was first to speak up.  If a pastor was in this village, we would follow.  This man never preaches, he gets a pension and is only in his house.  We promised follow-up…
Later encouraged, but spoke straight to the pastor, rebuking in a building up way…
So many tools are available to reach a world for Christ!
Thank you all for strengthening our hands…
Dedicate Venganagudem church–nice church that Oolagah AG gave to build!!
Dedicate Haliya Colony Church, built in memory of pastor Notchie Twist in Shulter, OK.  Churchhas grown to 50 adults from 30 just this year since church is built.  We set among the plastic thatch tents many live in and share Christ and enjoy the limes they gave from over our heads…
Fruit is so good!!  6 more villages today!!  Long good days!!
With so much thanks,
Jim, Joshua, Melody and Kerry
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Hundreds of Voices

 By Kerry Mauldin
One of greatest sounds in the world is hearing hundreds of voices praying in unison…
We were in Pullicherla (tiger) Village and stop at a school.  They have 329 students and many were there.  Jim is in his element in front of all those kids, teaching “I Am Somebody” , because God loves me…
Sharing Christ and all those children, sitting crosslegged barefoot on the ground in perfect rows, wearing all alike uniforms and the boys with ties…
eyes closed and sincerely praying as a higher pitched unison calls out to Jesus…
These are the blessings!!  A young woman started the school and now has 2 buses and is currently meeting under the trees with the children, but in process of building a 5 room school house with more rooms to come.  She needs about $9000 to complete and we prayed with her standing on the land and brick construction going on…
She is bold and most of students are hindu…
We gave 2 churches today and dedicated Dasari Nemalipuram that Stigler AG gave.  They needed flooring and we taught and 2 strangers to the villages each gave 10,000rs and we matched what was given for steps and floor…
That 2 strangers gave for a church that was not even there church.
Most of the people are in cotton fields.  Masses of people are packed into tractor wagons to point of overflowing and come from all over to be cotton pickers!!  I only imagine back in 1930′s the migrant workers flooding areas to pick fruit or cotton and camped in little tents and cooking fires and working long days in the fields…
The fields truly are ripe for the harvest.  We must work with urgency!!
Love, prayers and so so much thanks for praying!!
Melody, Jim, Joshua and me…
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Shouting Battle on the Street

 By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
Went to Devarakonda area today dedicated a church and gave 3 more churches.
At Pasunura “many cows village”, we dedicated the nice brick Prayer Shed as the
first and only church in town.  We gave pastor Prahbu and wife a water buffalo to help them make a living and shared Christ with many.
Here came Shaker, 22, with polio, walking with sticks on the tips of his toes and pressing on to make it one rugged step after another.
We had given him a pair of goats and now he has 3 goats and doing well in spite of living alone since both parents are passed away.  This young mans gentle determined spirit goes straight into my heart and brings tears and joy at the same time!!
Vaddipalta village there is no church, but 28 believers have come to Christ and taken baptism. Pastor was hindu until 7 years ago and served Jesus along with other gods until 2 years ago when he committed and was filled with Holy Spirit and went to 6 month Bible school.  Now he has bought land in main part of village and wants a church….
We look at land, but people around are not in unity with him.  We set under trees on main road and many people gather as we share Christ.  They listen very well, till one man began to shout loudly, “Why can we not worship all gods?” he disrupted everything….
Come to find out, it was pastors own brother shouting…
Pastor has stood as first in the village for Christ and it is very contentious.
I gave this brother the challenge… “When quiet tonight, ask the Living God to speak to your heart and verify if the story of this Jesus is real that you heard today…”
The brother finally quieted down and took the challenge.
We prayed the prayer of salvation with many in this village and joined with them to build the church.
One woman there for 4 years has a giant tumor on her hip.  It is huge and like a football in size.  Poor and no way to get it removed.  We prayed and gave money and pastor will take her to Hyderabad 3 hours on bus for surgery…
Late into the night, sitting on the ground with buffaloes around in the house yards and people gathering to hear the Gospel.  All villages with no church, but people are stepping up and coming to Christ!!
We must have urgency to make the most of all that God has blessed us….
Thank you all so much for praying and notes of encouragement!! Nothing like it when you note people have got your back…
Love thanks and prayers,
Melody, Joshua, Jim and Kerry
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Let Jesus Be Known

May church and the home,

be places to learn;

where the truth of God,

we’re taught to discern.

As we are equipped,

we also should teach;

proclaim His promise,

to all whom we reach.

Let Jesus be known,

wherever we go;

show us what’s needed,

so we all may grow.

Grow in His wisdom,

learn how to give grace;

to be hands and heart,

to the human race.

No one discounted,

all people need much;

may His light and love,

be shown through our touch.

A handshake, a hug,

encouraging word;

may Christ’s loving heart,

be the voice that’s heard.

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” – (Acts 5:42)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your goodness and grace. Thank You that You love us just as we are, yet love us too much to allow us to stay steeped in sin, self-doubt and in lack. Thank You that as we come to You, and seek You with our whole heart, there You are, ready to love us to an abundant life in You. Thank You that this is a lifelong process, and that none of us “arrive” until we meet You face-to-face. Forgive us for expecting ourselves or others to have attained perfection at any point, and help us to give grace as You have given it to us. May we love others in such a way, that they might see You in all that we say and do. May many come to know You as their Savior and Friend. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present.

Village of Sorrow

By Pastor Kerry Mauldin
This mission has been so awesome in many ways, and had challenges in others!

We are healthy and blessed, but this area had political turmoil and all buses shut down and we struggled to find reliable transportation.  We got a taxi (5 plus 1) and 9 of us and all our luggage inside.  Has no shocks and so so slow to go hundreds of miles…  Opportunity to send email for prayer cover has been so challenged!!
We went to remote area of villages near the quarries.
We pull up to Chinthalapeta (Sorrow Village) and are greeted by some villagers.
We follow these bare footed friendly people into a thicket of scrubby trees where they had cleared out an area and swept it clean and put a circle of plastic folding chairs.
It was like as a kid when we had a secret place to go make a fort…
This is where they met for service and the land is given for a church.
30 adults and children set crosslegged on the tarp as we share about Christ and taught.  They so much want a church as there is no church at all here.
These are hard working people.  One young woman started with 1 goat 7 years ago and now has 25 to go with a captivating smile that filled her face as it flowed out of a heart full of hunger for Jesus.
We gave matching amount and these people gave for the church!
Many were watching from around in front of their small houses and we went and shared.  One woman said “NO” she would not leave here gods and pray to Jesus, but by end of visit, she and all were waving with huge smiles as we left…
“Our parents named this SORROW VILLAGE”… but these people are choosing joy!
Lord help us that we choose JOY every day as the choice is ours!!
Today built 3 churches by Tyler TX First AG all in same region.
Jim, a Baptist from Alabama,  did baptisms and plunges right in to the water to get the job done!  Joshua, Youth pastor from Fairland OK AG makes friends so easy and is always right there….
Praveen and Veena Bunyan interpreting and a blessing!!
Great Team and so much to be done!!
Thanks so much for praying!!!
Melody, Kerry, Jim and Josh
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Worship the Lord in Song & Praise

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Wisdom to help the Widows of pastors–India villages

When we go next week to the villages, we so need wisdom on who and how to help.  I just received this and many other requests for churches and wells….  When you read of someone keeping up the Good Fight and running the race in spite of challenges, it makes me want to step up and help!  But we have found thru the years, it is best to inspect and not just expect…

Our days will be full and so many many villages to inspect and prayerfully know how or when to help. 
Melody, Joshua Heilig, Jim Eastman and I make up the team going Oct 7 to the villages!!
We are counting on you to provide a prayer covering and by God’s grace, we will dedicate 59 churches and give for about that many more and a multitude of people will find Christ as we strengthen the hands of the pastors and bless the widows and handicapped!!
With love, thanks and prayers,
Kerry and Melody
Mauldin Ministries (501c3)
Po box 140402
Broken Arrow Ok, 74014
 Request report no: 16; from Pastoramma. K.Mary - Turkapally village …
To Rev. Kerry Sir,
AD. Jaya Prabhakar Sir &
Pastor. J. Emmanuel,
                              Sir, I am Mrs. K. Mary, wife of Late Pastor. Barnabas. My husband served the Lord for 15 years as Pastor before he rested in the Lord after suffering from dengue fever. To do not stop the God’s given duty , since my husband’s death I took the responsibility of serving the Lord’s purpose in Turkapallyvillage ..
Sir my husband had bought 200 yards of land ( which is in 30Ft x 60Ft ) for the purpose of constructing a Church in Turkapally village. We had laid the basement and erected pillars at the construction site. About 60 to 70 members come from nearby villages to attend the Prayer Services we uphold at the under construction site. But now few of our regular members have stopped coming to attend Prayer Services due to insufficient space.
I studied up to 10th standard and I live with my two children – daughter has completed 12th standard and my son is studying in 10th standard. I am trying hard to keep the members united in the Lord as a Church.  I Preach to encourage and strengthen the weakening Spirits and help them to stand firm in their Faith in Christ.
Sir I humbly request you to consider my poor condition and help me complete the Church construction. Except you I know no one to seek help from. Please Pray for me , my children and for the incomplete Church construction…. Thanking you…!!
Yours in Christ,
Lady Pastor. K.Mary,
Turkapally village …
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Harrison Faith–Enubamula Church via Kerry Mauldin

jel 011.jpg

jel 010.jpg



Enubamula Church Photos,Pastor.Paul.
There is narrow and there is compound wall In front of the church. So I took the Inner Congregation
Kerry Mauldin
 Melody and I are so thankful for God’s saving grace and to see the results of the churches being built and filling up…
Thank you each for standing with us and helping with prayer, encouragement and giving!!
I just got this picture today of the Endupamal church plaque, given by Harrison Faith AGod and another at Parvedula the  well given by Mtn Home AGod.  We dedicated this church from DeQueen AG in Oct. and now added the well.
It is joy to see these villages growing and prospering as the first and only churches in the village are dedicated and filling with people wanting to know this Living God!
We must stay focused and have an urgency in our hearts to touch as many lives as possible for Christ.  It is to easy to get caught up with the cares of this life and world and loose the joy of touching lives for Christ!!
It was a joy to do Illinois Special Touch a couple weeks ago and have more camps to do…
By God’s grace and the hard work of the men and women in the villages, we will have more updates of people turning to Christ.
\Please keep praying!!
With sincere thanks, love and prayers,
Kerry and Melody Mauldin
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014
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Unity in the Body

image by pscuga.org

image by pscuga.org

Be patient and gentle,

live in humility;

bear each other in love,

to walk in unity.

We are but one body,

in Spirit, united;

all called to the same hope,

the day we decided.

There is only one God,

Who is Father of all;

Creator, Redeemer;

protective Fortress wall.

So make every effort,

be united in peace;

may His grace be poured out,

and His blessings increase.

(Responding to Ephesians 4:1-6)

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You have not created us to take on trials nor triumphs on our own, but You created us for community; meant to be invested in a body of believers so that we might mutually encourage each other in You. Thank You that You give direction in Your word, and lead us by Your Spirit. Forgive us for the times that we neglect a known need, and help us to see one another with Your eyes so that we may grow in patience and gentleness, and live in humility, bearing one another in love. May our peace and unity among the body of believers draw those who know You not, into a safe sanctuary where they can come to know the peace of Your presence and the hope that is held in You alone. Amen.

© Shannon Elizabeth Moreno and Revelations in Writing, May 2011 – present

Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church http://www.stjohnsashfield.org.au, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your prayers are being answered in the villages!! Much more prayers needed!!
Below is a list of church plaques, we just got list today, to go on churches that we gave for in Feb-March.
We gave 59 Prayer Sheds and churches. We took offerings you gave and in some cases added to them with money that was given as a matching contribution of $25,000.
So many villages churches are being planted and growing! It is joy especially as we are teaching those in India to tithe and give and we join beside them to build and drill…

Thank you all so so much! These are just some of the 59 churches given. Please, now pray that churches be complete and we go in Oct to dedicate!
Prayer works and we count on your prayers!

Thank you all so so much for encouraging and standing beside us with investment! It is such a joy to work together and touch lives for Christ!! Urgency!!

Kerry and Melody Mauldin
PO Box 140402
Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Dear Kerry sir
these are the information of plaques for Feb 2013. one church from Atipamula you told that you will send the plaque information for that you also said it is some Baptist Church so please send the information.
i thank you for all your prayers and encouragement
convey my greetings to Melody Madam.
with much of regards and prayers.






































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Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herid’s steward, reminds me of many women in the church today. These are the women that don’t have time to get out and actively minister but they minister in many other ways. Luke 8:1-3 tells us:

Luke 8

21st Century King James Version (KJ21)

8 And it came to pass afterward that He went throughout every city and village, preaching and showing the glad tidings of the Kingdom of God. And the twelve were with Him,

and certain women who had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities: Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,

and Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others who ministered unto Him from their substance.

So  many women today spend so much of their time taking care of their children, working so that they may provide for the household,  taking care of the physical aspects of the house, and yet still find time to minister in their church, either by teaching Sunday School, or helping in the Women’s Ministry, volunteering when their is a death to provide meals or support for the family, and in so many other ways. Even when they can not provide in any other way, they are often the ones that find the extra money to add to the offering when there are missionaries, or even provide them with a place to stay when they visit.

These are women that take the time to come in on days when they might rather be at home, often when they themselves are hurting, to organize for the choir, for benefits, for children’s projects or to greet visitors. Look around your own church and I am sure that you will find that there are many women who spend much more time taking care of the needs of the church than you realize.

We feed around a hundred to a hundred and fifty children at our church on Wed. nights, and we have a wonderful husband and wife team that is in charge of it. Both these people have regular jobs, and yet they find time to come in early, we start serving at 6pm, so they have to be there by 5pm at the latest, they fix the meal, feed the children, and then clean up afterwards. Usually we have other volunteer’s to help them but sometimes it is a challenge. There are also people who watch the children while they eat, check them in, watch them before and after the meal when they are on the playground and in the gym. And then there are the wonderful teachers who take the time to teach all of these children during the church service. Many of these are women who miss out on the lesson from the Pastor and from visiting missionaries. And most of them are Mother’s, or even Grandmother’s.

I would like to take this moment and say thank you to all of these who volunteer behind the scenes doing jobs that we often take for granted. If you have time, and are not already doing it, why not look around your church. There are always needs to be met. Perhaps this is something that God has in mind for you. A Minister is not just a formal job, but it is also an outreach to all who they come in contact with.

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Update from Pastor Kerry Mauldin


I am so thankful for the many hearts that are coming to Christ in the villages of India.  Thank you all for praying and standing with us to strengthen the men and women’s hands that daily reach out to lives, by travelling rough roads and daily looking for hearts to share Christ’s love with those who have not heard.Below is a daily report from Govinda Reddy and Isaiah, sharing some of their daily journey for Christ. Several of these days we were walking beside them to plant churches, and lead people to Christ!!  These are some of the 59 villages we gave new churches in Feb-March this year…That we would all have an urgency and share Christ with someone every day…

Thank you all each for praying…literally, God moves only when we pray…

With love, thanks and prayers,

Kerry and Melody

PO Box 140402, Broken Arrow, Ok 74014

Please Note ::-   With the Lord’s Blessings we had ” Gospel Awareness Program ” in many villages by Rev.Kerry Sir & team during 11th to 16th of March , 2013 …  we convey our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for the encouragement given through words and Prayers – we also convey our thanks to Jaya Prabhakar Sir & Bro.Harin for their initiative – the 6 days spent with your team have been a Blessings to us all …
                Sir, here below am submitting the report for the 1st to 16th March , 2013 – I request you to observe the 11th to 16th March , 2013 as the combined update reported by Ch.Isaiah & KC Govind Reddy , as we together followed you to the villages in the ” Gospel Awareness Program   …
1. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Friday ) :-    Veerapuram village – visited Subba Raiudu family,Ravanamma family, Manikyamma family and Lakshmanna’s family – they are idol worshipers taught them to realize the difference between lifeless idols and the Everlasting God – the men of these families are drunkards , Preached to them to change their behavior and turn from their bad addictions … please Pray for them and their families..
2. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Saturday ) :-    Erramatta village – Along with Evangelist K.C.Govind Reddy went to Preach Gospel – few believers here have took Baptism but there’s no Church in this place , Prayed for these believers and encouraged them to continue and be strengthen in their Faith – a non believer has shared his Testimony of leaving his alcohol addiction , his name is Raju -  Please Pray for the believers here …
3. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Sunday ) :-   Lingapuram - Conducted Sunday General Service – in the evening visited few members who had stopped coming to the Prayer Services , reprimanded them and Prayed for their stability in Faith … God has been utilizing me in His Ministry greatly , I feel Blessed to be a part of His Ministry and Preach Him to the unbelievers  …
4. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Monday ) :-   Mahadevapuram village - Nagaraju’s wife was suffering , as an unclean spirit took control of her mind and body , while we were Praying for her the evil spirit in her threw her on the floor and made her scream out of pain , we kept Praying for her until she got relieved from the pain – Please Pray for this lady..
5. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Tuesday ) :-   Karrimadela - Few women gathered atNarayanama’s house to hear the Word  - on their request I answered all the questions they put forth regarding the Word and its importance …
6. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Wednesday ) :-   Allamaru village – believers here are working hard for the Church construction and thank Rev. Kerry Sir for his motivation and help – many new believers have taken Baptism , please Pray for the people here …
7. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Thursday ) :-   Vitalapuram village – after a long time I visited this place , people here expressed there wish to have a Pastor or Evangelist in their village who shall be near to them to teach them Word – gathered the congregation at Subbamma’s house and Prayed for them…
8. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Friday ) :-    Madhurru village – got introduced to Pastor. Bhaskarand invited him to visit my village – along with him visited few houses there and Preached Gospel to them – Preached about Christ and His Love – the people here have no Church but they conduct Prayer Services and Prayer meetings at Pastor. Bhaskar’s residence here..
9. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Saturday ) :-   Karrimadela - Conducted Prayer meeting atMaryamma’s place – her husband Sunaddu isn’t well , Prayed for his health and their family – Preached to them referring to Psalms = 23 , ” The Lord is my Shepherd ” – explained them to depend upon the Lord and follow His ways to stay Blessed  …
10. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Sunday ) :-   Lingapuram village – Conducted Sunday General Service – offered special Prayers for Bali Reddy’s children as we were informed about their illness – In the evening , along with Evangelist K.C. Govind Reddywelcome Rev.Kerry Sir & team to the house prepared for their arrival – discussed about visiting various places during the ” Gospel awareness Program ” and about its related schedule ..
11. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Monday ) :-   Along with Evangelist KC Govind Reddy followed Rev. Kerry Sir & Team for Preaching in the villages - First place we visited isPanyam village , before beginning our journey we Prayed and meditated over ” The Lord is my Shepherd ” from Psalms 23 – we began from Panyam village – [1] along with Pastor John went to a believer’s house who is a doctor by profession , Rev. Kerry Sir Preached Gospel while Jaya Prabhakar Sir translated his words to the people listening – the doctor has breathing trouble and have no children , Prayed for his health and children [2] many people gathered under a tree nearbyNageshullu’s house – people gladly heard to the Word Preached about the Salvation bracelet – Prayed for everyone present [3] Visited Srinu , Sheraf ,Krupamma , Maabuny , K.Samuel , Sagar houses – Rev.Kerry Sir taught and Preached the Word effectively in these places without any discomfort or tiredness , Jaya Prabhakar Sir helped with translation at almost every place where as Sulochanna helped in translating the message Preached at Sagar’splace  [4] Visited Bench Colony , gathered non believers under a tree and Rev.Kerry Sir Preached to them about Salvation bracelet - Jayamma is childless, Prayed for her and Prayed for Lakshmi Devi & family …
From Panyam went to Cement Nagar - non believers of Muslim community have invited us into their home , they names were Bebe , Aashiya , Meedal ,Ooli - they arranged lunch for us all , we Prayed for everyone present there and for their families [2] Later Preached bout Salvation bracelet and the importance of the beads in the bracelet , people were amazed to hear Rev. Kerry Sir’s teachings [3] people there requested for a Church in their place , Sir was amazed to know how did the people both  children and elderly are collecting and saving funds for the Church construction purpose – seeing their interest Rev. Kerry Sir agreed to help them .. Praise God…!!
Later visited Ruth Home at Bandathmakorru village - Rev Kerry Sir & team met the elderly widows and also visited the farm – they Prayed for the farm and for the widows living there ..
Later in the evening went to Lingapuram - arranged a meeting at the Church for discussing the construction matter , Prayed for the gathered members .. as it was already dark , Rev. Kerry Sir & team decided to rest for the day – we all Prayed before leaving the Church…
12. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Tuesday ) :-  On the second day of the ‘ Gospel awareness program ‘ we began our journey from Thammarajupally village - visited few non believers houses – At Yakob’s house Rev.Kerry Sir Preached about Salvation and Prabhakar Sir helped in translating it into the regional language to the people listening , many among them were washer-men , Prayed for everyone present – one of them have bought a new auto rickshaw , Prayed for the vehicle -Subanna & Venkatamma invited us to their home , Preached Gospel and answered many questions they asked – they expressed their will to offer animal sacrifice , Kerry Sir Preached referring to the parables in the Scriptures has taught about the meaning of the Real Sacrifice doesn’t mean bloodshed , he advised to sell the animal and offer its earned amount to the Church , they agreed ..
Rev. Kerry Sir Preached and Prayed at Maddelette &  Nagamma’s houses – AtRamanayya’s house his mother Venkatalakshmi’s house – after listening to Sir’s Preaching they removed idols from their homes – visited Ravanamma ,  Venkataswami , Hanumantu & Saramma’s houses to Preach Gospel & Pray for them – people here are asking for a Church , Prayed for their request ..
Later we proceeded to Bethamcharlla village , despite of being hungry Rev. Kerry Sir & Team have conducted Holy Baptism ceremony for the believers waiting there - Maddelette , Rangaswami , Chittamma . Saramma &Subbalakshmi - conducted new Church inauguration ceremony and Prayed for the members – Prayed at a baby’s birthday party at Yohan’s house …
From Bethamcharlla went to Bhuganipally village - with the help of Rev.Kerry Sir , people here have managed to build up a Church , they were waiting for Rev.Kerry Sir’s arrival to held the inauguration ceremony , Sir Prayed at the occasion – read the Scriptures and Prayed for everyone present - Prayed for Lakshmi Devi for her Healing as she have fractured her legs , Prayed forMaramma husband’s Salvation – Prayed for all the needy believers gathered …
13. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Wednesday ) :-   Went to Kurukunda village following Rev. Kerry Sir & team - At Raghav Reddy’s house Preached Gospel and explained the story of the Salvation beads – answered questions and cleared many doubts raised in the minds of non believers regarding the Word Preached – few non believers are still dodging to prepare themselves to take Holy Baptism , Preached to them and Prayed for their Salvation – visited Yellamma’s house,Lingaswami’s house and Dayakar’s house – Preached about the Salvation beads and Prayed for their Salvation , answered the questions asked  ..
Next we proceeded to Dudiyala village - Rev.Kerry Sir & Bro. Harin ReddyPreached about Salvation and Prabhakar Sir helped in translation , many among them were washer-men , many have willingly invited us into their homes and requested to Pray for them …
Later went to Weluggu mandal and Boyyarevulla villages - few people gathered at Nagarju’s house to listen to the Word – Rev.Kerry Sir Preaching was Faith Strengthening for the believers here who wished for a Church – everyone present requested to Pray for them ..
14. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Thursday ) :-   On the third day of our journey we began from Rudrawaram village - along with Pastor Samuel visited many houses in the village – At Telugu Sujathamma’s house Rev.Kerry Sir & his wife Preached and explained about Salvation bracelet - Obulamma refused to listed to the Preaching and pleaded with us to not to enter their house – we Prayed for her Salvation and left their house – Prayed for Pamuletta and Venkatadri as they both were sick , they asked for a Bible …
Next we went to Pastor Samuel’s Church - members and believers were present to listen to the Word , we spent a good time at the Church listening to Rev.Kerry Sir’s Preaching , got to learn many new things about the Gospel , Rev. Kerry Sir Prayed for the Church and agreed to help this Church with its requirements , all the members rejoiced in the Lord’s name … Praise the Lord..!!
Next we went to Kondamayya pally village - At Kamalamma’s house Rev.Kerry Sir Preached about Salvation and about the importance of taking Holy Baptism , he  agreed to help them build a Church and Prayed for everyone…
Later we have come to YS Nagar - conducted Baptism ceremony for Munayi, Venkata Subamma , Pushenamma , Mariyamma , Shanti Rani , Daniel ,Naveen Kumar , Rebeccamma , – Rev.Kerry Sir Preached & Prayed for the people there , he help them in their Church requirements..
15. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Friday ) :-  On the fourth day , we started our journey fromMahadevapuram village - we all took place under a tree and Rev.Kerry Sir Preached about the Heavenly Kingdom and Eternal Life through Salvation – monkeys created some disturbance in between but we Prayed and continued – few people here are preparing themselves for Baptism , Rev.Kerry Sir Preached and Prayed for them – he also agreed to help in building a Church in this place.. Praise God..!!
Next we went to Aarlagadda - Sudharani welcomed us into her home and arranged lunch for us , Rev. Kerry Sir Preached and Prayed for them – laterVenkat Ramullu , his wife & his mother have come to Rev.Kerry Sir to get Prayed – when we left their house a Muslim person had come forward and invited us to his home , he gave us fruits and requested to Preach Gospel , whereas his wife stubbornly refused to accept the teachings Rev.Kerry Sir Prayed for the family and for their Salvation …
Next we went to Chagallamarri village - many gathered at Sundarayya’shouse to listen to Rev.Kerry Sir’s Preaching – Sir Preached about redemption of sins through Salvation and about the Talents – Sir answered all the questions raised regarding the Word but none could answer Sir’s questions , so Sir Preached and taught them many things regarding the Word and Prayed for everyone present
Later we went to Bureddypalem - many gathered at Bhaskar’s house , many of them were daily wage workers – Rev.Kerry Sir Preached to them about Salvation bracelet – they listened to Sir’s Preaching attentively – they informed Sir about the number of believers in their village and their difficulties of not having a proper place of Worship , Sir Prayed for their Church construction – before leaving we attended Gyanamma daughter’s Christening ceremony – they named the baby as Esther , blessed and Prayed for the little girl  …
16. Mar. ‘ 13 ( Saturday ) :-  On the fifth day we started our journey fromPeddattakuru village of Kurnool district - Pastor Devaraju along with his Church members and other non believers set up a tent for the Preaching – many gathered under the tent to listen to the Word – Preached them about the Salvation bracelet – the people here don’t have a Church but have a plot site for the construction purpose , Rev. Kerry Sir agreed to help them in the Church construction …
Later went to Allampuram village which is 50 kilometers away fromPeddattakuru village - Ragavendra has made arrangements to set up a tent  , many gathered to listen to the Word , even school children were present in the congregation – Rev. Kerry Sir Preached about Salvation – later we had lunch prepared for us .. the people don’t have a Church , Sir Prayed and agreed to help them build Church …
Yours – in – Christ,
Evangelist. Ch. Isaiah. & KC. Govind Reddy..
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