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SMITH: Making the taxpayer an accessory to the abortion trade – Washington Times

SMITH: Making the taxpayer an accessory to the abortion trade – Washington Times.

‘The Voyage of Life’ is a must watch video on fetal development |

‘The Voyage of Life’ is a must watch video on fetal development |

Sonogram Informed Consent Act

Planned Parenthood Botched Abortion, Left Part of Baby Inside Woman |


Planned Parenthood Botched Abortion, Left Part of Baby Inside Woman |

by Steven Ertelt

A Planned Parenthood abortion patient has filed suit against the abortion business for botching an abortion so badly that it left part of the body of the unborn baby inside her afterwards.

Attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom, a pro-life legal group, filed suit on behalf of a Colorado against Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and one of its doctors. The mother says the abortion facility forced her to undergo an abortion without anesthesia and then left part of her baby’s body inside of her.

The lawsuit alleges that 40-year-old Ayanna Byer changed her mind about the abortion after Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs could not provide her with the agreed-upon intravenous anesthesia for pain, but the abortionist proceeded with the abortion anyway. ADF informed LifeNews that, once the abortion was complete, Byer was sent home but ended up in an emergency room two days later because the abortionist had botched the procedure.

“A woman’s life is more important than Planned Parenthood’s bottom line,” said Alliance Defending Freedom allied attorney Doug Romero of Denver. “What Planned Parenthood did to Ayanna is beyond the pale. They clearly put her through extraordinary cruelty and jeopardized her life. Their actions were intolerable.”

According to a statement provided by the on-call emergency room doctor who assisted Byer, she “was septic with a high fever and elevated white count. She required an immediate high-risk surgery to remove the remaining tissue that had been left during the previous procedure done at Planned Parenthood. Because of the continued pain and heavy bleeding, I was concerned that the patient might have had an ectopic pregnancy. I called Planned Parenthood the following day to inquire about pathology results to only learn that no pathology is done on abortion patients. The doctor performing the abortion ‘looks’ at the tissue and makes a diagnosis.” Read the rest:Planned Parenthood Botched Abortion, Left Part of Baby Inside Woman |

Pro-abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers in their homes | The Daily Caller


Pro-abortion group hires Obama-linked consulting firm to grill pro-lifers in their homes | The Daily Caller.

The pro-abortion organization NARAL Pro-Choice America hired a consulting firm linked to President  to conduct extensive video interviews with young pro-life activists in their homes more than a year ago, without informing the pro-life activists that the videos were intended for NARAL’s use.

At least one of the videos was aired this month at NARAL’s Washington dinner introducing the organization’s new president, Ilyse Hogue. The video was presented at the dinner in order to show pro-choice activists the “passion” of pro-lifers on the other side of the issue “in an effort to fire up (NARAL) members.” President Obama alsosent a video message to NARAL that was shown at the dinner.

The young pro-life activist featured in the video had no idea that his interview footage would be used by NARAL to rile people up against him.

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Arkansas House Panel OKs Ban on Abortions After Heartbeat Begins |


Please pray that the Governor will sign this as well!

Arkansas House Panel OKs Ban on Abortions After Heartbeat Begins |

by Steven Ertelt

An Arkansas state House committee approved a ban on abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee on Tuesday approved the 12-week abortion ban on an 11-5 vote. An according to an AP report, “panel had approved the restriction by a voice vote earlier, but House Speaker Davy Carter sent it back to the panel after Democrats objected to the way it was handled.”

Now the full House will vote on the measure, along with another one that bans abortions after 20 weeks.

The Arkansas Senate voted in January for the bill that would ban virtually all abortions in the state. The measure would ban abortions at the point when a unborn child’s heart starts to beat.

At 22 days into pregnancy, before most women know they are pregnant, unborn children complete the development of their heart to the point that a heartbeat begins and the bill would stop abortions at that point. Read the rest at Arkansas House Panel OKs Ban on Abortions After Heartbeat Begins |

Women Who Reject Abortions of Disabled Babies Face Attacks |


Women Who Reject Abortions of Disabled Babies Face Attacks |

Last Monday I attended the second oral evidence session of the Parliamentary ‘Inquiry into Abortion on the Grounds of Disability’ (more background here)
The current law permits an abortion to take place up to birth (40 weeks) if prenatal tests indicate that the child may be disabled when born. There is a legal limit of 24 weeks for abortions on other grounds.
Abortions are currently permitted at any time up to and including birth if there is a ‘substantial risk’that the child might be born ‘seriously handicapped’. The law does not define these criteria and they are broadly interpreted.

This ground for abortion is known as Ground E in practice and, according to Department of Health statistics, 2,307 ‘Ground E’ abortions were carried out in 2011.

The Equality Act 2010 protects disabled people from discrimination. The Act prohibits discrimination arising from a disability by preventing one person from treating another less favourably because of their disability.

The current abortion law thereby discriminates against disabled babies in two ways.
First, it has a different upper limit for disabled babies and babies without disability (40 and 24 weeks respectively). Second, it allows for some disabled babies to be aborted under ground E (those who will be born with a ‘serious’ handicap) but not others.
Last Monday we heard evidence at the inquiry from disability rights activists, parents of children born with disabilities and support groups for affected families.
There were several strong themes that emerged.
First, there seemed to be very little support or information available for families who wanted to keep their babies, as opposed to having them aborted.
Second, there was a strong presumption from doctors that parents with disabled children would choose to have them aborted.
Third, there was a huge amount of subtle or direct pressure placed on parents who decided not to abort. They were repeatedly asked to reconsider their decisions and treated like pariahs – in short they were discriminated against.
It is just this sort of pressure that has led some commentators to talk about abortion for disability as a ‘coercive offer’. And there is a growing literature of personal testimonies around this issue.
‘Defiant Birth’ tells the personal stories of women who have resisted ‘medical eugenics’ and dared to challenge the utilitarian medical model/mindset – women who were told they shouldn’t have babies because of perceived disability in themselves, or shouldn’t have babies because of some imperfection in the child.
‘They have confronted the stigma of disability and in the face of silent disapproval and even open hostility, had their babies anyway, in the belief that all life is valuable and that some are not more worthy of it than others. Read the rest at Women Who Reject Abortions of Disabled Babies Face Attacks |

Help Save the Ones Around You – Desiring God


Help Save the Ones Around You – Desiring God.

Recently a healthy young woman went to see her doctor for a prenatal checkup on her baby girl. She had named her Madison.

Then she went to an abortion clinic to end her daughter’s life.

Four days later, this mom died from complications related to that abortion.

That child went from being wanted — a beloved girl named Madison — to being terminated — one more slaughtered baby in our culture of death.

Why? They found out Madison had fetal anomalies.

Hearing that news as a parent is hard. If you have not experienced the shock of such a diagnosis in your child, then it is difficult to describe how truly horrifying it is. All the bright imaginations about what a little boy or little girl will be like are suddenly colored in very dark shades. The worst fears about the future and worst prejudices about disability make it difficult to think clearly or rationally, especially in the first days and weeks.

The evil whispers about how unfair it is become louder and bolder.

As my wife and I talked this over, she summed up our early days with disability really well: “I thought my life was over. It wasn’t true.

Did anyone say that to Madison’s mother? Read the rest at Help Save the Ones Around You – Desiring God.

Is Abortion Justified to Save Babies From Future Suffering? |


Is Abortion Justified to Save Babies From Future Suffering? |

Being Handicapped is NOT a Crime! | Abolish Abortion


Being Handicapped is NOT a Crime! | Abolish Abortion.

By: Suzanne Ward


Prenatal (before birth) testing today results in the early diagnosis of more and more abnormalities from the extremely simple to the very complex.  Sadly, physicians may suggest terminating a pregnancy with only a possible risk of abnormality, probably due to fear of malpractice law suits.

Half of the children targeted for destruction are not even affected by the feared abnormality.  More normal children are killed than handicapped children.

As a society, we must remember that a child’s right to life is given by their Creator, not their parents or even the state.  Being handicapped is not a capital crime and should never carry a death sentence.  In any or all circumstances, we want to protect and support both mother and child.

Studies show that women who choose abortion for genetic reasons have significant grief reactions, a high rate of depression, and flashbacks.  Negative reactions are also seen in the siblings even when they had no direct knowledge of the event.

Approximately 20% of U.S. adults have some sort of disability according to the Centers for Disease Control, or CDC.  Many, many of these individuals accomplish amazing things in spite of great challenges.  Let’s ‘meet’ just a few of them:

Robert Michael Hensel was born in 1969, with a birth defect known as Spina bifida. His disability would limit him to a wheelchair, but he continues to find ways to positively impact people.  Hensel is an award-winning poet and has recently been recognized by the Museum of Disability History in Buffalo, New York.

Hensel is a Guinness World Records holder for the longest non-stop “wheelie” in a wheelchair. His efforts have raised money for wheelchair ramps throughout his hometown of Oswego, New York.   Hensel continues to raise awareness of the many talents and accomplishments made by disabled individuals.  Says Hensel:

  • “Know me for my abilities, not my disability.”
  • “I don’t have dis-ability, I have a different-ability.”
  • “When everyone else says you can’t, determination says, YES YOU CAN.”
  • “No disability or dictionary out there is capable of clearly defining who we are as a person. It’s only when we step out of that labeled box, that our abilities begin to be fully recognized, giving us a better definition of who we truly are as individuals.”  Read the rest at  abolish abortion!



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