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Broken but Made Beautiful via Becoming Like Christ

Broken but Made Beautiful.

By Elfrieda Nikkel

Anne was a special person in my life. I first met her when I asked her to teach clay modeling to our group of campers at a summer Bible camp.  She told me about how she loved her work with clay and how she had just recently purchased a kiln to bake her clay creations.  When I asked her  how she got started in her work of clay modeling she told me her story.

potter and clayHer son, who was born mentally challenged due to brain damage at birth, had passed away at the age of 15, several months before I met her.  She told me how working with the clay had helped her to get through those difficult days of caring for him during those years.  Her life had been broken through this difficulty but God had made something beautiful out of her brokenness.  While working with the clay God had been at work molding her life and now I was seeing the beauty created by God the master potter. Read the rest at: Broken but Made Beautiful.

Bethel Live Be Lifted High – Fisher of Men

A Request for Help

My friend Sherry from quotes and notes has a post up about a young woman who is missing, I am including her picture here and the contact information as well. Please do contact them if you have any information. God bless! She has been missing since Feb 1st. If you see her please call De Kalb Co sheriffs office at 815-895-3272. Her name is Candice. She is sixteen years old. Please pray for her safe return and for the family to have the strength that they need in this situation.

Sherry just added this to her post! Here is the Bring Candice Home FB page  Candice Rose Sane.. She was last seen In Monroe Center Ill Feb 1st. Please help by posting this new info. If seen please call Ogly (I believe she means Ogle) County sheriffs office at 815-732-2136 or 419-239-9892 or 419-239-9903. Please help bring her home to her family.


This is Sherry’s niece, please keep them all in your prayers.

Press Release from The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association on the 2nd Amendment

“The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association supports the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens’. We recognize the recent increase in violence and mass shootings have raised questions relating to the sale and possession of firearms. The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association further believes that we must hold offenders responsible, not law abiding citizens.

The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association does support enforcement of the existing gun laws and the strengthening of current back ground checks including identifying individuals with mental health issues. The Arkansas Sheriff’s Association does not support legislation that restricts current gun possession or sales to our citizens that weakens our 2nd Amendment rights.

Thanks to Johnson County Sheriff, Jim Dorney, for the heads up!

Zinc helps against infection by tapping brakes in immune response

Zinc helps against infection by tapping brakes in immune response.

February 7, 2013 by Emily Caldwell in Immunology

Scientists determined in human cell culture and animal studies that a protein lures zinc into key cells that are first-responders against infection. The zinc then interacts with a process that is vital to the fight against infection and by doing so helps balance the immune response. This study revealed for the first time that zinc homes in on this pathway and helps shut it down, effectively ensuring that the immune response does not spiral out of control. The team led by Ohio State University researchers also found that if there is not enough zinc available at the time of infection, the consequences include excessive inflammation. In this research, zinc’s activity was studied in the context of sepsis, a devastating systemic response to infection that is a common cause of death in intensive-care unit patients. But scientists say these findings might also help explain why taking zinc tablets at the start of a common cold appears to help stem the effects of the illness. “We do believe that to some extent, these findings are going to be applicable to other important areas of disease beyond sepsis,” said Daren Knoell, senior author of the study and a professor of pharmacy and internal medicine at Ohio State. “Without zinc on board to begin with, it could increase vulnerability to infection. But our work is focused on what happens once you get an infection – if you are deficient in zinc you are at a disadvantage because your defense system is amplified, and inappropriately so. “The benefit to health is explicit: Zinc is beneficial because it stops the action of a protein, ultimately preventing excess inflammation.” While this study and previous work linking zinc deficiency to inflammation might suggest that supplementation could help very sick ICU patients, it’s still too early to make that leap.

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The time-course of an immune response begins w...

The time-course of an immune response begins with the initial pathogen encounter, (or initial vaccination) and leads to the formation and maintenance of active immunological memory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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