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Thought for the Day

Thought for the day:

Adam sinned once and transformed the world!

Everything you and I do, leaves it’s imprint on the world, however small or large, we make changes and influence those around us. What do those who see you see? If you believe in God, let them see Him in you, let His light shine. No matter what the world throws at you, in the end, you win because God wrote the book, and you are in it!

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No More Leading from Behind for America (via Real Clear World)

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

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By Rick Santorum

My passion for protecting and preserving freedom is a gift that comes to me from my grandfather, an immigrant who brought my father to this country and whose well-weathered hands mined coal in Southwestern Pennsylvania until he was 72. He left the totalitarian regime of Mussolini‘s Italy to bring his family to freedom.

He worked hard and committed himself to creating a better life for his children and grandchildren. He taught me how to treasure the gift of freedom, to have faith in God’s grace, to achieve what American liberty offers to those who work hard and to love and support a family. The Pennsylvania town my grandfather called home is just a few miles down the road from the field where Flight 93 crashed on that beautiful, blue-sky September day; a day when radical jihadists declared war on America, in America, on our own soil. The passengers and crew bravely stood up for freedom. Read the rest at Real Clear World…..

Why You Should Be Worried About Gov’t Debt | THE PLAIN TRUTH by Judge Napolitano 1/30/12

“I Believe in Scripture”

When I Became a Man

The full Armour of God HD

Fanatic – Lecrae

Evolution Impossible!

Paul Washer – God is just

Paul Washer – The Prayer Closet

If I Was The Devil – theDevilisReal.com

Obama the Chicken is Being Plucked (via Grumpy Opinions)

This article at Grumpy Opinions is one of the best articles about the Obama administration and the state of affairs that we are in with them, that I have read yet. It is well worth your time. I have posted an excerpt, but the article is much longer and quite complete. Please read and share on FB & Twitter. God bless! From Grumpy Opinions!

This article first appeared in www.english.pravda.ru and is published here with the permission of the author Mark S. McGrew

January 29 through the 31st, 5% of the sheriffs in America are in Las Vegas Nevada, learning how to tell the Federal government agents to pack sand and get out of town. 20% of the 50 United States of America have been presented with lawsuits and or legal filings challenging the eligibility of Barack Obama to be on the ballot for the 2012 election.

Congressional representative Allen West summed up the American people’s feelings for the Obama administration today when he told Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to, “Get the hell out of The United States of America!”. His talk can be seen here.

Ten people will be murdered today in Mexico with guns provided to drug cartels by Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General. Politicians are calling for him to resign. Resign??

There is enough evidence presented to Congress to arrest him and prosecute him for an Act of War against the nation of Mexico, accessory to murder of thousands of innocent citizens in Mexico and America as well as the murder of United States Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Resign?? Besides sending illegal guns to Mexico, Holder and his associates sold guns to criminal street gangs inside the United States where the guns will be used inside the United States. It will take years to find the thousands of guns these criminals sold to killers. Read the rest at Grumpy Opinions

Time For Christians to Be Christians

I am saying that it is time for the churches to throw off the chains that they have voluntarily let be placed around them and to speak up, get out on the streets and tell the truth.  It was the churches that put a stop to slavery, that stood with Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights marches. Since then they have accepted the advantage of not paying taxes by stopping speaking and standing for what is right. They have allowed themselves to be chained and those who are against us are tightening those chains everyday, from taking God out of the schools to telling veterans that they can not have a prayer that mentions Jesus Christ at the National Cemetery.
Whitfield and other pastors did not stand by and keep their mouths closed. They were the ones standing in the forefront and telling people what was going on. They were participating and leading their citizens, because they were standing for what they thought was right in God’s eyes.
It is time for our pastors to realize that they are responsible to God and the people that they serve, and not to the government. It is time for responsible Christians to stand for what is right, and not to let a government that is hostile to Christianity, dictate what we can teach, believe, practice or anything else. Above all God must come first, and if we continue to bow our heads to government, they become God and it is time to stand up.

Jesus didn’t give his life in the ultimate sacrifice for the churches to become temples. He came to save the whole world. We are not just to practice Christianity within the confines of the Church sanctuary. But that is how it is being practiced today. We go to church when we are supposed to, we worship and then go home. We don’t speak out when we are told that we can’t have God in the schools or in any public place. This is not how this country was founded, and above all else this is not what Jesus sacrificed for.

We have the responsibility to spread Christianity throughout the world, and yet we let a mortal government tell us what we can say and where we can say it? This is not Christianity, this is religion by government decree, something to simply pacify the people and keep them in their place. Is this what you want? Is this what you are going to stand before God and say that you agreed with? Why?

When did we stop being followers of Christ? Would Christ stop his message because the government didn’t agree with it? He showed us that He wouldn’t and He didn’t. He brought us the message that God wanted Him to bring and told us that this is what we were to continue.

Instead we have let ourselves be pushed in simply using our Church buildings as a sanctuary and thinking that this is what they are there for. It is not! It is a place to encourage others, to teach, to let the glory of God enter, to multiply the force if you will. But it doesn’t end there, and it is not what Jesus wanted us to do.

“Don’t hide your light under a basket”, how many times have you heard this? But isn’t that what we are doing? We are using the Church as the basket, we are hiding, literally. We are letting ourselves be made prisoners of a government that has no desire for people to care about God or the principle that the Bible teaches.

We are allowing ourselves to be chained and it is time that we throw off those chains. God did not intend for us to be slaves, not to any government whose desire is to force us to do their will, and not His. God will judge us by our actions and one of the first things He will probably ask is why we sold ourselves back into slavery when He gave His only begotten Son to free us.


Please be warned that if you

believe life is precious and that

all life deserves care, the

article below may very well

turn your stomach. It did

mine! It strikes me as odd that

the very same people who

believe that you should not kill

animals for food, and that

trees have souls, seem to feel

that our children that are not

up to their par mentally, are

only worth keeping alive for

one reason. That reason seems

to be as a possible organ


This is what happens when you have no belief in God and no value for the life of humans. This is the same attitude that you can kill a baby in the womb at anytime. This is the same attitude that thinks that it is okay to send men and women to war just to destroy someone that doesn’t fit their idea of a good ruler. This is also the attitude of people who will strap bombs to women and children in order to kill as many people as they can.

And this my friends is the attitude of the people that are in power in the government today. We can never change this country or restore it to it’s former glory with this kind of attitude and this kind of people in power. Read the excerpt below and go to the Blaze to read the rest:






Posted on January 30, 2012 at 9:49am by Liz Klimas

What has Glenn Beck so fired up that he said on his radio show “If this doesn’t wake your a** up this morning, then nothing will?” How about this quote from prominent bioethicists comparing killing a human being to pulling weeds from a garden.

Two bioethicists — one from Duke University, the other from the National Institute of Health — bring up the question “What makes killing wrong?” in the latest issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics. Using their definition of killing, the authors conclude if the person is “universally and irreversibly disabled” and has “no abilities to lose” then killing them to take organs for donation in order to save the lives of others should not be considered morally wrong.

Bioethicists Suggest Killing Universally and Irreversibly Disabled Person Not Morally WrongWalter Sinnott-Armstrong from Duke University (Photo: Duke University)

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, a professor of practical ethics from Duke, and Franklin Miller, a senior faculty member in the NIH Department of Bioethics, state in their abstract ”What makes an act of killing morally wrong is not that the act causes loss of life or consciousness but rather that the act causes loss of all remaining abilities.“ They argue that if no abilities remain then the ”dead donor rule,” which is the ethical practice that a person must be declared dead before removing vital organs, should apply to patients whose hearts have stopped and are being removed from a respirator.

This discussion has been ongoing for several years and continues with this article. BioEdge, a publication discussing bioethical news,brings a few segments from the subscription-only journal in which Sinnott-Armstrong and Miller publish their opinion. BioEdge reports that the authors are seeking to make a case for organ donation after cardiac death when a person is taken off of a respirator. Once off the respirator, the person’s organs would be immediately harvested, but even at this point, BioEdge states, Sinnott-Armstrong and Miller believe the person is not yet dead because there is the possibility that his or her heart could start beating again. Read the rest at the Blaze!


I’d Like To Point You In a NEW Direction…REECESRAINBOW.ORG

Originally posted on Gabriel's Precious Journey:

I want to alert you to a very important mission that has been in progress for five years now. It is imperative that this get out into the general public. Whether or not a person believes a child with Down Syndrome has a right to life is immaterial when the child is here and is being institutionalized at the age of 4, 5, or 6 years old for simply having Down Syndrome. For whatever the reason, parents are giving up their precious children. It could be they are poor and don’t have the ability to take care of them. It could be misinformation regarding the possibilities of what life could be like for these children. It could be…ANYTHING. In country after country, children are being left by banks of rivers, abandoned in alleys, hospitals, with neighbors, etc. Parents are walking away from their children. These children have only known the “institution”…

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I Believe I Believe Tommy Walker Worship Video w/lyrics

A Year To Consider Jesus by Carter Conlon

Originally posted on partneringwitheagles:

All this time I’ve blogged about privacy concerns. The fact that even TSA was hacked, gives me pause about being on too many sites.  In October I posted a Grassfire nation petition about the FCC (50 odd days till an UNconstitutional attempt to control the internet) 

I USE STARTPAGE AS MY SEARCH ENGINE. YOU SHOULD TOO.  Is your  e-mail is run by google?

I keep returning to a hard choice: Is my wish to be “web dead” with my present use of a pseudonym and no personal info in a “profile” pg  sufficient to keep the intruders off track?   I adamantly refuse to get a Facebook account; though some of my patriot connections are on Facebook. The new attack on ALIPAC only confirms my stance about privacy. Here is an article I dug up from my files; note the date!

Killer way to slay the Google beast!

‘They’re telling us they…

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Cop’s Take Out The Trash in Oakland:

Originally posted on Voting American:

Hat Tip to The Blaze for this report:

‘Kill the Police’: Cops Arrest Hundreds of Occupy Oakland Protestors After Street Clashes

(The Blaze/AP)– Police arrested hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters last Saturday night for failing to disperse hours after officers used tear gas on over a thousand demonstrators who threw rocks and flares at them and tore down fences.

More help from other police agencies arrived on scene for the mass arrests, with busloads of Alameda County sheriff’s deputies arriving in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Here is video taken from the livestream that shows police warning protestors that mass arrests are about to begin (content warning for profanity):

Police Sgt. Christopher Bolton said the arrests came after protesters marched through downtown Oakland a little before 8 p.m. Saturday, with some of them entering a YMCA building.

At different moments on the livestream video, protestors could be heard yelling…

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(“In the beginning… God said, Let there be light: and there was light.. And more to the point:In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” and“the Word was made flesh.”)
I found this fascinating story on Global Rumblings this morning about how sound transforms crystals:
Most astoundingly, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanscrit were pronounced, “the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels,” notes a review of his work, “while our modern language did not generate the same result!”
The patterns took the forms of letters! Or so it was reported.
How could that be possible? “Is there something to the concept of ‘sacred language,’ which both of these are sometimes called?” asked the review. “What qualities do these ‘sacred languages’ possess?” We might add: is Hebrew a language that has been hard-wired into nature?
And does it also apply to Latin?
Hebrew! Tantalizing was the prospect that sacred language had the power to influence and transform physical reality through the recitation or singing of ancient texts; perhaps even to heal (who was out of “tune”).
Let us be careful with all this. Patterns can devolve into occult symbology. It all can be twisted into the way of the kabbalist. Meanwhile, while no doubt we are all far more connected than we realize, and while God is all around, and is in nature, we must realize that He created nature and that nature is only a small part of Him.
Dr. Jenny speculated that Creation itself came to evolve as the result of vibrations, and that their nature determined the ultimate outcome — as in “the Word of God”!
A friend told me sometime back that Hebrew is the language of fire, isn’t is fascinating to learn how much information God gave man and that you find in the Bible, way before science came along. And isn’t it amazing how science confirms the presence of God, often without intention and sometimes without the realization that they are doing so? I agree totally that we should not draw conclusions about whether words spoken by man influence anything, however, we already know that words spoken by God influence everything.
This is an interesting article, please take the time to read it at Global Rumblings!


Illegal Immigration Fighting Organization Silenced by Google & YouTube Attack

Originally posted on partneringwitheagles:




Published on 01-26-2012 10:08 AM Number of Views: 6066
Illegal Immigration Fighting Organization Silenced by Google & YouTube AttackFor National Release

January 26, 2012

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864 / Press@alipac.us

Google Inc. gave an illegal immigration supporting activist access to the popular YouTube account of the national organization Americans For Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) at 1:15pm Eastern Time on Sunday January 15, 2012. Within one hour, the attacker had changed the password to the account, defaced the account, and deleted the over 100 videos that ALIPAC had uploaded since 2007 which had been viewed over 4.3 million times.

ALIPAC is issuing a public notice to supporters and the national media about this attack and is calling on Google Inc. to restore the YouTube account ALIPAC1. We are also calling on the FBI to launch an…

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Prayers for Bella Santorum ( via Michelle Malkin)

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 28, 2012 10:38 PM

Word came down tonight that Rick Santorum has canceled his Sunday campaign events to be with his 3-year-old daughter, Bella, who was admitted to Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia earlier today.

The Santorums have spoken movingly throughout their campaign about Bella, who was born with Trisomy 18, and recently had surgery.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

The three-year-old daughter of Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum has been admitted to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the candidate has cancelled his Sunday morning campaign events to be at her side.

Santorum campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley said Saturday night that the former Pennsylvania senator and his wife, Karen, were with Bella at CHOP. Gidley said Santorum planned to return to campaigning as soon as possible in Florida, where the Republican primary is Tuesday.

Bella Santorum has Trisomy 18, a genetic condition caused by the presence of all or part of an extra 18th chromosome. Bella was not expected to survive until her first birthday and concerns over her health have canceled previous Santorum campaign events.

During his campaign, Santorum and his wife have spoken openly about the challenges and rewards of raising a child with such a condition. Read the rest at Michelle Malkin

Tribute to a Friend

Tom and Sarah – Jan. 28, 2012


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