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Rep. West warns U.S. on China

Allen West (politician)

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I hope that Congress and the Senate are listening to the words of Rep. Allen West! But it is not just a bigger Navy that we need. China is starting to surpass us in technology too. Just yesterday they announced that they were deploying new technology in the Drilling Idustry. Read about it at the link below and then read the story about Allen West from the Hill.com:

China uses new “Oil Drill Weapon” in Disputed Sea Area | China Military Power Mashup.

Rep. West warns U.S. needs bigger Navy to deal with China’s military threat – TheHill.com.

By John T. Bennett – 05/31/11 03:13 PM ET

U.S. officials should realize China is an economic and military threat to America, and take steps — like building a bigger Navy — to combat Beijing’s moves, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said Tuesday.

“We have to admit that China is a conventional threat to the United States,” West said in a muscular foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

The freshman lawmaker and favorite of the Tea Party movement also said Washington should avoid Pentagon spending cuts as it tries to reduce annual deficits.

After an $18 billion cut for this year and more likely ahead, West said Washington is on pace to return the military to a time when the Army could not afford basic items, such as toilet paper.

His comments came as the House Appropriations Defense subcommittee revealed a Pentagon spending bill that would, if enacted, give the Defense Department $665 billion for 2012. That figure includes two House Appropriations subcommittees’ proposals for the base DOD budget, a military construction funding bill and a war-funding measure.

West said the moves China has made in building up its military and expanding its role in global economics make it “part of the 21st-century battlefield” U.S. officials are facing.

U.S. leaders, he said, are doing a poor job so far managing this new “battlefield.”

West called for a much larger U.S. Navy to compete with what in China will soon be the world’s largest naval fleet.

The U.S. Navy now has 285 “deployable battle force ships,” according to a fact sheet on the service’s website.

The fleet size has come down steadily over the last several decades. The Navy had 654 active warships in 1972, 594 in 1987 and 337 by 1999, according to another Navy fact sheet.

The Chinese understand what the Greeks, Romans, Athenians and Dutch did in past eras — that a large and powerful navy is the way to expand a nation’s global presence, West said.

More broadly, the freshman representative panned U.S. officials for failing, “over the last 10 years,” to clearly define America’s strategic objectives.

To that end, he called for a new strategic blueprint that matches desired military capabilities to the threats the nation faces.

West also slammed President Obama for a revised policy approach on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which would feature land swaps based on pre-1967 borders in that hotly contested region.

“I don’t care about how much land you swap, it’s about the elimination of the Jewish people” for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, West said.

The retired Army officer also pointed to the Egyptian military’s twin decisions to open a passage from that nation to Palestinian-controlled territory and allow Iranian warships through the Suez Canal.

China Rising


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The Unknown History Of The Founding Fathers and Slavery (via Samuel at Gilgal)

The Schoolhouse in Ripon, claimed birthplace o...

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It is sad to learn how much that has been left out of the history books. How many people feel that they were less than human because they thought that they were the forgotten people. In a way they were, but it was not the fault of the founding fathers or the Republican party. The fault lies with those “Progressives” who want so much to manipulate and control people. And how better to make people feel as if they have always been victims, than to tell them that those people thought that they were worth less, or simply that they didn’t consider them human.

The Unknown History Of The Founding Fathers and Slavery David Barton, who has recently gained a wider reputation on Glenn Beck’s “Founders Fridays”, writes this article “The Founding Fathers and Slavery” to supplement the reconstructed American History you were indoctrinated with while attending public schools: “Even though the issue of slavery is often raised as a discrediting charge ag … Read More

via Samuel at Gilgal

Dim Sum – Suddenly! (via ChristianBlessings)

Christ the Saviour (Pantokrator), a 6th-centur...

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We never know what the next moment will bring, it may be the very moment that your (or my) life will end. If we spend our lives waiting for tomorrow we may be surprised. If you believe in God, it is important to live your life as if the Lord is returning any moment. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do now. Remember the old saying “time waits for no man?” Well, neither will God! And if you are not ready when He comes, you will lose so much more than just your life.

Suddenly they came, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, fire, accidents on the highway, accidents at home, accidents in the air, accidents to work or accidents coming home from work, heart attacks, brain aneurysms, cancer – they came with deliberate force to throw their victims out of kilter for life or out of their earthly life. Yes, death stalks us and Christ will come expectantly but we do not know the hour, they will come upon us – it w … Read More

via ChristianBlessings

Extreme Security

“]Cover of "Minority Report [Blu-ray]"

Cover of Minority Report [Blu-ray

I found this story this morning and found it to be extremely frightening. With all the extremes the Department of Homeland Security is going to to harass simple everyday people, do we really want them using something like this on us? Do we want a lawless government to threaten the states if they don’t cooperate and allow this to go on? What price are we willing to pay for security?


Terrorist ‘Pre-Crime’ Detector Field Tested in United States

Sharon Weinberger
Fri, 27 May 2011 02:13 CDT

Minority Report

In Minority Report, Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise) prevented crimes by seeing into the future.

Screening system aims to pinpoint passengers with malicious intentions.

Planning a sojourn in the northeastern United States? You could soon be taking part in a novel security programme that can supposedly ‘sense’ whether you are planning to commit a crime.

Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programme designed to spot people who are intending to commit a terrorist act, has in the past few months completed its first round of field tests at an undisclosed location in the northeast, Nature has learned.

Like a lie detector, FAST measures a variety of physiological indicators, ranging from heart rate to the steadiness of a person’s gaze, to judge a subject’s state of mind. But there are major differences from the polygraph. FAST relies on non-contact sensors, so it can measure indicators as someone walks through a corridor at an airport, and it does not depend on active questioning of the subject.

The tactic has drawn comparisons with the science-fiction concept of ‘pre-crime’, popularized by the film Minority Report, in which security services can detect someone’s intention to commit a crime. Unlike the system in the film, FAST does not rely on a trio of human mutants who can see the future. But the programme has attracted copious criticism from researchers who question the science behind it. (see Airport security: Intent to deceive?)

From fiction to fact

So far, FAST has only been tested in the lab, so successful field tests could lend some much-needed data to support the technology. “It is encouraging to see an effort to develop a real empirical base for new technologies before any policy commitments are made,” says Tom Ormerod, a psychologist in the Investigative Expertise Unit at Lancaster University, UK. Such testing, he adds, could lay the groundwork for a more rigorous randomized, controlled, double-blind study.

According to a privacy-impact statement previously released by the DHS, tests of FAST involve instructing some people passing through the system to carry out a “disruptive act”. Ormerod questions whether such role-playing is representative of real terrorists, and also worries that both passengers and screeners will react differently when they know they’re being tested. “Fill the place with machines that go ping, and both screeners and passengers start doing things differently.”

In lab tests, the DHS has claimed accuracy rates of around 70%, but it remains unclear whether the system will perform better or worse in field trials. “The results are still being analysed, so we cannot yet comment on performance,” says John Verrico, a spokesman for the DHS. “Since this is an ongoing scientific study, tests will continue throughout coming months.”

Some scientists question whether there really are unique signatures for ‘malintent’ – the agency’s term for the intention to cause harm – that can be differentiated from the normal anxieties of travel. “Even having an iris scan or fingerprint read at immigration is enough to raise the heart rate of most legitimate travellers,” says Ormerod.


Airport security: Intent to deceive?

Can the science of deception detection help to catch terrorists? Sharon Weinberger takes a close look at the evidence for it.

Sharon Weinberger

n August 2009, Nicholas George, a 22-year-old student at Pomona College in Claremont, California, was going through a checkpoint at Philadelphia International Airport when he was pulled aside for questioning. As the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees searched his hand luggage, they chatted with him about innocuous subjects, such as whether he’d watched a recent game.

Inside George’s bag, however, the screeners found flash cards with Arabic words — he was studying Arabic at Pomona — and a book they considered to be critical of US foreign policy. That led to more questioning, this time by a TSA supervisor, about George’s views on the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. Eventually, and seemingly without cause, he was handcuffed by Philadelphia police, detained for four hours, and questioned by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents before being released without charge.

George had been singled out by behaviour-detection officers: TSA screeners trained to pick out suspicious or anomalous behaviour in passengers. There are about 3,000 of these officers working at some 161 airports across the United States, all part of a four-year-old programme called Screening Passengers by Observation Technique (SPOT), which is designed to identify people who could pose a threat to airline passengers.

It remains unclear what the officers found anomalous about George’s behaviour, and why he was detained. The TSA’s parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has declined to comment on his case because it is the subject of a federal lawsuit that was filed on George’s behalf in February by the American Civil Liberties Union. But the incident has brought renewed attention to a burgeoning controversy: is it possible to know whether people are being deceptive, or planning hostile acts, just by observing them?

Published online 26 May 2010 | Nature 465, 412-415 (2010) | doi:10.1038/465412a



Chasing Sarah Palin

IMG_2936 Sarah and Allen West

The coverage of Sarah Palin by the media and the so-called Republican pundits verges on Schizophrenia! One day they tell us how stupid she is and the next they wonder at the attention she generates. Let me ask you a few questions: If Sarah Palin is so stupid, why are so many people listening to her? If Sarah Palin is so stupid, why do the media and the Pundits follow her every word and every move?

Is she relevant? Absolutely! How could she not be relevant? With over three million facebook fans, and her every word considered by those that love her and those that hate her as well! Does she let the pundits tell her what she should do and say? Absolutely Not!

The thing is that those people who think that we should listen to them are the very same people who gave us George W. Bush and Barack Obama! If you truly like the direction that both those men have taken us, go ahead and listen to people like George Will who said:

“The threshold question, not usually asked, but it’s in everyone’s mind in a presidential election. ‘Should we give this person nuclear weapons?’ And the answer [in Palin's case], answers itself.”

And just what does Mr. Will base this decision on? He doesn’t bother to inform us of that, he just leaves it hanging out as if since he said it, it must be true. Let’s do a little comparison and then come back to that statement by George Will.

Considering where Barack Obama has taken us on foreign policy, who would you trust more, the man who apologizes for America at every chance he gets? The man who insults and betrays our allies? The man who gives aid and comfort to our enemies while lowering our own defenses? I know what my answer to that is!

Sarah Palin stands with Israel. She doesn’t support betraying our allies. She supports a strong military as well as secure borders. She loves and supports America and would never apologize for her. I would far rather have Sarah Palin, who loves and believes in this country, rather than Barack Obama.

As for George Will, perhaps someone should ask the man for a little clarification. Perhaps he is letting his own prejudices get in the way of common sense. Or perhaps he is so used to being able to tell the American people who should be the President, that he cannot stand the idea that Sarah Palin doesn’t give a fig about his opinion. Perhaps we should stop listening to the very people who have helped get us into this mess.

After all if they were really, truly concerned with the future of the  country, why are they so busy trying to tell us to do everything the same way it has been done before. One of the most beautiful things about Sarah Palin is that she listens to herself and makes her own decisions. She has faith in God and asks his guidance on what she should do. I can’t think of a better adviser than that!

Sarah Palin is the one person that has been able to withstand all the trash that the media and pundits have thrown at her. She is the person that brings the most excitement to wherever she happens to be. The very fact that she has thrived and gotten stronger with everything that has happened in the last few years, shows us that without any doubt Sarah Palin is smarter that all those who are so willing to waste their time and energy to bring her down. And isn’t that one of the things that we need most in this country? Someone who can withstand all the bad and bring us along with them?

Palin’s Path May Be Unclear, but Her Ride Is Revved Up

Published: May 29, 2011

WASHINGTON — For sheer mastery of celebrity theater, Sarah Palincannot be beat.

Ms. Palin, the former governor of Alaska, let the anticipation build for hours on Sunday in the Pentagon’s North Parking Lot, where thousands of bikers (and their rumbling Harleys) had gathered for the annual Rolling Thunder rally ahead of Memorial Day.

And then, suddenly, there she was: Ms. Palin, with her husband, Todd, and the rest of the family. Wearing matching black Harley-Davidson helmets, they rode motorcycles toward the front of the procession through a crush of cameramen, photographers, reporters and leather-clad bikers, all jostling for just a peek at the woman who might be president.

A traditional political appearance it was not. She did not make any public remarks or shake hands with dignitaries. There was no news release accompanying her visit. And after the short ride to the National Mall — she rode on the back of a volunteer’s bike — she sped off in a black sport utility vehicle to points unknown to anyone outside her small circle, even to the reporters covering her.

Ms. Palin’s visit here — to start her still-mysterious One Nation bus tour along the East Coast — provided no clarity about whether she will run for the Republican presidential nomination. But it did reinforce the idea that if she does, her campaign will not be conducted in the usual way. Read more at the New York Times (hardly a right wing paper)


Rush Limbaugh: ‘If [Palin] Is Afraid To Run, The Media Terrorists Have Won’


Government According To President Palin @ Big Government


Andrew Sullivan: ‘I’m Too Terrified For The Country’ To Urge Palin To Run Because She Could Win



When Decoration Day began in the south it started as a time to remember those who had died, not just those who served in the Military and in many of our small towns across the south, it still is. After World War II it morphed to include all the military that died in the war as a way for the nation to honor and remember the sacrifice that those who died had given. I think that perhaps it is one of our most important holidays and if we lose our memories of the sacrifices it lessens us as a people,
In places like Arkansas where I live, we celebrate Memorial day, but we also participate in Decoration Day. Unfortunately, because of the emphasis on backyard BBQ‘s and trips to the lake, it is beginning to die out. For many years ladies in my church would make the flower arrangements to put of the graves of the loved ones but this year we decided not to do it. There were plenty left from last year and there just was not the demand for the flowers.
I think that when Decoration Day began it was a way to make sure that people didn’t forget their history. Many of those were immigrants from other lands and this was a way of reminding their relatives of where they had come from and why they had come. It was also a way, in a time where death came often, and many times unexpectedly, that no matter what, that person was still am important part of the family and their history. It was a time that showed the importance of God and family.
With the massive loss of life abroad in WWII, it also became a time that included country in with the family and God. More than ever it is important that we encourage people to remember those who have died and the reasons that they did. If we lose that memory and it becomes just a day to party, we lose more that just tradition, we lose our history. And if we lose our history, I am afraid that we will lose our own relevance in the world.

It is my hope that each person in the United States would take a few minutes to remember all those who have died that we may remain free. In a time when we are involved in three wars, we need, more than ever to remember the people, their families and the country. We also need to take a few minutes to pray for those who are still fighting, that God will watch over them and should they die, they will not be forgotten.

In Memory



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Rep. Allen West Q&A during the Politicizing Procurement Hearing

Nuclear Taliban?

Aftermath of December 2007 riots in Karachi: b...

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I found this story this morning and quite frankly it was quite eye opening! While our government has been focused on Libya and other hot spots in the Middle East and North Africa,  our enemies are arming themselves and moving toward a vastly broader capability. Read the story below from Intellibriefs and see if you still believe that we should pull out of Afghanistan or whether we should wipe the Taliban completely out?

Signalling the launch of nuclear jihad!

May 29, 2011 2:09:24 PMKanchan Gupta

After the Taliban’s daring raid on PNS Mehran, a heavily guarded naval base in Karachi, the world, and not only the US, has reason to worry, if not be alarmed. This is not just another incident of radical Islamists demonstrating their ability to strike terror with the help of brainwashed young men desperate to die in the hope of frolicking with 72 nubile nymphets in the other world; it signals enhanced capability on part of Pakistan’s terrorists to attack high security targets. As Prof Shaun Gregory, director of the Pakistan Security Research Unit at Bradford University (we shall return to him later) says, “This is a blueprint for an attack on nuclear facilities.”

That fear has been stalking nations around the world ever since Pakistan’s descent into jihadi violence and chaos began in the closing years of Gen Pervez Musharraf’s rule. The fig leaf of order that had been held in place by the General and his men dropped the evening Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. After that, the Pakistani state, such as it existed, began imploding with an effete civilian Government, happy to be putty in the hands of a corrupt, unreliable and unstable Army, watching from the sidelines. With each passing day of blood-curdling violence — a suicide bombing here; a shootout there — the jihadis are inching closer to achieving their goal: Capturing the world’s only Islamic state with a nuclear arsenal. Read more at ItelliBriefs:


The Magical Comedy of Harold Lloyd

Lloyd in A Sailor-Made Man (1921), his first f...

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When I was growing up they used to put a lot of old black and white silent movies on the matinees on Saturday afternoons. My favorite was always Harold Lloyd. So I hope that you enjoy this little bit of the magic that he brings to comedy!

In Memory II

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Every year on Memorial Day we honor our fallen soldiers that gave their life that we might be free! Today more than ever we need reminded that freedom isn’t free. With each day our liberties are being eaten away by a voracious government that seems determined to decide for us every minute detail of our lives.

This country’s Constitution states that our rights are given to us by God, and the Bible tells us that what He gives, no man can take away. They may kill our bodies, but our souls belong to the Creator. We can choose to keep those rights that our men and women died for, or we can give them up. So if we should lose those rights, it is only because we weren’t willing to die for them.

This post is for the men and women who have already proven to God and the world that they are willing to die to keep those rights. If we do nothing else in the next few hours, let us show that honor proudly and let us not be cowed by those in power who have little or no respect for either God, the country, or those who died to protect and save her!


We Remember And Honor All Who Gave Their All For Us

In Memory: In God We Trust

Sarah Palin Launches One Nation Tour

Obama Dishonoring The Military, Again!

Flags that were placed on gravesites at Fort L...

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On this Memorial Day weekend we find out, once again, how little respect the Obama administration has for our military men and women and their families. In a time when the cost of living is going through the roofs and Obama has involved us in another war, they are proposing cutting the pay of the military.


In the latest and most outrageous move, the Obama administration wants to cut pay and/or benefits for our troops and their families, even those deployed overseas fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, in order to reign in budgetary spending.

It’s the classic game that the liberals play whenever they are in power – they are always quick to claim they support the troops, but the military is always first on the chopping block. Yesterday Secretary of Defense Robert Gates revealed that the Obama Administration was considering cutting military paychecks when he said in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute.

“The defense secretary said the strategic review could require politicians to look at other uncomfortable choices, including pay levels for service members, new approaches for retirement and pensions, or higher healthcare costs for working-age retirees.” – David Alexander, Reuters 24 MAY 2011

Thanks to the Obama Administration, the gilded age where America supported it’s troops in times of war may be coming to an end, and this commander-in-chief may be asking our troops to fight two wars while at the same time GIVING UP pay, and benefits both for themselves, their spouses and their children!


Read more at:Canada Free Press:


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Abandoning Our Allies Amid An Increasing Militarized China

Ma Ying-jeou, the current ROC President and wa...

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I am not talking about just Israel, Obama has made it pretty obvious how he feels about her, I am talking about Taiwan too. Where does this administration stand with Taiwan? In 2001, then Senator Joe Biden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said

“Contrary to the President’s statement,” Senator Joseph Biden (Democrat of Delaware) said, “The United States is not obligated to defend Taiwan, ‘With the full force of the American military,’ and hasn’t been since we abrogated the 1954 Mutual Defense Treaty signed by President Eisenhower and ratified by the United States Senate.”


This was in regard to then President Bush’s statement that we had an obligation to defend Taiwan if it were attacked. So where do we stand now? What is the stance on protecting Taiwan?

Obama urged to stand firm on Taiwan

By William Lowther  /  Staff Reporter in WASHINGTON

Sat, Jan 15, 2011

The four co-chairs of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus in the US have written to US President Barack Obama urging him to keep Taiwan’s “vital security interests” in mind during next week’s summit with Chinese President Hu Jintao (胡錦濤).

“In the event that matters concerning Taiwan are raised, we further urge you to emphasize to President Hu that the US position remains clear … the United States will support Taiwan’s security and will continue to provide it with arms, as required under the Taiwan Relations Act,” the letter says.

It is signed by Shelley Berkley, a Democrat from Nevada; Gerald Connolly, a Virginia Democrat; Phil Gingrey, a Georgia Republican; and Florida Republican Mario Diaz-Balart.

“The PRC [People’s Republic of China] has engaged in a large scale military build-up over the past few years and has not abandoned the threat of force, with 1,000 missiles pointed directly at Taiwan,” the letter says.

“It is of the utmost importance that President Hu understands the US’s firm commitment to ensuring that Taiwan has tools it needs to defend itself,” it says.

US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell has just arrived back in Washington from talks in Beijing, where he was trying to work out a final joint statement to be issued by Hu and Obama after their meeting on Wednesday.

A Congressional source close to the White House said the statement had yet to be finalized.

The source would not confirm it, but there were rumors going around Washington that one of the sticking points concerned wording about Taiwan.

“There’s no final decision yet on what the joint statement will say. The White House will be looking to avoid problematic language,” Foreign Policy magazine’s Josh Rogin said.

“Recognizing that US-China relations have been increasingly strained since China cut off military-to-military ties last February [over arms sales to Taiwan], both sides are seeking a visit that highlights what’s positive in the relationship and sets the stage for a warming of ties in the summit’s wake,” he said. Read more at Taipei Times:


This sounds to me as if Congress is not sure what the Obama administrations policy is either.  According to the article below from the Foundry, while we are fiddling our thumbs, China is moving ahead aggressively, targeting Taiwan:

China to Target 1,800 Missiles at Taiwan

Posted May 26th, 2011 at 3:30pm in Protect America

“According to the most recent news, China will likely target Taiwan with 1,800 missiles by the end of next year. The deployment of an additional 200 missiles with increased range and accuracy compared to previous types comes amid the easing of the tension between China and Taiwan following the 2008 election of President Ma Ying-jeou. The Taiwanese president ran on a platform of pursuing a more China-friendly policy. But pursuing such a policy has not affected Chinese efforts to improve its ballistic missile and long-range firepower capabilities.

Ballistic missiles are a weapon of choice for China for many reasons. First, they are highly survivable and mobile—deployed in underground facilities and on the railroads, they are hard to target or destroy. Second, the number of deployed ballistic missiles would defeat any countermeasures Taiwan might take. Third, ballistic missiles have significant political value to Chinese military planners. China can actually threaten with a massive ballistic missile attack in an effort to compel the Taiwanese government to bend to Chinese demands regarding the status of the island or any other issue.

This can significantly complicate U.S. efforts to support Taiwan in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act. This law, signed in 1979, signals continued U.S. support for Taiwan and authorizes U.S. defensive weapons exports to the country. U.S. interests and security assurances to Taiwan are jeopardized by the massive Chinese military buildup, and particularly the expansion of China’s ballistic missile forces, which are aimed at denying any opponent the ability to prevent China from achieving its objectives.

In addition, Chinese military spending in 2011 is officially expected to increase from 532.1 billion renminbi ($81 billion) in 2010 to 601.1 billion renminbi ($91.5 billion). These official figures do not reflect true Chinese military spending and say nothing about China’s strategic intentions. Nonetheless, these figures signal China’s interest in countering the U.S. In particular, Chinese military spending on anti-access/area denial systems, such as the “carrier killer” missile aimed at aircraft carriers—the backbone of U.S. dominance in the Pacific—and counterspace capabilities against U.S. space infrastructure in order to secure space dominance for the People’s Liberation Army, suggest that China is intending to eventually challenge the United States.” Read more at the Foundry:

China to Target 1,800 Missiles at Taiwan | The Foundry

China is a big supporter of North Korea and we know that they are the ones that North Korea relies on for help, but there is more and more evidence that China is not just helping them with food and basic supplies. It is very probable that they are covering for North Korea in their aiding Iran to become a Nuclear Power.

China blocks release of UN report on North Korea-Iran

“China has blocked the release of a UN report accusing North Korea of sharing ballistic missile technology with Iran in violation of sanctions.

China’s UN ambassador said that Beijing was “still studying that report”.

The report, which was leaked at the weekend, said the material passed through a third country, which was later identified by diplomats as China.

China has dismissed suggestions it was a transit point for the illegal shipments.

“I completely deny such reports,” Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue told a news conference on Wednesday.

Cargo flights

His comment echoed the sentiment expressed by the foreign ministry a day earlier that Beijing was “earnest and responsible in implementing Security Council resolutions”.

The UN report, obtained by Reuters at the weekend, was written by a panel of seven experts appointed by the UN secretary general to monitor Pyongyang’s compliance with sanctions.

It was sent to the 15 Security Council members for their approval. Diplomats said China was the only country to object to its release.

The leaked report said North Korea has continued to defy bans imposed by the UN on imports and exports of nuclear-related items, conventional arms and luxury goods.

It says North Korea exploited loopholes and other vulnerabilities in shipping and transportation practices, exchanging ballistic missile technology with Iran on board regular scheduled flights operated by the national carriers.” Read more at:


But are they doing more than just covering for North Korea? Are they actively aiding North Korea in the arming of Iran, as well as perhaps other states?

A Nuclear Triangle?

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il’s visit to China this week has again raised questions about the nature of their relationship.

A recently leaked U.N. report described suspected ballistic missile technology exchanges between North Korea and Iran. The technology transited through an unnamed neighboring country, which several U.N. diplomats, under the condition of anonymity, have identified as China.

Not surprisingly, China is apparently blocking the public release of that report.

As Heritage experts James Carafano and Owen Graham explain, North Korea and Iran have a long history of military cooperation, and Iran’s missile arsenal, which is the largest in the Middle East, draws heavily on North Korean technology and designs. North Korea remains intent on gaining nuclear weapons; it may have already achieved its goal.

Yet the most disconcerting aspect of the leaked report may be that China, which has the most influence with North Korea of any member on the U.N. Security Council, may not just be turning a blind eye toward this illicit cooperation but may in fact be allowing it.

Advances in Iran’s ballistic missile technology are worrisome as well, even after four rounds of U.N. sanctions. This week the press got hold of an IAEA report revealing that Iran has increased its supply of low enriched uranium, a precursor to weaponized uranium.

The U.S. government raised the pressure on Iran and North Korea this week by announcing new sanctions targeting U.S. companies and individuals suspected of doing business with North Korean, Syrian, or Iranian nuclear or missile research programs. The sanctions are a positive step, but their effectiveness remains an open question.


Then there is the increasing cooperation between China and Turkey:


China, Turkey, and a Waiting World: Armed and Active

J. E. Dyer 03.17.2011 – 6:03 PM

Americans need less of a reminder today than we did a year ago that the world waiting beyond U.S. power and international consensus is not a gentle, stable one. But the reminders are accelerating. Two cropped up this week on opposite ends of Asia.

In Taiwan, Tsai Der-Sheng, the director of the National Security Bureau, briefed a legislative committee on China’s deployment across the strait of what he characterized as an entirely new type of ballistic missile. According to Tsai, the new missile’s destructive capacity is beyond anything previously deployed with the Chinese forces. The range of the missile, which he called the “Dongfeng-16,” would allow China to target U.S. facilities in Guam and Okinawa as well as Taiwan.

One Western analyst suggests that the new missile may be an upgraded version of the Dongfeng-15 (or DF-15), a tactical ballistic missile in service for some time with the Chinese army. That may be clarified in the coming days; what is more significant about this situation is that there has been no notice from foreign intelligence agencies that China was developing either a wholly new DF-16 or an upgrade like this one to the DF-15. The implication of that is that China’s missile-development cycle has been — at least in this case — considerably shorter than in the past, when Chinese development efforts were recognized and tracked for years before weapons were fielded with the operating forces.

At the other end of Asia, Greece has lodged a complaint with Turkey for sending a warship to interfere with an Italian cable-tending ship operating in an international strait in the Aegean Sea. The Italian ship has Greece’s approval for its activities, which involve entering Greek waters. The delineation of territorial waters is a particularly  sticky problem in the Aegean; it is not self-evident which competing interpretation — Turkey’s or Greece’s — is “correct.”  But the ascendancy of NATO and U.S. maritime power has held this and other such disputes in check for decades.

Not surprisingly, the cable-laying operation in question is related to an agreement between Italy and Israel to install an undersea communications cable linking the two countries. Industry analysts suggest that the cable will position Israel as the region’s most attractive high-speed communications hub. It’s becoming a pattern for a weapon system to pop up where economic activity is expected to benefit Israel — but the broader perspective on this trend is equally worrisome.

In the past 40 years, the Mediterranean has been almost entirely free of the kind of maritime intimidation regularly attempted by China against its neighbors. A Turkish warship harassing one of Italy’s civilian cable ships, as it operates under contract to Alcatel-Lucent, is the kind of threat China has used against third parties’ marine assets in its economic disputes with Vietnam. No particular armed vigilance has been required to discourage such power moves in the Mediterranean — as long as the U.S. and other NATO leaders were perceived to have the will to counter them. Small incidents like this one in the Aegean are early indicators that that perception has changed.


Does this mean that Turkey will be the next state in the area to go for Nuclear Power? We know that they are actively trying to build nuclear plants. And we know that they are interfering in the Aegean Sea by sending a nuclear warship to interfere with the laying of cable in an agreement between Italy and Israel. We also know that they facilitated the ships that ran the Israeli blockage in May of 2012.

With all the increasing evidence that China is increasing it military strength and pursuing ties to many of our enemies as well as our allies enemies, you have to question what is the Obama administration’s Foreign Policy with regard to our allies. Is he planning to cede Taiwan to China by just standing by while they continue their missile buildup aiming at Taiwan?  Rob Lorinov has an extremely important look at how the US military is concerned with China’s buildup, I have that linked below.

Nuclear Power | 17.03.2011

Turkey stands by nuclear power plans



Lorinov’s Blog

US Military Concerned Over China Military Buildup!!


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Truth On Target: China and Turkey conduct air and ground exercises.

Chinese Academics’ Paper on Cyberwar Sets Off Alarms in U.S. – NYTimes.com.

EPA Gives Money to China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection | The Foundry.

Two Chinese Shanghai Changxing aircraft carriers and Varyag Helo Carrier for PLAN Marines


New START Treaty skips China


North Korea and China


China and Turkey conduct air and ground exercises


National Security at Stake with China

 Red Dragon Needs To Be Stopped.


America: Being Herded By The Left

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

Image by kevindean via Flickr

Give me where to stand, and I will move the earth.

- Archimedes

I received the story below in an email this morning from a friend. I thought that it was so right in the way the it shows how American‘s are being manipulated. It is truly scary the way that we are just being “nudged” and “tempted” to go in the direction that those in power think is “what’s best for us.” When we cede our right to decide for ourselves what is good for us or our children, we might as well understand that we are no longer free, but we are simply slaves working to fulfill the desires of those who control us. If we allow this to happen, we are the fools that they think we are. Many understand what is happening are beginning to fight back, but the violence and the threats are increasing. I am afraid that there are some that will not be willing to fight to retain those rights that were not given to us by the government, but that were given to us by our creator. Take the time to read the articles at the end of the story and see just a few of the examples of how we are being nudged and penned in. If this is not what you want and you, investigate further and then take a stand.

Catching Pigs

There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class.  One day while the class was in the lab, the Prof noticed one young man, an exchange student, who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt.  The professor asked the young man what was the matter.

The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back.   He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country’s government and install a new communist regime.

In the midst of his story, he looked at the professor and asked a strange question He asked:  “Do you know how to catch wild pigs?”
The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said that it was no joke.  “You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground.  The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn.  When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. “When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence.  They get used to that and start to eat again.  You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side.  The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again. “You then slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.  Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom.   They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught.  Soon they go back to eating the free corn.  They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.” The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening in America .  The government keeps pushing us toward socialism and keeps spreading the free  corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc. while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

One should always remember two truths:  1.   There is no such thing as a free lunch , someone pays for it  2.   and when you begin to think that having your government provide for you and make your decisions is ok,  realize that you’ve also given up the freedom that goes with making your own choices.  If you see that all of this wonderful government ‘help’ is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America , you might want to send this on to your friends.  If you think the “free ride” is essential to your way of life, then you will probably delete this email.  But God help you when the gate slams shut!

Bat-shit crazy dictator: Who needs Congress? (via The Radio Patriot)


Obama Declares war on Texas: A ‘NO FLY ZONE’ will be put in place. (via YourDaddy’s Politics)


Untruth or Consequences


Obama: Playing Politics With Disaster


In 2012 we must empty the trash in Washington D. C.

Posted on 05, 24, 11 by boudicabpi


Gun Control: Obama Says It is Happening “Under the Radar”!!


Election 2012 or Martial Law?


FDA, USDA and the EPA __ Obama’s Storm Troopers in Action


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Obama Declares war on Texas: A ‘NO FLY ZONE’ will be put in place. (via YourDaddy’s Politics)

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Image via Wikipedia

This cannot be legal can it? It’s staggering the extent that this President will go to get his way. We are no longer a free republic, Obama has made himself a dictator!

Could this be the beginning of the 2nd American Revolution? Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice upped the ante in a high-stakes political game of chicken. Lobbying against pending legislation in the Texas legislature which would criminalize any searches conducted without probable cause, U.S. Attorney John E. Murphy sent a letter to a few high-ranking members of Texas’ government warning against promoting the bill and threatening a complete … Read More

via YourDaddy’s Politics

Heading To World War 3


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Prayers For Denning, Arkansas

This map shows the incorporated and unincorpor...

Image via Wikipedia

Please keep Denning, Arkansas in your prayers! It is a very small town of about two hundred seventy people about ten miles from my home. It was pretty much destroyed and at least three deaths when a mile wide tornado went through it. We have friends and family that live close, but so far no one that we know has been hurt. There is not much left! Thank you!

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China Rising

National emblem of the People's Republic of China

Image via Wikipedia

 We are witnessing a rise in the distrust of China and it’s attitude to the United States. Some are implying that this is just paranoia on the part of some in the Republican party. What is being left out is that paranoia is often justified. And that while our President, Barack Obama, seems determined to lower our status on the worlds stage, China is going the opposite way, and enlarging theirs. We see that in the way that they are getting more and more involved in the Middle East, especially Pakistan. We learned just this morning that China has warned the United States that continued involvement in targeting terrorists in Pakistan, could be construed by China as an act of war. As we see from the Press Trust of India:

China ‘asks USA to respect Pak sovereignty’

Press Trust of India
“ISLAMABAD, 19 MAY: In the wake of the US raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China”, a media report claimed today.
The warning was formally conveyed by the Chinese foreign minister at last week’s China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, The News daily quoted diplomatic sources as saying. China also advised the USa to “respect Pakistan’s sovereignty and solidarity”, the report said.
Chinese Premier Mr Wen Jiabao informed his Pakistani counterpart Mr Yousuf Raza Gilani about the matters taken up with the US during their formal talks at the Great Hall of the People yesterday. The report said China “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China”. The two premiers held a 45-minute one-on-one meeting before beginning talks with their delegations.
The Chinese leadership was “extremely forthcoming in assuring its unprecedented support to Pakistan for its national cause and security” and discussed all subjects of mutual interest with Mr Gilani, the report said. Mr Gilani described Pakistan-China relations and friendship as “unique”. Talking to Pakistani journalists accompanying him, he said that China had acknowledged his country’s contribution and sacrifices in the war against terrorism and supported its cause at the international level. “China supported Pakistan’s cause on its own accord,” Mr Gilani said with reference to the Sino-US strategic dialogue where the Chinese told the US that Pakistan should be helped and its national honour respected. Mr Gilani said China had asked the US to improve its relations with Pakistan, keeping in view the present scenario.
Pakistan reiterated its position on the one-China policy and said it fully supported China on the issues of Taiwan and Tibet, he said. He said both sides will continue their consultations on UN reforms. It was also agreed that both countries will formulate a long-term joint energy mechanism for electricity generation in Pakistan through various means, including nuclear energy.
Mr Wen announced that the Chinese leadership will send a special envoy to Islamabad to express solidarity with Pakistan at this “crucial period in its history”. The envoy, a senior minister, will take part in celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries.
The USA has stepped up pressure on Pakistan to crack down on terrorist sanctuaries and to probe whether military and intelligence officials were aware that bin Laden had been hiding in the garrison city of Abbottabad, which is home to thousands of soldiers.
Pakistan has turned to China, its “all weather friend”, for support in the face of reports that US lawmakers are pressing for cuts in aid. China has agreed to provide Pakistan 50 new JF-17 Thunder multi-role jets under a co-production agreement, The News reported. It is likely that these planes will be supplied by June next year.
The two countries are also discussing the supply of Chinese J-20 stealth jets and Xiaolong/FC-1 multi-purpose light fighter aircraft to Pakistan. They are discussing the mode of payment and the number of planes to be provided to Pakistan, the report said. China will also launch a satellite for Pakistan on 14 August.
The satellite will supply “multifarious data” to Pakistan, the report said. Mr Gilani said both sides had agreed to increase defence cooperation and China had assured Pakistan of help in enhancing the capacity of its armed forces.
He said Pakistan’s trade with China had registered a significant increase in the last two years and efforts were being made to raise it to US$ 15 billion a year.
Mr Gilani said Pakistan has the capability and capacity to defend its frontiers and the armed forces are fully vigilant, and no incident like the US raid against bin Laden will happen in future. He said Pakistan will continue its efforts to stop US drone attacks, which have proved to be counter-productive. “Read more at the Statesman:


We also know that China is getting involved in Afghanistan and reaping the rewards in mining, where as we are becoming bogged down in continued violence and targeting by the taliban. While we are trying to rebuild schools and hospitals, the taliban is doing it’s best to kill our soldiers and doing deals with China for the resources in that country. We have seen China increase it’s military influence in the world, in the Middle East, with advisors in Libya; in South America with bases and advisors in Venezuela as we see in this article from the Los Angelas Times from 2009:

Venezuela deepens trade, military ties with China

Chavez takes control of a communications satellite, and will soon get delivery of 18 military training aircraft, a sign analysts say of the United States’ waning influence on the continent.

January 12, 2009|Chris Kraul

Venezuela took control this weekend of a Chinese-built communications satellite, part of a deepening trade relationship that some say illustrates waning U.S. influence in Latin America.

Accompanied by Chinese technicians at a communications facility in western Guarico state, President Hugo Chavez presided at a ceremony in which Venezuela formally assumed operation of the Simon Bolivar, a $400-million satellite that China launched in October.”


Or we see that they are developing economic ties to Brazil:

Finance Drives Brazil-China Cooperation


There is nothing wrong with what China is doing. In fact, it is doing what any country that wants to improve does. The fact that they are doing it in our hemisphere should be a wake up call to the Obama administration. It is something that we should be watching closely. The countries that China is building relationships are the very countries that are not friends to the United States. In 2007 China was busy opening ports in Mexico:

Red China Opens NAFTA Ports in Mexico

The plan is to ship containers of cheap goods produced by under-market labor in China and the Far East into North America via Mexican ports. From the Mexican ports, Mexican truck drivers and railroad workers will transport the goods across the Mexican border with Texas. Once in the U.S., the routes will proceed north to Kansas City along the NAFTA Super-Highway, ready to be expanded by the Trans-Texas Corridor, and NAFTA railroad routes being put in place by Kansas City Southern. Kansas City Southern’s Mexican railroads has positioned the company to become the “NAFTA Railroad.”

Trade Winds from the East
By Emilio Godoy

MEXICO CITY, Apr 14, 2010 (IPS) – China has replaced Mexico as the top supplier of goods to the United States, and experts say that a specific trade strategy is needed for this Latin American country to compete successfully with Beijing in the U.S. market, the world’s largest.

“What is lacking is an active trade policy to try to cut down imports of many inessential articles, and a policy to boost national exports,” Arturo Ortiz, of the Institute of Economic Research at the state National Autonomous University of Mexico, told IPS.

Since 2003, China rather than Mexico has been the chief source of U.S. imports, a situation maintained by the artificially low value of China’s currency, the yuan, which drives that country’s exports, according to local and international analysts.


We also know that while the Barack Obama administration is denying oil permits in the Gulf Of Mexico, China is busy trying to get the very oil that Americans are denied. As one of Cuba’s biggest trading partners, with Cuba becoming an oil exporter, do you think that they might be first in line to receive the rewards of Cuba’s bounty?

Cuba’s Deepwater Oil Exploration Could Be a Game Changer

Transitioning From Oil Importer to Exporter

“It could create a significant change in Cuba’s economic wherewithal,” says Benjamin-Alvarado, who recently co-authored a book on Cuba’s energy sector. He notes Cuba currently produces about 90,000 barrels of oil daily, or about half of its overall needs — with the rest being imported from Venezuela. But with the possibility of Cuba transitioning from an oil importer to a modest exporter, there’s been a dramatic increase in foreign direct investment in Cuba in recent years — as international companies invest in the country’s oil production infrastructure.

And with China’s ability to build deep-sea oil rigs, Cuba will most likely consider their relationship in awarding future permits in the Gulf of Mexico

China builds mega deep-sea oil rig

China has inaugurated its most advanced deep-sea oil platform capable of operating at up to 3,000 meters under the surface of the ocean.

This move boosts the country’s offshore tapping capabilities and enhances its leverage in securing marine resources often contested by other regional players.

The announcement, seen as a major technology breakthrough, will serve a national energy ambition as authorities now look to the high seas for answers to soaring energy demands.

The oil rig, named CNOOC981, was launched Monday in Shanghai, where it was delivered to China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), the State-owned oil company with exclusive rights to exploit offshore oil and gas fields.

CNOOC spent 6 billion yuan ($922.37 million) in developing the rig, which was specially designed to drill deep sea oil fields. It was built over the course of three years by China State Shipbuilding Corp (CSSC).

The rig weighs 31,000 tons with a deck the size of a standard football field. It is able to undertake offshore operations at up to 3,000 meters under the ocean and extract for oil at a depth of 12,000 meters, according to CSSC. This is a massive increase to China whose previous oil extraction capacity was limited to 500-meter-deep seas.

The oil rig will start its voyage from Shanghai on Thursday for a trial cruise before starting drilling in the South China Sea in July, according to a report by the People’s Daily.

This will help China establish a more important presence in the largely untapped southern part of the South China Sea.

Energy-thirsty countries around the South China Sea have been tapping its oil resources for years, but this will mark the first instance of China’s influence spreading to its southern tides.


We also have seen recent information that China is building military bases in Mexico:

UPDATE on Chinese Troops In Mexico PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Watchman
Thursday, 17 March 2011 21:04
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I am updating this article because so many people are hitting it all of a sudden.  The latest in information about Chinese troops in Mexico, along the border, and incursions into American airspace.

May 17th, 2011

Last Thursday (May 11th) was quite a stressful day. A report came in at around 6:30pm from our people near New Mexico on the Mexican border that two Chinese KIO Spotter helicopters had been seen entering US airspace. The two contacts were told by their superiors to keep it quiet. After our man on the ground got the message out he sent out a second message saying that his location had just been approached by Govt. Officials.

Approximately 25 min. after the second message all communication was lost with him and his unit. Our contact was unable to be reached for several hours.  It was not until later that evening that I received an OK from my source letting me know that our contact was OK.

We expect to hear more details from a briefing that is classified regarding time, location, and individuals tonight on the conversation he had with our contact and the chain of events that took place on Thursday.

We have had independent verification of the Chinese choppers sighted you can read that here from the initial post and reply.


I know this is confusing because it has been “sanitized”.  The point is…that there was a definite cover up of information regarding the identity of the choppers as Chinese and they were allowed to be flying in American airspace in New Mexico.

Stay tuned for further developments.

UPDATE END. May 17th, 2011


What does all this mean the the United States and it citizens? It means that while our President is spending his time, running our country down abroad and making it defenseless at home, China is doing what any sane country would do. It is busy build it defense and offense capability, and building relationships. How do we respond to this, mostly by just brushing it off and calling those that raise concerns, paranoid.

Our President seems intent on angering and betraying our allies, while those that would do us harm are making new allies. And the new ally that they have in China is one of the biggest holders of our loans. Is China interested in invading the United States? I am sure of one thing, if there is enough of a weakness shown to our enemies, they are not going to stand back and ignore it. Like the old enforcers for gangs, if they can’t get their money one way, perhaps they will just break a few legs. How will they do that?

We see the increasing dependence on aid from the Government here in the United States, with the loss of income, the increase of cost of food, fuel, and everything else needed to survive. If those needs are not met we may see the breakdown of civil discourse and the increase of violence, as we are seeing in Spain and Greece, and also in many instances in the Middle East. If a country wanted to take advantage and they were positioned right, it would be a very tempting opportunity. Are we prepared for that kind of condition? And what would be the results of those actions? Some think that it would lead to WWIII. Take the excert from the book by David DeGraw:

From David DeGraw’s “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III”

II: Violence on the Horizon

“As the entrenched global banking cartel continues to control domestic political policy, the next phase of this crisis will inevitably feature an escalation into mass violence. As the Army War College stated, the Pentagon is preparing for “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States” and “widespread civil violence” due to “purposeful domestic resistance.”

In clear signs of what is to come, rioting and violence as a result of economic turmoil has already been experienced in many countries throughout the world. However, civil unrest has not yet occurred within the United States. There are many theories as to why there has been so little resistance from the US population thus far, and several factors play into it. The most significant factor is that social safety net programs have been vital in preventing people from resorting to extreme measures. Currently, a stunning number of Americans, 52 million, are receiving life-sustaining assistance from government “anti-poverty” programs, such as food stamps, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. This has already stretched a social safety net system that is designed to handle significantly less people to its limit. This safety net system has now been drained of all reserve resources over the past two years, and is obviously not sustainable under current economic and political conditions.

As social safety net programs have been drained of reserves, many US citizens have also been burning through their personal savings. Over the past few years the percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck has dramatically increased. In 2007, 43 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck. In 2008, the percentage increased to 49 percent. In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent. The most recent number for 2010 has exploded to a shocking 77 percent. This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million Americans are one setback away from economic ruin and millions more are in danger of having to rely on government assistance for survival.

So as this prolonged economic crisis continues, these safety nets, that are already overwhelmed, will have to support more and more people and will inevitably break down. As we have just begun to see, budget cuts to vital social programs on the state and federal levels will become increasingly severe right at the point when many more Americans will need them. As the 52 million Americans currently surviving in “anti-poverty” programs are gradually cutoff from life-sustaining government assistance – and as the 239 million people now living paycheck to paycheck, buried in debt, stressing out and working their asses off just to make ends meet realize that things are not going to be getting any better — and are only going to get worse — social unrest and outbursts of violence will eventually start to bubble up to the surface and the ruling elite will no longer be able to maintain power by simply deceiving the masses via mainstream media propaganda.” Read more at:




Many are questioning the purpose of China’s growing military such as the article below from Big Peace:

China’s Growing Military: Much Ado About Something (Part 2)

For what purposes is China going to use its growing military? No, they are not going to invade Florida. (Just drill for oil some 50 miles from Spring Break). Nevertheless, they are asserting hegemonic power and it is primarily related to energy. They seek to use their military as a coercive tool to steer investment and trade in its favor and away from its competitors.

First, whether the Sprattly’s or other island chains from Japan to Malaysia, they are seeking a new version of the Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere – but this has to do with energy first, second and third, most notably oil and gas resources, and a grand investment, trade and economic empire strategy. This entails deals with such regimes as in power in Iran, Sudan, Venezuela, and Burma, and establishing military bases and influence to ensure that such energy resources go one place and one place only–mainland China. Military power serves as a top cover for Chinese extended reach into these areas including economic, investment and military activities. This also extends to Cuba and central Asia. Read more at:


Related articles:

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The Obama Administration And The Danger To The United States


On My Watch-The Writings of Sam Henry

China in Pakistan


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Are We Manipulating The Weather?

Aerial view of the HAARP site, looking towards...

Image via Wikipedia

It isn’t such a farfetched idea! It’s something that scientists have been attempting for over a century. There was quite a bit in the news after Hurricane Katrina with all kinds of people trying to come up with ways to either stop hurricanes, or to steer them in different directions. Bill Gates was one of the people that was willing to fund scientists in order to discover a way to do so. I don’t think that he thought that is was a waste of his money.
If our government had come up with some way to control the weather, it would probably one of our most closely held secrets, wouldn’t you think? We do have evidence that it is something that they are researching. Take the article below from Wired.com/dangerroom in 2008:

Navy Research Paper: ‘Disrupt Economies’ with Man-Made ‘Floods,’ ‘Droughts’

A recently-unearthed U.S. Navy research project calls for creating mad-made floods and droughts to “disrupt [the] economy” of an enemy state.

“Weather modification was used successfully in Viet Nam to (among other things) hinder and impede the movement of personnel and material from North Viet Nam to South Viet
Nam,” notes a Naval Air Warfare Weapons Division – China Lake research proposal, released last month through the Freedom of Information Act.  But “since that time military research on Weather Modification has dwindled in the United States.”

The proposal suggests a study of the latest weather manipulation techniques, to “give the U.S. military a viable, state-of-the-art weather modification capability again.”  With that in hand, American forces would be able…

To impede or deny the movement of personnel and material because of rains-floods, snow-blizzards, etc.

(2) To disrupt economy due to the effect of floods, droughts, etc.

The proposal is undated.  But it’s pretty clearly from the Cold War.
Not only is “the Soviet Union (Russia)” mentioned.  The money is also relatively small, by today’s standards — less than a half-million dollars, over two years.

A military in-house newspaper calls  “weather modification” an “area of China Lake preeminence.   Between 1949 and 1978, China Lake developed concepts, techniques, and hardware that were successfully used in hurricane abatement, fog control, and drought relief. Military application of this technology was demonstrated in 1966 when Project
was conducted to enhance rainfall to help interdict traffic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.”  (Here’s a picture of China Lake’s “Cold Cloud Modification System.” Read more at Wired.com/dangerroom


What is even more interesting is what a current member of the Obama administration thought on using weather manipulation:

Or this article from Google:

Owning the Weather – The secret agenda of atmospheric manipulation.
42:27 – 4 years ago
Back in 1995, a document titled “Owning the Weather in 2025″ was submitted to the director of the United States Air Force, under a disguised notion that it was a fictional report and was not intended to be applied to real-life scenarios. The document was a detailed research analysis paper which described the potential of developing aerospace technologies, and more importantly, how they might best be used to harness, control and manipulate the natural forces of weather on this planet. The technologies and capabilities described in this report have now become a reality, and have been documented all over the world. The “Space Preservation Act of 2001″ was introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives by Dennis Kucinich and was an attempt to legislate the use of certain types of advanced weaponry, and not surprisingly, did not pass.”

I realize that many people think that Dennis Kucinich is a little out there too, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be considered in the evidence. And we have evidence that at least some members of this current administration would be willing to use it. What is amazing is the reason that they would use it.  Mr. Holdren is willing to use this type of manipulation in order to decrease the population. He is willing to kill thousands, or perhaps millions of people, just to satisfy his desire to have less people in the world. From what we have seen of this administration and their attitudes to this country, would you doubt that they would use it to change the country to fit their ideas of how it should be?
Still having some doubts as to whether this technology is possible? Let me ask you this, there have been rumors out there since the Vietnam war that the United States has the ability and is willing to use that ability, to alter the weather. If you wanted to control people, you would use any means available wouldn’t you? What if you could influence or change the weather, but not totally control it? Would you risk that? Do you think that someone, who truly didn’t care about the consequences, would use it? I do!!!! But just in case you still question, what about this article from the PPJ Gazette:

Owning the Weather in 2025: Still think they can’t alter the weather?

January 13, 2011 by ppjg

Updated from original article in 2008……


_“It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military]technologies.”_

Even if you don’t read this article, which is surely just my opinion, at least take the time to read this report prepared for the Air Force in 1996 and ask yourself if you can honestly conclude that the bizarre weather that has struck in all parts of the U.S in the last four to five years might not really be the result of intentional weather disruption and creation.

The experimentation with the HAARP program emanating from Alaska has gone on unabated and largely ignored by the MSM for at least 15 years.  Ice sheets melting at an alarmingly fast rate in the Arctic seem not to be newsworthy, as are the deaths of indigenous animals and marine life in that area.  Just call it global warming and let the war of words and theories begin.  But!  Whatever you do, never, ever mention HAARP.

Centralized in Gokona, Alaska, HAARP became functional in 1992 using high powered transmission antenna’s that blast enormous waves of electrical energy into our outer atmosphere called the ionosphere.  These blasts will and do cause changes in the temperature of the ionosphere, at times heating it to extreme temperatures which directly affects changes in temperatures on earth.  If reflected back to earth, these same energy bursts can disrupt the rhythm of internal organs not only of animals but also of humans.

Excerpted from the original document:

Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

“It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.” (end excerpt) Read more at: PPJ Gazette


One of the most interesting pieces of information comes from the paper listed below:

The Military’s Pandora’s Box

by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

This article was prepared to provide a summary of the contents of a book written in 1995 which describes an entirely new class of weapons. The weapons and their effects are described in the following pages. The United States Navy and Air Force have joined with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, to build a prototype for a ground based “Star Wars” weapon system located in the remote bush country of Alaska.

The individuals who are demanding answers about HAARP are scattered around the planet. As well as bush dwellers in Alaska, they include: a physician in Finland; a scientist in Holland; an anti-nuclear protester in Australia; independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada, and countless others.

Unlike the protests of the 1960s the objections to HAARP have been registered using the tools of the 1990s. From the Internet, fax machines, syndicated talk radio and a number of alternative print mediums the word is getting out and people are waking up to this new intrusion by an over zealous United States government.”

Or you might find this interesting:

Government Sponsored Technologies for Weather Modification
Rising global temperatures, increasing population, and degradation of water supplies, have created broad support for the growing field of weather modification. The U.S. government has conducted weather modification experiments for over half a century, and the military-industrial complex stands poised to capitalize on these discoveries.

One of the latest programs is HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program. This technology can potentially trigger floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. The scientific idea behind HAARP is to “excite” a specific area of the ionosphere and observe the physical processes in that excited area with intention of modifying ecological conditions. HAARP is also a weapon of mass destruction, capable of selectively destabilizing entire regions.”

Or this one also from Wired.com/dangerroom:
New Document Reveals Military Mystery’s Powers
By David Hambling Email Author
December 10, 2007 |
10:35 am |
For years, no military program has sparked more fevered speculation from conspiracy theorists than the mysterious High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP. And for years, the Pentagon has been pooh-poohing speculation that the enormous collection of transmitters, radars, and magnetometers in Alaska was some sort of superweapon.

But, it turns out, the conspiracy theorists may not have been entirely off-base, after all.

Since its inception, there’s been a huge range of opinion on what HAARP actually does: everything from a giant mind control facility to a space nuke countermeasure to a weather controller to an ionosphere-boiling mad science experiment to the mother of all pork projects has been suggested. But now that the program is actually up an running, military managers say the electronics array has much more benign use. “HAARP’s main job is to produce radio waves to probe the ionosphere,” an Air Force Research Laboratory officer said in October.

Which is true — up to a point.

A drive by Clifford Stone on the X-Files-esque uber-site Above Top Secret to use the Freedom of Information Act to turn up UFO-related documents has led to the release of a fascinating report, HAARP: Research and Applications.
It’s from the Air Force Research Laboratory and Office of Naval
Research, and it lays out the uses the military see for HAARP. Turns out the Pentagon wants some military bang for their buck from the program.

HAARP can actually perform a lot of militarily important functions, all involving the interactions of radio waves with the high atmosphere, magnetosphere and ionosphere.


The document points out that “on the higher frequency end (VHF/UHF)
transionospheric propagation is a ubiquitous element of numerous civilian and military communication systems, surveillance and remote sensing systems.” In other words, messing with the ionosphere means you can shut down VHF radio, TV and radar signals at will. As radio hams know, the reflection and refraction effects of the ionosphere make a huge difference to long-range radio reception, and HAARP provides the only means of influencing that.

Maybe you think that this is all Science Fiction, but if I may remind you, Sci-Fi has a way of becoming fact. Like your ipad, blackberry, or the new handheld ultra sound machines that are being used in places that there is no access to the large units used in hospitals. And as to the question as to whether someone would be willing to use it. Of course they would. Truthfully, that has been the dream of so many people, whether it is some petty dictator, or a general in the army that would like to prevent destruction to his side, and increase the destruction to the other side. So knowing what you know, don’t be so quick to discount the possibility that this government would use this technology, and use it against it’s own people if they though they could get there way.

Martial Law, Fema Camps, Rex84, Classified Top Secret?


Iran, Russia Warn US Has Climate Change Weapon. So Why the Flooding Here?


What in the World are They Spraying ?


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Sarah’s Plan Of War

Sarah shows us again why we need her on someone like her in straightforwardness. She is absolutely right on in her analysis of both the media and why it is not necessary to play by the same old rules. The times have changed and so have we. There is no need to play by the same handbook that lost us the election in 2008. We know where most of the media stands and it is not with conservatives. It is one thing to play fair, it is quite another to give up every advantage and hope that your greatest challengers will do the same. Either we are going to try our best or we are going to cede victory. There is no other way and this is too important to give up our advantage in order to please some people who think that we should play the game by their arbitrary rules of engagement. If we want to win this war, we have to set the parameters, not allow our enemies to box us in. Read more at Texas for Sarah Palin:

John Nolte: Sarah Palin takes it directly to David Gregory

 So to quote the Governor again: “Why participate in their game?”

John Nolte talks about 2012 and electability:
When Democratic candidates boycott Fox News, do you want to know what that is? Smart. Real smart. Not to take anything away from Fox, who would obviously be much fairer to Democrats than the rest of the MSM is to Republicans, but those Democrats are trying to get elected and so it only makes sense that they play it as safe as possible. That’s not cowardice, it’s tactical competence. (Once elected, however, they have an obligation to do the rounds.)

Shouldn’t our candidates consider doing the same thing in 2012?

For example, NBC/MSNBC’s sins of bias are too many to count, but just for starters, why would any Republican do any kind of business with David Gregory after his racist race-baiting of Newt Gingrich this last Sunday? Furthermore, why would anyone on our side do any kind of business with that appalling ode to jour-o-lism we call Politico? Newsflash Republicans: In the age of New media, the road to the White House need not go through Chuck Todd’s goatee, Diane Sawyer’s plastic smile, Anderson Cooper’s hypnotically sexy blue eyes or Matt Lauer’s buzz cut.  Read more at Texas for Sarah Palin


 Or read this wonderful article at the Sarah Palin Information Blog: Sarah Palin: Obama is only ‘our temporary leader’ Israel is our lasting friend

The post below is one that I wrote awhile back but I still think that it is timely and so I am reposting it again.

Sarah Palin: Rose of Steel

This is an alternate crop of an image already ...

Image via Wikipedia

Image via WikipediaRead an interesting post by Dan Surber with a really interesting  analogy.  Obama as the hare and Palin as the tortoise. Read the link below and decide for yourself.  Funny and fascinating at the same time. I picture Obama as a candle burning on both ends. I doubt many younger people understand that analogy, but besides burning up much faster, you wind up getting burned yourself. He is flaming out pretty fast. Even his biggest supporters are starting to wonder what his real agenda is.

As we watch and wonder what Obama is going to do next, we know where Sarah Palin stands. She stands strongly with Israel, and knows that their security is just as important to our security as our security is to them. If the muslim brotherhood does take control in Egypt, what happens next? They are stating that their goal is the destruction of Israel, are we going to step in with our protection? Or is the Obama administration going to stand on the sidelines while they fulfill their threats.

This should be making our allies shake in their boots. If this administration will not stand for Israel, with whom we have longstanding treaties, will we stand with any of our allies, if another country decides to go against them? What about Taiwan? If China decides it is in their best interests to retake what they consider their property, will the Barack Obama administration even pay attention?

Sarah Palin would! She would be the first person to say stop, we are with you. If you believe at all in the future of this country, you need to start looking at the strength of the people who are considering a run for the presidency. Will they be strong enough, or will they roll over the first time someone in the media attacks their family. They will do it! They got away with it with Sarah Palin, and now they know that their supporters don’t really care what they do, as long as their person comes out on top.

This is the future we are dealing with. If you have listened to some of the protesters in the U.S. from the left, lately, you have heard some of the worst rhetoric and hatred in the history of our country. They went so far as to call for Clarence Thomas‘ toes to be cut off and fed to him. This was from a member of “Code Pink“, the so-called anti-war protesters. Obviously, they only want people they disagree with hurt or killed. If they are people who are determined to kill Americans or Jews, that is fine. They are in Egypt stoking the fires. Of course they don’t mind being rescued when it gets out of hand, even if it is by the same people they are so fond of calling killers.

What do we want in the future? Do we want the vision of Barack Obama? Or do we want the vision of Sarah Palin? Who has the right answers? Sarah wants us to drill our own oil, not import it from countries that hate us, and don’t care how much it costs us. Sarah wants us to enable all our people to be able to provide themselves with a living wage and healthcare. Sarah believes that this country is the best place in the world to live and wants to keep it that way. Sarah believes that most people are smart enough to know what is best for themselves and their families, and that local governments know what is needed for their area much more than someone a thousand miles away.

Sometimes I wonder at the intelligence of people who insist that Sarah Palin is stupid, mostly because she doesn’t take fifty words to get a point across when it only takes two, i.e.”death panels”. I wonder at the fear that she will win the Republican nomination for President, instead of their handpicked choice, so much so, that they will do their own part to destroy her. But let me remind some of those people, some of their choices have already failed once. Huckabee lost to McCain, so did Romney.

And if they lost to the man who lost to Obama, does it make any sense to think that they would win when the time to run against him comes? Sarah was only on the ticket a short time but she raised McCain’s numbers, he probably would have lost by a larger margin if she had not been on the ticket. And as for the other’s who are considering runs, have at it. If they can prove themselves strong enough to withstand the kind of trash that has been thrown at Sarah Palin, then they deserve to be considered.

But I am getting very tired of so-called Republicans who are saying that Sarah Palin is not “presidential”, and that she is stupid and only a reality star. Most of them have never met her and are basing their opinions on the opinions of others. I would respect their opinion more if they had met her.

What is intelligence? Is it intelligent to be able to get a degree from a college or university? Or does that have to be a “elite” university? Is it intelligence if your family has the money to pay your way through that university, instead of having to work your way through, and maybe take 5 or 6 years because of that? Is it intelligence to attend a university because it is elite, or is it more intelligent to use that opportunity to see a part of the country you have not seen before? Is it intelligent to read what the media on the “East Coast” read, or maybe there is a wide variety of news and media out there that is just as important to the rest of the country?

They say that she doesn’t have enough experience, while at the same time deliberately disregard the experience that she does have. They say that Huckabee is acceptable and yet if you look at his actual experience, he has less than Sarah. He has no business experience, while she does. So what makes it different? Is it because she is a woman, maybe?

Are the so called “pundits” are objective? Go back and see who they supported. You will find that some of them, like Peggy Noonan, stated that they supported Barack Obama. So, are they intelligent? If not, what makes them qualified to say who the American People should choose? They told us that John McCain was the best man for the job last time. Were they right then? What makes them right this time. If these people are the ones that think they are the best judges of who is presidential, perhaps they should be the ones that sit down and shut up.

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A Reminder on Israel’s Beginning

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 24:  Benjamin Netanyahu, ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

From a friend this morning:

To Whom Does The Land of Israel Belong?

An Israeli Sense of Humor at UN set the record straight. An ingenious example of speech and politics occurred recently in the United Nations Assembly and made the world community smile.

A representative from Israel began: ‘Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses: When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath!’

Moses removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them!

The Palestinian representative at the UN jumped up furiously and shouted, ‘What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then.’

The Israeli representative smiled and said, ‘And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech..’.

OBAMA BOOED AT AIPAC via STR read more at:


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Heading To World War 3

Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Image via Wikipedia

Ever since the violence in the Middle East started, people are beginning to wonder if World War III is starting. I think that it is, and I think that Barack Obama is the trigger. Every thing that he has done has led to increased violence in this world. Whether it was telling Mubarak in Egypt to step down when he could have gotten the situation under control if we had left him alone. To the way that he got us involved in Libya unnessessarily, and continues to keep us there knowing that this is not something  that is vital to our existence.

We have seen him ignore the violence in Iran and Syria. We have seen the disdain in which he treats Israel and the threats to her. In fact he is advocating policies that any reasonable person understands would put her at increased risk. He is advocating policies in Europe on the financial front that risk the stability of Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. The rioting that we have seen in some of those areas are already leading to a breakdown in the stability of those countries.

That is not to say that he alone is culpable, these policies were put into place before he came into power. However, he is increasingly pushing those policies despite the evidence that it is not working. He seems to believe that if they just continue doing it that the results will change. I do not believe that the man is ignorant, therefore he must have a reason, and that reason seems to be the breakdown of those countries.

Here at home he is endangering this country with his continued insistence that we increase government and spending. He is refusing to enforce our laws in regard to immigration and states rights. He is weakening our judicial system and prosecuting non-existent crimes. He is confusing the American people by telling them one thing while the whole of the country can see that he is doing something entirely different.

He is weakening our ability to secure our borders and aiding our enemies. He is refusing to obey our laws and ignoring our Constitution. In Barack Obama we have a lawless man that is promoting violence and destruction across the whole of the world. If he is not stopped there will be no other option that another world war. For just another example read the article below from the American Thinker

The Coming Assault on Israel

By James Lewis

Suppose you’ve just turned 18, barely out of high school, and now you’re on guard duty at the borders of Israel, like the girls and boys who check your tourist luggage at Ben Gurion airport.  It’s an adult job, but you try to live a normal life, while being publicly threatened by suicidal Moo Bros, nuke-happy Ahmadinejad, and all their leftist enablers.  Welcome to your life.  This is not your beer-soaked Spring Break.  It’s not a break at all.
Check out the daily hate propaganda translations in English on MEMRI.org, and you can see what they are facing.  Fortunately it’s easy for Israel’s young draftees to drive to their IDF jobs, because it’s only a few miles from their homes.
A month ago Barack Obama told Egyptian President Mubarak to leave office, thereby throwing the Middle East into a dizzying downward spin.  Every Muslim country is now torn by vicious in-fighting between reactionaries and modernizers.  Turkey has become a Muslim Brotherhood satrapy after seventy years of the most benign government in a bad neighborhood.
In Egypt the phony “democracy” demonstration in Tahrir Square — where an American television news anchor was stripped, beaten, and gang-raped — was immediately followed by a Million Muslim March, to welcome Egypt’s Ayatollah Khomeini back from exile.  The day after Mubarak fell, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood called for trashing the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, the only formal peace treaty in the Middle East.  Syria, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, and Jordan have seen thousands of street demonstrators being killed.
When Arab regimes see riots in the streets they always crank up the flow of hate-Israel propaganda, to distract “the Arab Street” from its real problems; it’s a long and dreadfully sleazy tradition in reactionary Islam.  More than a million Israelis emigrated from Arab countries and Iran, where wild mob scapegoating was standard operating procedure after the imam’s weekly sermon, and no one was allowed to defend themselves. They have really great gun control laws in countries like Iran and Syria, which is why all good liberals love them.


Or this one also from the American Thinker

A Tale ofTwo Betrayals

President Obama is attempting to force a settlement on terms dictated by the Arabs in the Middle East.  By setting as a pre-condition the surrender of territory commensurate with the pre-1967 boundaries in any negotiations with the Palestinians, he has instead guaranteed further conflict.
Mr. Obama, the smartest and ablest person to ever occupy the Oval Office (as confirmed by his demeanor and sycophants in the media), either is naive and overweening (synonymous with the Left) or unaware of the failures throughout history caused by intimidating one’s ally into giving up land in exchange for peace with someone bent on their destruction.
However, in case the President wasn’t aware, about this time 73 years ago there was an eerily similar situation taking place in Europe.  Czechoslovakia was a country formed out of the re-drawing of boundaries after the horrific slaughter of World War I and the surrender of Germany and Austria.  Much of the Czech border was adjacent to what was left of Germany.  But it was defensible border against a nation which for decades exhibited a particularly aggressive stance against its neighbors.
The new nation quickly developed its own economy, government and military while avoiding much of the financial and political chaos taking place in Germany during the 1920′s and 30′s.  However, along its border with Germany was a region called Sudetenland which contained many ethnic Germans, who for the most part were quite content to live within the boundaries of Czechoslovakia.
Adolf Hitler upon assuming power in Germany almost immediately began to cast his eye on recapturing and re-instituting the old German-speaking empire in Europe.  Once he realized that the other strong Western European powers would not stand in the way of his immediate ambitions, such as the re-occupation of the Rhineland (controlled by France), he cast his eye toward Czechoslovakia.


What Kind Of President Urges Israel To Destroy It’s Self And Submit it’s People To Possible Genocide (via PUMABydesign001′s Blog)


Obama Declares war on Texas: A ‘NO FLY ZONE’ will be put in place. (via YourDaddy’s Politics)


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