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Sarah Palin: America First

One thing that you can be sure of when Sarah Palin goes to India next month, is that she will not be apologizing for America. She is proud of this country and believes that we are the best place in the world to live. I think that they will be surprised to find that she is a very intelligent woman, unlike how the main stream press is determined to portray her.

She proved a few weeks ago that she is perfectly able to answer any question thrown at her with knowledge, class, honestly, succinctly, and without a teleprompter. She will not be traveling with hundreds of people, so she will be able to connect with people on the personal level. We also know that she is gracious and will not insult the Indian people by comparing them to their neighbor.

I think that the people of India will find that Sarah Palin is a much more interesting person than Barack Obama and that she is able to inspire and lead, instead or demeaning and ordering as Barack has a tendency to do. She will treat those she meets with respect and honor that has sadly been lacking in our current administration.

Palin Will Draw a Contrast With Obama in Her Visit Next Month to India – February 27, 2011 – The New York Sun

Barack Obama: Aging Child Star

There comes a time when you just have to say enough is enough and we can’t take any more. I think that we have reached that time. The world is starting to come apart and our President is dithering around like a aging child star without any real role to play but still thinking that he is the greatest thing that there is.

We don’t have time for that anymore! We have moved beyond looking for the “American Idol” and now we need someone that we can follow. Someone who can lead us out of this mess that Mr. Obama and his minions have gotten us into. We need a leader, not a leading man. The trouble is that Mr. Obama has played this role of being the star for so long, that he doesn’t seem to realize that it is not a role any longer. He only knows how to act as long as someone is feeding him the lines. There are no lines for the situation that we find ourselves in now.

There is not even a good director in the Whitehouse to tell the man what he should do. He has stacked the deck with adoring sycophants who know no more than he does and so when there is a real crisis, no one knows what to do. Hillary warned us that he would not be able to handle that three am phone call, but what we didn’t know was that she didn’t know how to handle it either.

It is time for Mr. Obama’s party to wise up and look to the security and welfare of the country and encourage Mr. Obama to step down. I am not sure that Mr. Biden would be any better, but he would have others to listen to, and he at least, has proven that he does have the ability to listen.

If they do not act, we have to assume that they are wanting this country to be brought down, and if that is the case, we must look at other options. Terrorists from outside the country tried that on 9/11. We went to war to stop that from happening again. Mr. Obama and his followers are risking a great deal to try and bring the country down from the inside. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that we have to allow that to happen. There are processes in place to deal with that and these are already being started in many states. When Mr. Obama finds that he is not the leading man, but is the bad guy, perhaps he should consider that the ending of the story is never good for the bad guy.

It’s a shame really, that the man that had the most to gain by leading this country, and the most to gain by being the star, could instead wind up with losing the most. This country will recover with dignity, but Mr. Obama will probably only be remembered for what he could have been. When people remember Ronald Reagan, they remember that the country grew under him. When people remember Barack Obama, they will remember that this country was divided and torn by him.

The Manchurian President [Reader Post] | Flopping Aces

Judicial Chaos?

What happens to existing laws when a sitting President decides that his justice department is not obligated to defend these laws.

It’s one thing if the Supreme Court decides they are not constitutional, but it is another for a President to declare that. Where does it leave those who are involved in court case both for and against the law? How do judges that are in the middle of making decisions, make those decisions, and what do they base it on?

In one act the President of the United States has thrown chaos into what, until this time, has been a stable, and trusted form of deliberation. Until now, people could have trust in the process, even if they were not always happy with the outcome. Now, no one can be sure that someone else will not come along and decide that whatever law that they don’t believe in, is unconstitutional.

Was that their real intent? To disrupt the Judicial process and create chaos?

Or is it another assault on Christianity? Will this lead to states being forced to recognize gay marriage, even if it is against their beliefs. Is this a foot in the door to tell Christians what they can believe and how they can practice their religion?

The post I have linked to below from the Christian Science Monitor is really frightening.

Obama decision on gay marriage shows government trying to abolish God – CSMonitor.com

Mad King Barack Obama

Mr. Obama’s idea of being President is to party hearty while the rest of the country dies a slow death. I read a post today about the Obama DOJ going after Bobby Jindal in LA. and trying to find some way to get his administration on failure to enforce the Moter Voter law. They don’t feel that laws they don’t like are worth enforcing and that they can just declare that they don’t believe that they are Constitutional. But if it is something that they do believe in, they will go after it with an obsessional fervor. It is insane the way that they are running this country…..

What is their agenda? Are they truly determined to destroy this country? Do they truly believe that they can remake it to suit them? Do they not realize that their are too many people that won’t go along with that? This is not Chicago, or Illinois where they have done this for years.

They do not understand the fury they are stirring up in the rest of the country. If they continue down this path, the end will not be with them in control and the end will not be with them making millions of dollars going on speaking tours, the end will probably be with many in the administration in jail, serving long prison terms.

If they had any sense they would take the time to look at a map of all the states that are now red. The coast of the country is beautiful and many years ago, could have gotten along without the interior of the country, but in their arrogance, they  are forgetting that they can no longer do that. The middle of the country is where they get most of the production and food. The South is also not going where NY and CA are wanting to go. Even most of Ill. is not going where  Chicago whats to go. Why do they think that all of these areas are losing people? If people wanted what these areas of the country offered, they would be staying there.

Even is Mr. Obama wins, he loses. This country will rebound. The way our Constitution is written we have the ability to come back. The works to enable that are already underway in the states that are passing laws to retake the control that the federal government has taken for themselves the past one hundred years.

Mr. Obama has lost because he has woken the people up and they have said,“No, we do not want what you are forcing upon us”.

What will happen to Mr. Obama? Who knows!!!! Will he be refurbished, like Mr. Carter has to a certain extent? I doubt it!!! Mr. Obama will probably go through what money he has, and will earn in the future and then fade into history to be remembered only as the man that tried and failed to destroy this beautiful country.

He might make some money talking for awhile, but I don’t think people are going to want to pay money for someone to tell them that everything that went wrong was someone else’s fault, or listen to him whine about being not respected.That is all dependent on whether he remains a free man. If he keeps going the way that he does, he may wind up spending the rest of his life in jail or under house arrest. Preferably the first in my case.

Will the Democrat party realize that the man that they have put into power is determined to destroy the country and that he doesn’t care if he takes them with it. Will they realize that instead of a man that will make this country stronger and ensure that they will be in charge for many years, they have instead elected a man that is willing to stomp them into the ground to get what he wants. Are they even able to see that what they want matters less to him that the bugs that crawl on the ground.

The link below is to a really interesting article, please take the time to read it.

Me And My ILK, Political Blog, Conservative Bloggers, Republican Blogspot, Political Blogs

A New World War?

Are we at the precipice of a new world war? Look at the places that are facing unrest just at this day and time.

* Algeria-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Egypt-riots, food shortages, unemployment, Mubarak out
* Libya-riots, food shortages, unemployment, Gaddafi firing on protesters
* Tunisia -riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Yeman-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Sudan-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Jordan-riots
* Pakistan-riots, unemployment
* Iraq-Taliban,unemployment,suicide bombers
* Iran-riots, unemployment
* Pakistan-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* India-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Bahrain-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Somalia-riots, food shortages, unemployment
* Greece-riots, unemployment
* Italy-riots, unemployment
* Spain-riots, unemployment
* Portugal-riots, unemployment

Do you see the pattern here? The question is why is there so much unemployment? You have an area that is mostly controlled by Dictators, Kings, Governments that do not rely on free markets but either dictate every process or put such heavy rules and regulations on all business, that they stifle growth. Then you have the influence of religion. It makes a mix that restricts behavior to the point where it is almost impossible for an entrepeneur. Finally you have an area of the world that has never been completely stable and with outside agitators you have the very great risk of triggering violent conflict.

This means that the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman, the Straits of Hormuz, the Suez Canal, and even the Mediterranean are all at risk. Where does this leave shipping in the area? We already have ships being hijacked and people being killed off the eastern coast of Africa. What does this mean to the cost of oil and even shipping?

Algeria is facing the same dangers that Libya is going through. What happens if Algeria falls? We get 1/7 of our oil from Algeria. If it falls, the price of oil will probably sky rocket. The Guardian says that it “is using it’s powerful security forces to prevent rioting”. What happens if they start doing what Libya is doing, and firing on their own people.

It is not only the loss of oil that we have to worry about, though. With unrest in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yeman, and Sudan, all dealing with major unrest and upheaval, you have both Northern Africa and the Middle East involved in conflict. Will it spread to the rest of Africa? Much of it is already unstable. What about further into Indonesia and the rest of Asia?

We already have most of the Mediterranean involved,what is the risk that it will spread further north into Europe?

Algeria braces for more protests | World news | guardian.co.uk

A World Craving Oil Is Stirred by Anxiety – NYTimes.com




Sarah Palin On Libya

Sarah Palin has a post on her facebook page, pointing out the reasons that we should support the people of Libya and why we should speak out instead of staying silent. She is right to call out this administration on it’s failure to call out Mr. Gadaffi. It’s not that he would listen to us, it’s that we would let the world know that we still have principles. It’s that we would let the world know that our standards are the same for everyone.

Mrs. Palin  knows that we need to signal to the world that we are a strong country and that we will support our friends. She also knows that we need to signal the world that we are willing to put pressure, both verbally and with force, if necessary, to protect our security and safety. The price and availability of oil are important to both.

Where is Mr. Obama on Libya? He was adamant that Mr. Mubarak should step down in Egypt, but he has said nothing about Mr. Gadaffi in Libya. Why? Is the security of Libya any less important to us than the security of Egypt? If Mr. Gadaffi were to blow up the oil pipelines as he has threatened, not only would this be a major loss to the world in oil, but it would raise the price of oil. This would have a very negative effect on our economic recovery.

Mr. Obama is suffering from yet another failure of leadership with his inability to speak forcefully to the world and tell them what our position is. He is not signaling strength, he is signaling weakness. It’s too bad that he can not seem to understand that our security and safety is just as important to the unions as it is to the rest of the country. Their jobs depend on having a reliable source of energy for fuel, production, and to heat and cool their homes. Without it, it won’t matter whether they retain their ability to unionize or not.

Mr. Obama does not seem to be able to understand that his job is to secure the country. All of the country. Mrs. Palin seems to understand that very well. You see that in her emphasis in her writings and her speaking.

When you compare the responses to both the crisis in the Middle East and the crisis here at home, you see the stark differences in their attitudes. It’s is nice that Mr. Obama remembers who put him in the Whitehouse. It’s a shame that he has forgotten, or doesn’t care, that now that he is there, it is his responsibility to secure the safety and security of the country.

What we need in a President is someone who can respond to any situation with the interests of the country first and foremost.

MotivationTruth: Governor Palin: Here’s to Libya’s Freedom

Questions To Be Asked

U.S. Presidential flag, 1960-present (not usua...

Image via Wikipedia

Where are we headed in this country? Why are the unions telling our President what to do? Or is it the other way around? Is our President the head of the unions? Why does the President or his aides meet with or talk to the unions everyday?Especially when he doesn’t bother to meet with his own cabinet ministers at all.

Does it seem strange to you that a man that is the leader of a great nation with a diverse cabinet, doesn’t even bother to gather them in one place and meet with them once a month, or even once every six months? Why is our President inserting himself into the state governments, while not bothering to make inroads into the massive debts that we have. Which is the job of the President? To take care of the federal government or the state government?

Who is benefiting both from the unrest here in the United States and in the rest of the world? What is the real goal. Is this good against evil? Or is there some agenda being played out that we are not aware of? Why is the press not covering all the things that are going on?

Why is the President so determined to abandon Israel? It does seem as if the President has much more respect for the Muslim religion than he does for the Christian, and he seems to have a literal hatred of Judism and Israel. Why? Is it his upbringing. Is this why our founders wanted to make sure that a President was a natural born citizen? Did they understand that only a natural born citizen would love this country enough to keep it safe?

Where does that leave the American people when the leader of the country does not share their love for the country? What are our options? If a President is trying to bring the country down from within, what can we do? We were asleep at the wheel when this President was elected. We didn’t think that someone could hate this country, and yet pretend to love it and want to make it better. We didn’t know that this country was vulnerable to someone who was determined to destroy it by using some of the laws and ignoring any that didn’t serve their purpose.

We are in a Constitutional Crisis and yet it seems as if most of our leaders are simply ignoring the fact and pretending that everything is normal. We have a leader, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who is actively violating the constitution of the United States. Whether you like Mr. Obama or not, whether you agree with him or not, he is the President of the country.

As a leader, he has the obligation to not only obey the laws, he has the obligation to enforce and to make sure that those under him,obey the laws of the country. He took an oath when he was sworn in, to obey the laws of the country, and to protect the country. He has shown over and over that he does not believe that the laws apply to him and if he does get a judgement that goes against him, he either ignores them or pretends that they say something else.

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Sarah Palin at Long Island Association(Q&A)

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Have We Lost The Middle East?

Map of Strait of Hormuz

Image via Wikipedia

It seems that with Mr. Obama, we have become irrelevant to the security of the area. With Mr. Bush, we at least had the respect of the leaders of these countries, even if they did not really like us. Now we do not even have that. We have angered those who supported us in the past, and made them lose face with their neighbors. They have lost faith that if push come to shove, that we will help protect them if they are in need. We have even demanded that our staunchest ally, Israel, give in to the demands of those who are determined to destroy her.

What happens if we lose access to our military bases in the Middle East? We have unrest in Bahrain, Egypt, LibyaYemen, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Saudia Arabia. If we lose access because of the violence, will we have to withdraw from the area? Or will we have to fight to retain what we hold? If the countries that we have bases in, withdraw their permission, where does that leave us? If we lose access to the Suez canal, or the straits of Hormuz, for instance, can we keep oil tankers that supply our country safe? What happens in Afghanistan? With Turkey so anti-Israel now, how does that affect our relationship in that area? Where do we stand with the United Arab Emirates and Quatar?

If Iran decides to take advantage of our weakness  and lack of support for Israel and decide to attack, what will we do? Surely this is on the mind of our friends and our enemies too. How is it that a man that we were told was “the one that we have been waiting for”, has instead, become the one that we wish would go away.

Instead of strengthening our ties to the Middle East, we have almost destroyed every single relationship that we had. The arrogance of those in power in Washington, D.C. have endangered our future, and the very security of our existence.

So, where do we go from here? Can we regain our standing is we elect someone else in 2012? Or have we lost our advantage for an untold period of time? What else have we lost?

Mideast unrest puts US military access in jeopardy

Sarah Palin: Woman Of Wisdom

This is an alternate crop of an image already ...

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Every day some new story comes out telling us that Sarah Palin is just not ready to be President. That her negatives are too high. That she is not polling that well. She was asked what she felt about that and she responded that it would be something that she has to work on if she were to decide to run.

But when you look at the state of the country and the disgust that people are feeling with the way Mr. Obama has handled the economy, foreign policy, even how he has gotten involved in the problems of the state of WI, you have to wonder if people are going to even care who is running against him. They are going to be so hungry for someone who is real, that it will not take long for her to raise the numbers up. At least with those who are not in the pocket of the Democrats anyway.

When you  compare Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, the differences are very stark. In Sarah we have someone who believes that states have the right to make decisions on what is best for the state. In Mr. Obama we have someone who seems to think that states have no rights at all. In fact, he seems to think that no one has any rights unless they are a member of the unions.

When it comes to the environment, Sarah thinks that it should be taken care of but that it is there for us to use wisely. Mr. Obama seems to think that the environment is something so fragile that it needs to be locked away so that we mortals may not destroy it’s purity. Sarah thinks that the country should use our own resources to provide energy for the country and not sacrifice our security by importing oil from countries that do not like us. Mr. Obama seems intent on making sure that we can not drill, mine, or produce our own energy in any form, and yet has made the very countries that hate us so much, even angrier at us.In his arrogance he has managed to anger both our enemies and our friends.

He has betrayed our allies in order that he might look good for the history books. But in reality the history books may have Mr. Obama down as one of the worst Presidents in the history of the country.  In Sarah Palin we have someone who is patient enough to wait and evaluate a situation on foreign soil and look to see where our interest as a country lies, before she decides on which side to come down on. Mr. Obama jumps on the side of those that are against our friends without ever seeming to weigh the consequences of the action.

Sarah Palin knows the importance of securing the borders. Where this administration seems to want to get rid of the borders. The seem to feel that the security of this country is less important than the next party the he is planning. Sarah knows that is better to get out of the way of those who can provide jobs for the people of the country. Mr. Obama is more interested in putting so many new rules and regulations on every industry that they are unable to know what is coming next, much less, being able to employ more people and grow the economy. He seems more interested in making the companies unionized, than whether they can provide a product at a reasonable rate and stay in business.

Sarah Palin lives her life with integrity and an abundance of joy. Barack Obama gets annoyed at questions, frustrated at the audacity of having to answer, and petty with those who don’t agree with him. His favorite retort seems to be to mock those that he thinks are beneath him. Sarah Palin treats people with respect and even when she is attacked, does not resort to mockery.

Sarah Palin can tell you what she means. Barack Obama has to have someone load it into the teleprompter, or if he makes the mistake of going off the teleprompter, comes across as a whiny child. Sarah Palin considers life precious and worthy. Barack Obama considers it an inconvience and if his daughters somehow produced that life in an unwanted pregnancy would want to wipe it away as if it were the fly that has a habit of landing on his face. Sarah Palin lives her life by example. Barack Obama would rather tell everyone else how to live theirs.

We don’t know how intelligent Barack Obama is, we just have his word for it. And we have seen how good his word is. He makes a habit of saying what he thinks people want to hear, and doing exactly the opposite. I have always found that people who proclaim their intelligence, or have other people proclaim it for them, usually are not nearly as intelligent as they think they are.

Most times you can judge peoples intelligence in  what they do, Sarah Palin shows her intelligence in the way she lives her life, the way she deals with other people and the way she uses her common sense to solve problems. We had a saying when I was a kid, “smart is, as smart does”. No matter what her I.Q. is Sarah Palin is smart. If you weigh the scales it comes out in Sarah Palin’s favor everytime.

Constitutional Crisis Brewing?

Barack Obama President of the United States of...Image by London Summit via Flickr

Are President Obama and his law team actually ignorant of the law? Or is there something about “Unconstitutional” that they don’t understand? When Judge Henry Vinson ruled that the healthcare law was unconstitutional, it would seem that that would make the administration realize that unless they got a decision from a higher court that differed with that decision, that it would make the law null and void.

It defies common sense to think that it would need to be clarified in order that they could force states to implement it anyway. And yet, that is what this administration is asking the judge to do. We have seen that Mr. Obama and his administration believe that the law doesn’t apply to them. They have ignored a court order two different times in regard to the moratorium on off-shore drilling, to the point where they have been held in contempt. They have ignored the courts when they were told that they do not have the authority to impose rules in regards to regulating the internet.

What exactly do they think they are obliged to do in regards to the the law of the country? Does the President of the United States of America, think that he and his administration are above the Law? Are we in a “Constitutional Crisis” when we have a President who believes that he has the ability to impose his will without without regard to the legality of any of the decisions that he is imposing on the people of the country?

Obama: Failure of Leadership

the 44th President of the United States...Bara...

Image by jmtimages via Flickr

What is wrong with this man that we have elected President of the United States? When he was running for office he told us that he was the only one who could solve the massive problems that this country has. Instead of trying to solve problems, he has caused even more.

Instead of trying to fix the economy, he has enacted new programs that are costing us even more money. Instead of helping to get us off foreign oil, he has shut down so many oil producing wells, that we will be importing even more foreign oil. We are losing more and more jobs with the policies that they are putting into place. Instead of saving our economy, it seems that he is determined to make the cost of running a business more expensive. The rules and regulations that are being applied to every aspect of our lives are costly, dangerous, and  extremely destructive to the future of the country itself.

A leader leads, he doesn’t push it on down the road for someone else. Mr. Obama is no leader. He does not seem to feel that it is his job to come up with a budget for the country. He does not seem to think that it is his job to do much of anything, except to throw parties, and order people around. He doesn’t think that the law applies to him. He doesn’t think that friends of the country matter. He doesn’t even think that the people of the country matter.

He said that he knew how to help the American people save their homes, instead he has put into place policies that are locking homes up in litigation, with no one knowing who will come out ahead. Instead of allowing new loans, banks are afraid to loan money, because they don’t know what the administration is going to come up with next, in the term of rules and regulations, as well as fines that are retroactive.

We are finding that inflation does exist, and that we are facing rising costs, in food, energy, and everything else that we buy. The funny thing though, is that, it doesn’t count to this government. It does to us though.To be honest these problems didn’t start with Mr. Obama, and his administration is not the only one that used this process, to deceive the people of the country into thinking that things were not as bad as they really were. But I remember Mr. Obama saying that he was “Change we could believe in”. Well, he has brought about change we can believe in, alright. The trouble is the change is for the worse and not the better.

Even in foreign policy, the change that he has brought about is change that we really don’t want. We were told that since Mr. Obama had lived in the Middle East as a child, that he would be able to communicate, and tamp down the anger against the country, instead we have a area of the world that is much more agitated than it was before he took office. We wanted to make our country more secure. Instead we have a country that is turning it’s back on it’s allies and embracing enemies. Our borders are more open that they were before he took office, and we have found evidence that terrorists are able to enter the country through them. He has abandoned Israel and even says that he will vote against her in the UN.

What kind of leader throws friends under the bus, and opens the door for those that want to do us harm? What kind of leader enables our enemies? What kind of leader abuses the people he is charged with leading? If Mr. Obama was the head of a corporation, he would be fired. If he was a father and did these things to his children, he could be prosecuted and jailed.

Questions are finally beginning to be asked about what the real goal of the Obama administrations is. And questions are finally beginning to be asked if the President is capable of running this country. Questions are finally be asked that should have been asked before he was elected.

A leader needs passion, but the only passion Mr. Obama seems to have is anger, and frustration when he is being questioned, and glee when he can put others down. This is not the passion of a leader, this is the passion you see in a child that enjoys bullying other children. The signs were there for us to see before he was elected, but perhaps we were so hungry for something different, that we didn’t realize that the something different we were getting was actually  poison.

A leader inspires others to follow him or her, they do not need to force others to do their will. In fact, they realize that their will is not the most important thing, that the good of the people that they are entrusted to lead is what is the most important. Mr. Obama is under the mistaken idea that since he was elected, that his wants and desires are what matters.We have a system in this country that the leader is supposed to serve the people. Mr. Obama is under the impression that we are here to serve him.

Who does Mr. Obama really serve?

President Obama punts on budget–John Podhoretz – NYPOST.com

Sarah Palin: The Awakening

Sarah Palin in Savannah, Georgia, Dec 1, 2008 ...Image via Wikipedia

A woman that suffers abuse, recognizes when you are being manipulated, and one day I woke up and realized that was what was being done. Watching how Hillary Clinton was treated and how the rest of the liberal left went along with it, really made me angry. Angry at the way she was being treated, and angry that I had, for so long believed the lies that were being told.
If makes me ashamed to look at the Clinton’s now, when they were called racist and mocked, and yet here they are, supporting their abusers. It’s like the battered woman, who makes the complaint to the police officer, but then when it’s time to go to court, they don’t want to go. I can understand that, there is fear of what will happen, there is insecurity, and there is hope that it will change.
But the Clinton’s have abandoned all their principles for politics, at least the principles that I thought they had. It seems that a lot of people on the left were willing to give up their principles. That is not who I am.
Sarah Palin stood up for Hillary, and that is quite a bit more than what Hillary has ever done for her. And that seems the way most of the people on the left have done. The principles that they said they stood for just went out the window when Sarah Palin came along. It’s as if they are supposed to apply only to people that agree with the left, and then just when they want it to.
There are many of us former Democrats, who woke up in 2008. Who will we vote for in 2012? It won’t be Barack Obama!!! I personally hope it is for Sarah Palin!! But if she decides not to run, I will vote for whomever is running against Barrack Obama.
Sarah Palin is the example that I want my granddaughter to emulate. She is honest, loyal, intelligent, courageous and loves God. She doesn’t try to manipulate and call names. She lifts up, not puts down. She praises, not mocks. She leads and doesn’t wait to see which way the wind is blowing. She doesn’t try to tell others how to live their lives, she just lives her to the fullest and makes others want to do the same.
The author of this article is impressive in tell of his awakening from the lies that the liberal left have been telling us for so many years. It is amazing that so many of us have awakened from the sleep that we were in and have shaken ourselves free.
Barracuda Brigade 2012: Sarah and the San Francisco Poster Wars

Allen West At CPAC

Mexico’s biggest freeze since 1957 means US produce price will skyrocket (via Watts Up With That?)

Then you factor in the increased cost of transportation and you have to wonder if we will be able to last another two years of Mr. Obama!!!
Increases in the price of food, fuel, clothes and everything else while we are losing jobs and increasing our debt.
A recipe for madness!!!

Mexico's biggest freeze since 1957 means US produce price will skyrocket Freezing temperatures across a wide swath of Mexico the night of Feb. 3-4 have made a big impact in available fresh produce. Expect the effects to be felt in your supermarket any day now. From The Packer Feb 4th, 2011 Mexico freeze threatens vegetable crops By Andy Nelson The freeze reached fields as far south as southern Sinaloa. Crops in the border state of Sonora could be devastated. “The last time there was a freeze of this severity was 1957, … Read More

via Watts Up With That?

Sarah Palin: Courage To Lead

No one can doubt that Sarah Palin loves life. She lives it with gusto, taking opportunities that many of us would shy away from. She is not afraid to try the things that are dangerous. She gives from her heart and loves with compassion.

She teaches her children that you must try to succeed and that things aren’t going to be handed to you. And that anything worth doing is worth doing well. She doesn’t wait for others to tell her when the time is right. She is in charge of her life and yet knows that the one really in control is God. She knows that life brings challenges, and that not all of them are easy.

There is another thing that comes to mind when you think of Sarah. The boldness of her actions. She doesn’t sit back and let others decide. To quote Star Trek she “boldly goes” forward into the future with determination, fearless in facing whatever adversity comes her way.

She takes the slings and arrows that are tossed at her and tosses some of them back. While those tossed at her seem to never hit the target, those that she tosses back strike and penetrate, frequently drawing blood on the very ones who were so determined to hurt her.
The main stream media seem determined to make her into a woman who has beauty but no brains, where in reality, they are the ones who wind up looking brainless. One only has to really listen to what she says to find that her depth of intelligence is greater than many of our so-called “smartest people in the room”.

When Sarah said that we should wait and see on Egypt, our current leaders were giving out so many different answers, we didn’t know which one to pick and believe in. Sarah said that she hoped that they had more information than we had, they proved that they didn’t by saying that they found out how things were going by watching CNN. Who was really the clueless ones?

And how can anyone deny that she has an excellent sense of timing. While everyone was talking about CPAC and what was going on there, and why didn’t see go, or what was this going to cost her, she tops the news again. Her Pac announces that they have hired a chief of staff, Micheal Glassner. Suddenly, she is the main topic of conversation again, with will she, or won’t she, and should she or she shouldn’t.

They say that the biggest part of getting elected is how you get the spotlight and the media attention. Can any one deny that Sarah Palin is better at that than any one else out there.When Sarah Tweets, people listen!!!!!

No one can deny that she loves this country, she does everything that she can to go out of her way to both support the men and women who are fighting for our freedom as well as doing everything that she can to make sure that we retain the freedoms that this country was founded upon.

More than anyone one else out there that is thinking of running for President in 2012, Sarah Palin has shown that she has the determination to restore this country to the greatness that we deserve. She has shown that she has the courage to withstand the downright evil that has been through at her the past three years.

She has been through the fire and been tempered like steel to withstand the next two years until the election and hopefully to serve as the next President of the United States of America.We could ask for no one better to run this country!!! Sarah Palin, we salute you and say Please Run!!!

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Obama: Oathbreaker In Chief

It says a lot about the leaders of a country that fear the citizens more than they fear those outside. When we have failed to secure the borders of the country and our leaders who have been charged with that responsibility, are doing everything in their power to keep our borders from being secure instead, we have reached a point where we are slipping from the republic that our founders established, to tyranny. When we have reached a point that our leaders who have sworn to obey the Constitution, ignore it, and decide that the laws do not apply to them, we have reached a point of Constitutional Crisis.

President Obama, members of his Cabinet, people at the Justice Department, were all required to take a oath when they took office. The question is what happens when they decide that it does not apply to them? What recourse to we as citizens of this great country have to either hold them to that oath, or cause them to be removed from office?

What happens when, instead of protecting our country, from enemies, our leaders are preventing us from even protecting ourselves? The Obama administration has made it extremely hard for citizens in the country to travel by air, while  people who live outside this country are able to cross our borders with little or no risk from our government.

If they are unlucky enough to be caught, they are released back into the country with a warning to appear before a judge for a hearing. Most of them ignore the order and just disappear. Even the ones that have some little respect for our laws and deign to appear before a judge, are often just told to come back for another hearing.

At the same time citizens of the country who just complain about the things they have to go through, to fly, are arrested, or fined. If they still have a problem, they are often put on a no fly list. It’s something that our founders would not have stood for. Unreasonable search and seizure is in the Constitution for a reason. This is a real example of unreasonable. No citizen of any country should be expected to withstand more scrutiny that people that are illegally entering that same country.

Our remedy to these problems are written into the Constitution itself. They are trifold.

  • 1st: We have the ability to impeach and remove from office
  • 2nd: Even these people, when the violate the law, are not above the law. They themselves are subject to being arrested and held for trial before a judge.
  • 3rd:The President himself can be removed from office by the simple manner of the election.

In two years we will have another election. It is up to us to make the people of this country aware of the lawlessness of this administration. It is not going to be easy, but we must do it. Only then can we remove all the people that they have put in place and begin to return our country to it’s foundation.

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Your Lipstick Stains on the Front Lobe of my Left Side Brains. (via Morning in America)

Sarah Palin is one of a kind!!! She has the intelligence, common sense, empathy, and sheer energy that most women, and men, admire. Except for the crazies on the left, that is!! Will it really matter what the left think? I really don’t think so. I think that Mr. Obama has brought this country so low that almost anyone could win.
Will Sarah be able to win the primary? I think that she is the first choice of most conservatives, and if Huckabee doesn’t run, that most of them would choose her. If Michele Bachmann gets in that may change the picture some, but I truly believe that Sarah will be the first choice.

Does this mean that it will be easy? No, of course not. Besides the crazies on the left, we will all be bombarded with the crazies in the media. We have seen just in the past few days, how willing they are to print anything, even if it is total bunk. But they have gone so far that people are starting to understand that they are biased and that they have an agenda that is not what is best for the country.

Hey Soul Sister “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? Lipstick!” And with that shot over the bow at the Republican National Convention, Sarah Palin announced her arrival on to the national political stage. From her position as a relatively unknown Governor of Alaska, Palin launched one of the most exciting Vice Presidential candidacies in U.S. history. From the completion of that speech, even before McCain lost to Obama, ther … Read More

via Morning in America

Obama: Arrogant Fool


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The ignorance and arrogance of our President has put this country at the biggest risk we have been in since 9/11. If we were attacked at this moment, who would stand with us? Not Egypt!!! Not Saudia Arabia!!!! Even Israel must feel that we are not really looking out for the interest of our allies.

Do the people in the administration, and the President himself, even care that they are quickly becoming thought of as worse than Jimmy Carter. Even Mr. Carter was not so arrogant that he felt that he could tell leaders of other countries that they were irrelevant. The man that stood so tall a couple of years ago is quickly becoming the smallest man in the world.

When you have no concept of empathy, I guess it is hard to understand that everyone else might not agree with you and that you are not the only one who counts. The way the Mr. Obama has handled the Egyptian crisis is stunning in it’s lack of understanding and it’s betrayal of allies.This arrogance on the part of Obama is angering our allies and empowering our enemies.

You have to wonder at the intelligence of our leaders, as well as the intelligence that we are getting from our CIA and State Department. Are they not really aware of the state of affairs in the area, or are they just not listening. We have seen this arrogance on the part of the Obama administration before, when they were so determined to ram healthcare through, that they ignored the will of the people.

It’s amazing that the very man that was supposed to be the one that would be able to understand the middles east, because he had lived there as a child, has actually angered and betrayed our allies. I wonder if Mr. Obama really understands the fact that, instead of fostering democracy, all he has done is angered the leaders and fostered even more turmoil. Is he going to take any responsibility for the increased violence?

When you add in the way they are actively cutting our security on the border, shutting down drilling for oil, gas, and mining, you really do have to ask, what is the real agenda of this administration? Are they really so ignorant? Are they really so arrogant that they can’t accept that they are not smarter that the rest of the people in the country, and the world? Or do they not care?

Instead of having a strong leader in Mr. Obama, we have wound up with a joker and a fool, that is mocked and ridiculed, by both our enemies and our allies. Instead of a leader that will bring this country back from the brink of economic disaster, we have a weak man that is unable to concentrate on even one thing at a time, much less, walk and chew gum at the same time.

Instead of a man that understands the plight of the poor and downtrodden, we have a man that is grinding them underfoot, and increasing the prices that they have to pay for everything that they need. Instead of a leader who is cares about the environment of the country, and the world, we have a man that is putting in place polices that so anger average Americans, that they have less energy, time, and even hope, for the future, that they are wondering if the concern for the environment is just a scam.

Saudis Fault Obama on Egyptian Crisis – FoxNews.com

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